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music prompt

the music prompt meme
i. comment with your character
ii. others will respond to you with prompts
iii. reply with a scenario befitting the prompt left to you

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Yuuri Katsuki | Yuri!!! on Ice

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the list I have is even longer OTL

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1. Echo, Incubus [ YT | Lyrics ]

There's something about the look in your eyes
Something I noticed when the light was just right
It reminded me twice that I was alive
And it reminded me that you're so worth the fight

2. Red Lights, Tiësto [ YT | Lyrics ]

We can’t back down
We’ll never let them change us
We’re going to make it now
What are we waiting for

3. Kiss Me, Ed Sheeran [ YT | Lyrics ]

Kiss me like you wanna be loved
This feels like falling in love

4. All About Us, Here Is We, ft. Owl City [ YT | Lyrics ]

'Cause lovers dance when they're feelin' in love
Spotlight's shinin' it's all about us
And every heart in the room will melt
This is a feeling I've never felt but
It's all about us