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You know exactly what to expect: out there, in that big wide word, is the person who's just for you. A soulmate, maybe. A destined lover. The story's always the same. The princess falls for the prince, her knight and shining armor. The heroes will grow to love one another. Happily ever after.

Except, somehow, a chapter from another book got put into your tale.

You have the one you know you should be with, or you know where or who they are...yet somehow, somewhere, your heart got stolen by another. A heroic soul loves a bandit. Snow White is charmed by a dwarf instead of good-looking royalty.

So maybe you do have a choice. Will you follow your script and be with who the fates intend, or take a chance and go where your own desires lead?

— basically, with all the ~destined~ couples and SOULMATES4lyfe memes floating around out there, I wanted to do a #teamfreewill fuck destiny!!1 one.
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