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Lucky you. For a while, you get to eschew a normal life and see life past your door; you're going on a quest! It could be for personal reasons, for fun, for profit, or to save the world as you know it. In all likelihood, it's the latter, given the natural order of things, but hopefully it's not. Whatever the case may be, you won't be going it alone, however. Whether it's just you and a partner or a true fellowship, you've got people to back you up. You may not all start out as the best of friends, that's true - still, the fires of potential life or death scenarios or the threat of losing your booty draw you closer together, and a friendship forms.

With one member of your party, more than friendship grows between you.

But wait, you have to defeat the dark lord, find the oldest wand, fight evil by moonlight, create a giant robot, or any other number of tasks. There's no time for this sort of nonsense! Actually, you may push them away because of the mission or due to past wounds that tie into said mission. Maybe, though, you can steal moments to get closer, let a romance blossom...or more.

  • Comment with your character, preferences, and any other info - ie, keep it PG, etc.
  • Even though I used a fantasy picture, don't feel constrained! In Harry Potter, they have to find a wand, in Supernatural, the Colt, in Avatar, they have to fight the Fire Lord, etc.
  • Feel free to AU your character or include information about them.
  • Reply to others.
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The traders' market stretching out around the massive Spaceport Esk on Lohopa II doesn't exactly live up to its name. Sure, there are some traders here - but for every two of them, there are ten smugglers, pickpockets, and outright robbers, with a generous handful of the kind of people who'll do anything for enough credits. (That is, Poe supposes, a kind of trade.) It's not his scene. He's logged more than his share of hours in places like this, stations and outposts and glorified landing pads that exist almost entirely to accommodate pilots needing to refuel, or effect a repair, or just arrange a rendezvous. But he came up in the New Republic Fleet, always on the right side of the law, if not precisely squeaky clean. His experience rubbing elbows with the criminal underworld (or - mezzanine level, here, let's be fair) is pretty minimal. He can handle himself. He can manage to keep from getting ripped off, mostly. It's not like he's a glaringly easy mark. But.

Still - about twenty minutes into their search for a very particular part the Falcon has decided she needs before they can lift off again, he's sort of wishing Chewbacca had come in his place. He and Rey will do just fine, no doubt, and of course leaving Chewbacca back at the ship - his ship - to work on the rest of the repairs makes the most sense. But between a Wookiee who's spent the last half a century cutting deals in places worse than this and Poe Dameron ... there's really not much contest.

Oh, well. Hopefully, it'll be quick - and if push comes to shove, Poe's willing to bet he can match most of these people with a blaster. Even if he does really suck at haggling.

But Rey seems to have that part covered. He stands beside her, pretending to inspect an array of repulsor actuators while she does the talking. He's on look-out: the path to Luke Skywalker is long, convoluted, obscure, and hopefully lonely, but he and Rey both know from personal experience that there are a few people who'd love to to tail them. The First Order is reeling, but it's far from defeated. So when Poe catches sight again of the man who's been casually lingering some twenty paces away every time they stop to try to make a deal - he decides enough is enough. It might be nothing, or it might just be someone who wants their purse, but he's not interested in letting their little shopping trip get all that exciting.

"Someone's taken a shine to us," he murmurs to her, when the vendor they've stopped to talk to goes to root through his stack of crates. "Might be time to think about getting back." Via the scenic route, obviously. Whoever this guy is, they're going to need to lose him.
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It's strange and familiar all at once for Rey. Not exactly like Jakku and Niima Outpost, and Unkar Plutt's junkyard, but just enough like it that she can navigate with some confidence. Although she is fairly certain that she can hold her own amongst the sorts of scoundrels that wander the market, courting trouble. Still, she's glad that she's not alone in her search for this part - so tiny, but necessary for the continuation of their mission. She's glad that Poe is by her side.

They visit each stall in turn, and so far, have had no luck in procuring what they're looking for. The search seems fruitless, but Rey isn't giving up hope just yet. There are still plenty of vendors to visit - they've got to get lucky sometime, she just hopes that it's sooner rather than later.

She's glad that Poe is with her - even though he really does suck at haggling.

While she might seem completely occupied with browsing through stalls, picking up and inspecting parts carefully, she's all too aware that in a place like this, someone was always watching, waiting for an opportunity. Now, whether that's to try to rob them blind or something worse, she doesn't know, but the threat is always there. It's heightened now, too, after the destruction of Starkiller. It was best to stay alert, aware of their surroundings, to be able to escape quickly should the need arise.

Which ... might be sooner than expected. Rey's expression keeps fairly impassive, but she nods slightly, signaling her understanding of the situation. "Well, you are very handsome", she replies, idly fingering a part that is close to but not quite what they're looking for.

Maybe once they give their shadow the slip, they could take over whatever repairs remain, and Chewbacca could come to the market. He'd probably have better luck, anyway.

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