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It's All Up to You


Jean-Paul Satre said, "We are our choices." So let's see what our muses are made of.

Post with your usual top-level information and note any preferences in your comment.
Reply to others presenting two choices.
Choices can be as innocent or out of this world as you'd like, just warn for content or triggers and respect people's preferences.
Answer questions others have left for you.
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Hitachiin Kaoru || Ouran High School Host Club

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Would you rather wake up Kyouya-senpai first thing in the morning or Honey-senpai from his nap?
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Kyouya-senpai, any day. At least he's a Devil in Devil's clothing. Honey-senpai would cry and I can't handle that.
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Haa? Seriously? If Honey-senpai started crying he'd be fine after an apology and probably a piece of cake but if Kyouya-senpai was woken up for no reason he might...

[Hikaru doesn't even know but he's afraid to wonder.]

...Maybe there's no good answer for this.
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Well... [Kaoru sort of smirked, and his cheeks were a little pink.] I think I've got some idea of a way to calm Kyouya-senpai's beast mode...
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Oh? Is that even possible?
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[He smiles brightly and leans in to kiss his brother's cheek.]

I haven't had the chance to field test it yet, but I'm thinking something like that... though maybe a little more centrally located.
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[There's a small moment for processing such a devious trick but Hikaru grins. That is definitely something Kyouya wouldn't expect.]

Hmm? Bet he wouldn't see it coming.
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It's always nice to have the upper hand when going up against our senpai.
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I doubt we'll have to wake him up any time soon but it never hurts to be prepared. And if it doesn't work well... we can say it was the Boss' idea to disturb him at such an ungodly hour.
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Or I could keep kissing him til it's irrelevant.
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The element of surprise would be gone by then.
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I'm trying to come out to you, Hikaru.
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[What's that look for? He mirrors it without much thought.]

Trying to what?
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[He groans and huffs, grabbing his brother by the shoulders.]

I'm gay, Hikaru.
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[He blinks and looks back at his brother for a long moment. Well that makes the counter against Kyouya's beast mode make much more sense rather than just a completely devious way to catch the other club member off guard. Still, if that's the case...]

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[Hikaru grabs Kaoru's shoulders right back with a huff of his own. The last thing he ever wants is to make things difficult for his twin, not intentionally anyway.]

You don't have to try when you need to tell me things, you know.

[Even if he didn't fully grasp the hints from earlier. It's new territory for him and he's unsure how to tread since it's someone important to him. What's it going to mean for Kaoru? Or their small world? Too many questions.]
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[He smirks a bit deviously, patting Kaoru's shoulders a little hard. He has to know the details, there's no escaping now!]

So the glasses type, hmm~?
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[personal profile] fragrant_hitachiin 2016-09-11 09:59 pm (UTC)(link)
[Kaoru was watching his brother's face closely for every minute expression shift that could clue him in on what Hikaru was thinking - they weren't unhealthily co-dependent on one another for nothing. But even so, Hikaru was going through emotions so rapidly, it made Kaoru a little nervous just trying to keep up, and when he ended off with a joke, of all things, Kaoru was quick to blush, caught off guard.]

S-Shut up! Haruhi wears glasses too, you know.
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[His grin widens at his brother's reaction. Somehow he managed to catch him off guard, which feels strange in itself, but despite how much Hikaru may still be processing the whole thing he's a little amused. Besides, it's not like anything's happening now and Kaoru will just up and leave him. He wouldn't do that. They still need each other. ...Right?]

Aah, but Haruhi mostly wears contacts now so that doesn't count! Hmm, who else wears glasses...

[He points to his own eyes to further illustrate the point of glasses and watches the other mischievously.]

The class Chairman but he has his own Princess so I guess there's nobody else...
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[Kaoru swats at his brother, way more gently than what Hikaru actually deserves, because he does love him, after all.]

It's not because of his glasses. At least, I'm pretty sure it's not. We'll probably have to steal them just for me to be sure...

[He laughed and reached for Hikaru's hand, to twine their fingers.]

You know that no matter how many boys I date, you'll always be the one I love most, right?
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See? That's only proving that this is your type if you want to take them that badly.

[He's teasing though the task of stealing Kyouya's glasses sounds both dangerous and intriguing. Could be something to save for a day when they get really bored at the Host Club. Nothing like the devil types being in character, after all. ...Still, the consequences could be terrible.

He reaches for Kaoru's hand but it momentarily halts at the mention of dating, a brow twitching as his grin falters a bit, before taking his hand. He's thinking about d-dating already..?!]

Oh? You're making it sound like you've already got some dates lined up...

[Protective brother mode activated. Even if the prospect of dating involved girls Hikaru was going to be keep an eye on whoever thought they were worth his brother's time. This is no different but there may be some projection of not wanting his other half to disappear.]
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[personal profile] fragrant_hitachiin 2016-09-12 02:49 am (UTC)(link)
[Kaoru laughed at the idea, somewhat nervously, and shook his head.]

No dates now. I just mean... you know. If it ever comes up in the future. I want you to get used to the idea because I know how long it takes you to be okay with new stuff.

[He couldn't help getting that little dig at his brother in, but he meant it playfully, after all.]

I just don't want you to freak out. Right now my only romantic prospect is you, in the Host Club, and Haruhi, mainly for you.
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[There isn't any point saying that he wouldn't freak out and his expression says as much. He might be on the inside, just a little. At least he'll have some time to... figure it all out. Whatever that entails.]

Haa? What's Haruhi got to do with this?
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[personal profile] fragrant_hitachiin 2016-09-12 11:04 pm (UTC)(link)
[Kaoru sighed and patted his pitiful older brother.]

Poor immature Hikaru. You'll understand when you're older.