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truth meme


you can't hold it in any longer. for some reason, be it a curse or just hit up side your conscious, you're now forced to tell only the truth.

①Post your character.
②Post to other characters.
③Have fun, anything goes.
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Have you been able to dream since Fischer?
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[She nods.] Yeah, but not as much before the job.

How about you?
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That's good to hear, truly.

I never was good at remembering my dreams before I got into this mess, but I'm sure they still occur. [Which is only partially a lie, but he's not the one telling the truth here.]
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I guess dreaming just becomes harder without the PASIV. [Not the most welcoming thought to be honest.]

Does this happen to everyone in the dream-sharing business?
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It's likely to do with a mixture of consciousness and paranoia. [The unconscious mind knows that it can be broken into and thus it protects itself in any way it can. It is kind of sad, but not the worst side-effect of somnacin.]

I'm not sure - some people are more susceptible to the muting effects of somnacin, some not so. I can't really speak for anyone else. Have you been working other jobs?
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I see. [She shakes her head.] Not yet. I want to finish school before I head back into the field. [She doesn't want to waste all that time, effort, and money for nothing.]

I haven't gotten any offers anyway.
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Understandable - you've come this far, you may as well finish. [Eames only finished his Uni courses because he was forced to by the Royal Military Academy, but that's not on the slate for discussion today. Or ever.]

That's because your first employer is now technically out of the business. If you'd like, I could talk you up now and again.
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[She smiles. She's relieved that he understands.]

I would like that a lot, Eames. Though, I'd like to start off with something a bit low key. To make the transition easier, I guess.
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I'm pretty sure you blew your chance at an easy transition with the Fischer job, Ariadne. [He can't help but chuckle lowly.]

Are you in for your Master's or your Bachelor's - I'm afraid we didn't have much time for a pow wow when we first met.
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[She can't help but chuckle too.] That's a very good point, Eames. Will my future jobs be a walk in the park compared to Fischer's?

[She perks up at his question.] I'm in the first year of my Masters. [She may look young but she's definitely not a freshman.]