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Gothic Romance Meme

Gothic Romance Meme

Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again…

The story goes like this: There is a house. It may be haunted. The house has a resident, or two, who has some secrets. They may be charming, or brooding, often both. Someone may have been murdered. A newcomer arrives, either as bride, governess, or journalist, and they begin to unravel all the secrets and lies lurking within the house of Usher.

Locations may be in any country, in any era, but there must be a gloomy and opulent old mansion, and some sort of dark and terrible secret to be uncovered (or just ghosts. ghosts are always an option.)

The Newcomer
1. The new bride or groom. Your new spouse is charming and attractive, but do you really know all their secrets?
2. Tutor or governess to the estate children. They seem like such innocent children.
3. Companion—perhaps as a chaperone, perhaps merely as company, but you’ve been hired to come to some remote old house to keep an unknown stranger company. Probably just reading to them, or listening to them chatter on whenever travel is required.
4. Hired hand. You’ve been hired up from the local village—or perhaps the city—as a footman or a maid. Just an ordinary job. Nice house, though.
5. Distant relation. Thanks to your circumstances, you’re reduced to accepting hospitality from some remote relations of yours. They may never turn up to family gatherings, and you’ve never heard much about them, but they’re probably just reclusive.
6. Journalist. You’ve heard some interesting rumours about this old mansion in the middle of nowhere.
7. The neighbour. You know that things are not quite right in that old house on the hill. Perhaps you feel it’s your duty to interfere. Perhaps you’re just curious. Perhaps you are childhood friends with the house’s resident.

The Resident
1. Past transgressions. Perhaps a mad wife in the attic? Someone buried in the cellar?
2. The unquiet dead. Look, you just live here. You’re not responsible for the ghosts. Even if they do all seem to be related to you.
3. The monster. You are the thing in the house to be feared. Actual monsters or monster AUs totally an option here! Vampires, werewolves, beasts and horrors all possible. Perhaps put an ordinary face on when you receive your new guest.
4. Wildcard. Choose your own deep dark secret: maybe your character naturally comes with one.
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Radu Vladislas | Subspecies | M/M

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[Resident vampire]
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yes? no? :c
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3. Companion; naturally au~

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The Castle Vladislas reigned over the small town of Prejmer; not by excessive force but by lore and shadow alone. The village inhabitants were quite superstitious, so much that visitors were far and few between. Any movement to the village was at best routine and hardly ever done during the night hours. Governing matters were left to the high King Regis who had very little time to delicate himself personally to the trivial concerns of small complaints; even still it was none of the Prejmer’s townspeople that complained but strangers to the land who found themselves unwelcome and turned away without so much as an explanation. These collected complaints to the King went for years before Regis made it a point to send an inquisitive team to make sure the town was unspoiled.

It would be a few months before Noctis would be sent in route to the Castle Vladislas with the understanding that he was to form a diplomatic relationship with the Count there. He knew nothing more than that. Save for the abundantly made clear point to make nice with his gracious host and put this shadow-y reign business to rest!

The castle was not in the best of shape and the door that stood before him looked splintered yet domineering and intimidating! As if when he were to knock it would either fall down upon him and crush him or break apart as fallen glass. Never the less, he gave the wood a good long pound with his fist, something within him perturb to the fact that staff was not ready and awaiting for his arrival!
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Deep within the castle, the sole occupant stirred. Radu rose from his coffin, sensing that the sun had set and it was safe for him to venture out.

The vampire tilted his head as his keen senses heard a knock at the castle door. Someone dared to intrude upon the castle? The villagers never came up here, for they were afraid. Anyone who entered never came back out, and his "subjects" had quickly learned that the imposing castle was to be left alone.

Radu stalked up to the front door, cracking it open just enough that whoever was on the other side would get only a small look at his pale, ghoulish face. He could already tell this wasn't one of the villagers. "State your business."
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Noct didn’t find himself all the more accommodated for with the greeting he’d received! Perhaps this was simply the way of the village as precedented by long ago formalities that transcended from this very castle to its small flock of people. No matter; Noctis was here in person, an obvious gesture of the King’s good will toward the reigning supreme (or so they’ve summarized) over Prejmer. “Hullo Sir, I’ve come.. on King’s orders for the Master of this castle. My business is to rebuild relations between Insomnia and Prejmer at the good grace of .. Count Vladislas.” It sounded official and friendly enough, or so Noct thought after having said it.

