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1. You literally just told me you're ditching me because of pizza. PIZZA? Wow.

2. If I could drink as much and have the amount of sex he has at his age, well I'd probably be dead.


4. Sometimes in life you just have to realize the security deposit isn't worth it.

5. Text Her
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The Resistance Base has a security deposit?
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I feel like I should be apologising. A lot.

[personal profile] ouronlyhope 2016-01-15 06:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Now now. It is not your fault.
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Well, my training with Master Luke has caused a ... bit of destruction...

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Your training is important. Sometimes chaos and destruction happens. You just need more time.
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It's the meditation. I can't seem to concentrate long enough for it.

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Could I offer my assistance?

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kyber: (TWENTY-NINE.)

3.) don't kill me

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Mother, no.

[ Why this? ]

too busy laughing

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Well this is unfortunate
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you don't say.

[ wow mom, way to screw him up further. ]

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The truth is not a gentle force. Not everything is going to be what it seems.
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what a pity that doesn't apply to your parenting skills.

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I will never give up on you.
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you said, as you shipped me off to train with my weird uncle.

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At the time, I had thought it would be result in the best for you.
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No. I just changed Jacen's to that.

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I am sure you found it amusing
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Of course. His daddy issues are because he is one.

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Makes some sense, I suppose.
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Becoming Lumiya's apprentice was a dumb way of dealing with it.

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It is a difficult time for everyone
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Have you heard from Jaina?

[personal profile] ouronlyhope 2016-01-16 09:21 pm (UTC)(link)
Not today. Should I be worried?

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