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1. I have discovered my latent superpower. If a friend is dating a bisexual they will inevitably try and talk me into a threesome.

2. You are attracted to power and since you can't date the married old guy you have to go for the next best thing - his gay son.

3. You said too many real things and now I need to crawl back inside my protective fort of sarcasm, being an asshole, and sass.

4. I mean, don't most people have like a two week grace period where it's okay to ditch new friends?

5. [text him!]
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I guess that shows me for trying to be open and honest. Sorry I made it weird.
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That's not what I meant! I'm just not used that getting such honest reality checks.

But you're right. I need to hear it. I'm just warning you I'll probably react badly even though I know you're right.
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No, no, I understand. Just got a little to real for a minute there. I didn't mean to make it weird, promise.

As far as needing to hear it... you probably did, but... I probably could have been kinder about it. I'm not the best in situations like that.
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To be fair, not that I'd know, but I don't think most people are equipped to know how to tell someone that they're being too sexual with their twin.
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Well, I mean, I don't wanna tell you guys how to live your life or anything but you both have lives, right? I wouldn't want you to close yourself off to anyone you might be interested in because of some nasty rumors that make you seem um... unavailable.
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We are our lives. We always have been. Imagining an alternative... terrifies me, honestly. If someone else becomes more important to Hikaru than I am, it might kill me.
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I know it's hard to let go, but do you think you'll be living together forever? I mean... if you guys decide to go to different universities or get married, what would you do then? Would you want him trying to hold onto you while you try to get a house in order with someone?
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This is making my stomach hurt.

I don't know if I could. I mean, find another person I'd want to do that with. It's hard to imagine. It's impossible to imagine.