He had no idea who he was talking to behind the large door, the fraction of sight he had inside was too off put by the cast of shadows coming from within the frame of the door and the contrast of what small light came from outside.
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Radu gazed at the young man coldly. So, the king had finally decided to pay attention to this little village. Radu had rather hoped this day wouldn't come.

The vampire considered his options. He could slam the door in this person's face and tell him to get lost, but that might not stop the king from sending someone else. He could also just kill this young man, but he figured the king would get suspicious if he didn't hear back.

Best to see where this went. Radu stepped out of view so he could open the door and allow the young man in. "Do come inside. Mind the draft."
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The sight alone was what gave Noctis that unyielding apprehension that would have told him to sleep elsewhere than under the same roof as this long-fingered ghoul. Surely anyone else would have felt the same. His face expressed that same apprehensive concern while his body shifted awkwardly forward in somewhat jagged motions. His eyes were wide and he kept them on the other while he entered; against his natural desire to run for the hills back home where it was safe and sound.

The draft-right. Noct swallowed hard and looked, with force, away from the door-greeter. "Ah, is the Master of Vladislas home?" He made sure to shut the door behind him. There was a musty smell to this place, stale and moist, he half expected to see moss although perhaps it was just an immediate smell from the entrance.
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It was obvious that there were no servants to be had, and not just from how barren it was. The castle was filled with cobwebs, and there was a layer of dust on the walls. The rugs needed beatings, and the windows had layers of grime on them.

Radu smirked at the young man. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am Count Radu Vladislas, at your service."
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Noctis was surprised, to say the least. He took in a breath and his hand went to his chest only to satisfy an anxious itch before he gave the Master of this domain a sheepish smile. "I'm sorry.. I ... I thought, I assumed otherwise.. please.. forgive me." Even still, he had an uncomfortable sensation warning him against this pale, long-fingered (really, really long-fingered), man. Perhaps it was too many fairy tales, too many prejudices that his father warned him against; to be stereotypical and unforgiving for those who were simply different. As of yet, Noctis truly had no reason to distrust this man.

"Ah, but.. I really am at your service.. I have some documents here." Noctis pulled out an envelope from the inside pocket of his coat and handed over to Radu. "Sir Vladislas, I am Noctis Lucis Caelum; first and only son of King Regis of Lucis and .. I've come to - well, as I've said - extend the King's friendship to the Count of this village."
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The vampire couldn't help but feel some satisfaction at the young man's shock. Of course, he only ever came down from the castle to feed at night, so it was not like the villagers knew what their Count looked like.

Radu accepted the documents, being surprisingly dexterous with those long fingers as he opened the envelope. His dark eyes scanned the document. "How kind of him," He looked up at the prince. "We are but a small village, quite beneath his notice until now." Even as he spoke Radu was considering what to do about his guest. Harming the prince would bring the king's wrath upon him.

"I will consider his offer. Until then, you may make yourself at home, your Majesty."
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Noctis stared at the fingers for a moment perhaps too long than what was kind as the document went into the possession of the other. He then looked to the Count before he gave a small nod to the man’s words; more out of nerves that his head bobbed than any other reason. “Oh—yeah, thanks..” Noctis then looked around them and wondered just how to really do that. His eyes then went back to Radu. “Is there.. any staff here Ra—Sir Vladislas?” He was hungry enough but most of all he was thirsty. He had ran out of bottled water and he still had a few bags in the car that he was expecting the staff to grab for him.

Noct brought his hands to his thighs for a nervous rub of his open palms.
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"I have servants, yes," Radu said. "I'm afraid I have nothing to serve you for dinner. I have a very strict diet you see, not suitable for a Prince." Speaking of, he realized that he hadn't fed since he awoke. The Bloodstone called to him. He would see to his craving once his guest was taken care of.

