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Welcome to My World!

Welcome to My World!
It's a whole new world!  And how lucky, you've got a friend(?) who has the responsibility of helping you live through it.  Are you a Super Saiyan getting used to the idea of demons in feudal Japan?  Or maybe you're an angel who's making friends with a pretty sweet alien.  Maybe you just come from an alternate version of earth and need a local to help you overcome culture shock.  Thank goodness you're not alone!

Here's how it works:
1. Leave a post. 
You will be the guide to any new arrivals to your world!
2. Comment to posts. You are stuck in the world belonging to the person you've tagged. (i.e., if you tag Naruto, you'll be in his world with him as your guide)
3. SHENANIGANS.  Thread out any scenario! Maybe various scenarios!  Write an epilogue when you're done or something. Use this meme to launch a million AUs for the musebox.  DO WHATEVER YOU LIKE.
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{soooo... she's just going to be standing there, watching people dressed in strange clothes and not carrying weapons wander around. She can see the sun so she's not in Midgar but she has no idea where she is. She's certainly never seen buildings like this before. They're so... boring.

When all else fails ask a stranger.}

Um, excuse me? Where are we?
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[Britta chuckles lightly when she looks at the woman.] Crazy night?
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{that earns a slight line between her eyebrows, still confused but it's only polite to answer - }

A few Nibel wolves but nothing really bad. Did something happen here?
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[Same look on Britta's face.] Greendale happened.

[It's come to the point where that's all you've got to say. It's starting to become more of a verb.]
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{nope. Not registering. Unless Greendale is another form of WEAPON they haven't run into yet. A glance around show that things don't look tossed around and pancaked though. This obviously calls for the intelligent question of:}

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Y'know... the town of Greendale. The community college called Greendale.
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Oh. This place is called Greendale. {a smile because things are finally starting to make sense, though she's still not sure how she got here. Now she just needs to figure out what the level of Shinra presence is without actually asking so:} Do you have a mako reactor nearby?
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Uh... [Her brows rise and her mouth drops open in confusion.] We got smoothie machine.