Speaking of his servants, a few small, red creatures finally decided to make themselves known, wondering who their master was speaking to. "Help the prince with his luggage."
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"Oh-" Noctis gave a grin at Radu's affirmation of having staff, he was glad to know that there would be at least some familiar comfort he was accustomed to from home here. Servants! He heard the small pattering of feet and he turned to look toward the noice but soon his eyes cast downward and he jumped, likely out of his skin were it not attached, "Oh!" It probably wasn't the strangest thing he'd ever seen but it was akin to seeing the scurrying of beetles, spiders or some other icky-crawling bug that skeeved him out. It took a few seconds to make sense of the little humanoid creatures and see them for the unique beings they were. "Ah-uh.. oh.." He swallowed and he looked up to the Count before he slid a few feet back to give room for the little things to walk toward the door. "Ah--well, I mean.." He watched them manage despite their small size.

"They're... uh," cute? No, that didn't really fit. "Quite... them.." He was transfixed on their working unit that he started to sound dumbly distracted. "Moving.. like.. that."
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"Humans do not wish to work here," Radu pointed out. That and his minions weren't going to slay him for being a vampire. Any human servants would quickly become sustenance. "The villagers are a superstitious sort, you see." They were right to be so, of course.

Radu watched as the little minions fetched the Prince's things and carried them to one of the long-unused guest rooms. Radu, of course, slept in the basement, rather than the castle's actual bedrooms.

"A word of caution. You must not enter the basement, for it is quite unsafe."
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"Oh, sure.." Noctis was quick to promise his compliance. "I .. have a few things to talk about, but of course.. at your leisure Sir," he licked his lips and still his eyes followed the trail of the small minions even after they took a corner out of sight. "Trade in this village could be better, and--" it just dawned on him that the Count indicated that humans did not tend to like working here. It struck him oddly.

"Well, with more prophet you can benefit, perhaps, from someone that would be willing to work here for you, Sir." He blinked up to Radu. "Surely there is a right price for the services of someone willing to travel here for serving and a room?" Noctis took notice of those fingers once again. They seemed delicate but he'd seen them work the documents and knew them sturdy enough for that. "Do.. they cook for you?" Then suddenly he felt the need to specify, "your servants, I mean.."
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"The offer is tempting," Radu admitted. More money coming in would probably distract the villagers from the dark shadow of the castle and its sole inhabitant. The idea of having actual human servants might even be tempting, if he could drill into them that they had to keep their mouths shut about his true nature.

"I feed myself. I cannot ingest most foods." Hopefully Noctis would buy the idea of an unspecified digestion problem.
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"Oh," Noct could be sensitive to the Count's particular diet, though he wasn't sure why it wasn't something he could make sure his servants knew to attend to carefully and precisely. Maybe they were not as defined as Noct would have given them credit for, they were awfully small! Well, if the Count saw more prophet and opportunity there might be a chance to have someone tend to his delicate needs with care.

"So, ..." He bothered his bottom lip. "If it's alright, I can see myself to the kitchen for some.. water?" He shifted his feet then and felt awkward about asking; he didn't want to seem rude but he was terribly thirsty!
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"Help yourself, Your Majesty. The kitchen is down the hall," Radu pointed in the direction of the kitchen with a long, bony finger. "If you need anything, my servants will see to your needs."

Talk of water and food was making the craving to drink more potent. "I shall be in my throne room." The vampire brushed past the prince to ascend the stairs. The bloodstone would satisfy him.
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It would be about three hours before Noct found himself in the throne room, seeking out the Count purposely. He had attended to his room and with some quick work he did his best to dust off the furniture and bedding before he put his clothes away in the ancient armoire in the room. He didn't have much luck in the kitchen in finding much more than the water he went for and by the time he reached the throne room his stomach was turning in complaints up his body.

"Excuse me my lord, I do not mean to bother you--but I wonder," he took a few more steps closer to Radu with anxious hands working at his shirt. "Is there a tavern where I can see to a meal here?" With that he could ask the locals of some work, maybe something to bring in coin or regular meals! Radu's diet seemed to be unique to the Count outside of needing to be prepared in the kitchen! Nothing but cobwebs and dust.
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The second he'd come to the throne room, Radu had retrieved the bloodstone from its hiding place in the wall and drank from it. He savored the taste, letting it drip down his chin. He spent the next few hours tending to his work, periodically drinking.

He had been drinking again when he heard footsteps. Radu quickly hid the stone, not even bothering to see if the wall covering was ajar, and wiped his chin with his palm.

"There is a tavern near the foot of the hill, just a quick drive away. You may find food and drink there. Just pay no heed to the gossip, it is all rubbish." Humans and their need for food, so impractical.
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Noctis was in luck! Within driving distance! Surely it would be the perfect resolution: he didn't have to cook and there wasn't any food here anyhow! Noctis probably looked like he was beaming, but he really was excited to get out of this creepy castle and get some food. Maybe they'll let him take some food here to--

oh, there wasn't a fridge. Of course. His smile calmed some at that thought but he shook it off with a soft huff. "Then, Sir I'll be quick!"

He turned on his heel and went then, by the time he was in his car he sighed audibly and brought his hands to his face in disbelief. What time era was Radu living in! Were there plugs? How was he going to charge his phone? Where even was the nearest market? Or did the tavern act as that well?

Noctis was gone for nearly two hours, it took about half an hour to find the tavern and another to be served. He spent some time talking to the locals in the tavern inquiring about some information on what they thought the town really needed; besides wealth. None of them really seemed to want visitors, however, and many of them didn't really want to talk to him either! Radu did warn him that they were superstitious--just like the reports read.

By the time he returned to the castle he was full and feeling the exhaustion of his journey take its tole on him. He was ready to crash. Before he would retire he wanted to see what the Count was up to and spend some time with him; after all that was why he was here! Part of him then began to feel somewhat guilty that since he got here he didn't really see Radu that much. Noct would do better, starting--now!

He sought the Count out once again and started with gratitude: "Thank you for opening your home to me, my lord, and for being such a gracious host to see to my needs. I was wondering if there was anything I could do for you.. uh, before I retire?"
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Radu watched from the window as Noctis drove away. He looked around at the castle, suddenly aware of just how much he hadn't cared about "keeping up with the times", as it were. The castle was thousands of years old, and he hadn't felt the need to have it wired for electricity. He didn't need lights, he didn't watch television, and he didn't need a stove or fridge. But his guest might find it inconvenient.

Depending on how long the prince was going to be here, Radu wondered if it was time to get a few basic appliances and install wiring. It really had been a long time since humans inhabited this castle.

Radu was once again sucking on the bloodstone when he heard Noctis return. He set the artifact on the table and covered it with a cloth for now, making sure he didn't have any blood on his lips.

He had to say, he liked how this prince actually had manners. "You are quite eager to see my village befriend your kingdom, aren't you? I should think it is I who should be asking to your needs, my prince."
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Noctis licked at his bottom lip and he lowered his eyes a moment to his feet before he lifted them back to the Count. "Oh, well.." For a selfish reason he began to list things off in his head before he rid his spoiled mind of such thoughts. "My father.." He swallowed. "Your king wants to see the village thrive; it's beautiful here and he would see all of his lands in tranquility, my lord." He bothered at his bottom lip again and pulled it between his teeth for a brief moment before his feet shuffled. "King Regis understands there is a close mountain range here that would work perfect for a ski resort, ah in Poiana Brasov. The resort would no doubt bring money to this town.. and perhaps new trade, doctors, schools.. and such for the villagers."

"There's such rich history here, so many opportunities to learn about one another as well.. even under his rule we understand there is different cultures to each lands.." Noctis moved a hand to his chest. "I am here to learn what you may see fit to share with me.. about you and your village."
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Radu listened patiently, tapping his long fingers against his arm in thought. Noctis did make a very tempting offer, from the sound of all that. "You make a compelling argument." Bringing the town into the modern world might even work in favor for him.

"I can share many things," Radu motioned for Noctis to follow him and led him to another room. This one was a modest library, containing a few tomes the Vladislas line had collected. Many of them were books on history and folklore, and a few textbooks one might use for homeschooling. "You may use this room to your content. There are... interesting legends about my family."

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