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1. I wasn't even hungover I was just mourning my dignity

2. And if you ever tell anyone i have emotions i'll kill you.

3. carb up bitch. we're drinking with stormtroopers.

4. Hux brought me a cup of coffee to my desk. He's getting a blow job.

5. all i remember is you climbed in a garbage can and said you were trashed
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...I'm fairly certain all your family know you have emotions, so I don't think that works as a threat?
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I won't pretend to even know what that means, scavenger.
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I am aware. Rey. The scavenger from Jakku. But you are more than that.
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I'm a Padawan to Master Luke, if that's what you mean.
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It wasn't a garbage can, it was a recycling unit. I said I wanted to start over.
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I was fairly certain your comprehension of a recycling unit had been altered by the amount of drinking you had already done.
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No, I knew exactly what it was. I'm never going to drink anything around you again, either, just so you know.

[ she's just a little thing, she can't keep up with these First Order heavyweights. ]
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I did not actually force you to drink with me. You did that all on your own.
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You didn't force me to, no, but you implied it would garner respect among the troops and your Knights. I think it ended up doing the opposite, actually.
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Do not put the blame on me. I simply implied you try to relax around them. Apparently in your mind, that translated to drinking.

[ but he's still pretty amused. ]

We'll work on that.
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You are to blame. You're the one training me, after all.

[ the thought is accompanied by something resembling amusement, though, tempering her words. she doesn't consider him her keeper, here. even if he technically might be, in Snoke's eyes. ]

Work on what? Teaching me relaxation techniques? You mean like meditation?
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I was unaware our training exercises extended to drinking as well.

[ she should be able to hear the sarcasm lacing his tone. but it's mostly harmless, because the night was amusing, despite the dangers of her being around his knights. ]

No, I meant work on your drinking habits, if you intend on attempting that again. But we could try... testing the limits of our bond, and relax that way if you wish.

Meditation techniques are not something we really dabble in the dark side.
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Perhaps I need more training in that regard, if I'm to learn to keep up.

[ he's going to have to explain in detail what else she did that night, because climbing into the recycling bin was apparently the extent of what she remembers.

at his suggestion that they test the limits of their bond through the Force, there's a note of intrigue and interest with her subsequent thoughts. ]

How would we text relaxation, if not by meditating? [ and then it occurs to her: ] Sleep with one another?

[ she's quick to add, blood heating her face - ] I meant just sleep. In the same bed. At night.
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I think drinking should be the least of your worries, where your training is concerned.

[ that might involve him having another drink to muster up the courage to tell her. some other more embarrassing things might have happened.

I don't know. I've never experienced this kind of bond with another Jedi before. We could try... just sleeping together. Or meditating together, I suppose. Maybe it could strengthen our bond.

[ this isn't really his area. he's a little amused by the idea of just sleeping together, though mostly just because of her embarrassment. ]
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[ - wait. hold on. ]

What do you mean, the least of my worries? What else should I be worried about?

[ besides, you know, the obvious temptation to the Dark side (which he has a hand in facilitating). and perhaps Snoke. ]

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you know, i am surprised by how much i did not need to know that. isn't torturing me once enough for you?
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oh you

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The overly confident pilot. Back for more? Perhaps you would care for another round of torture? I will gladly take more Resistance secrets from you.
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hey, i'm not overly confident buddy. as for the torture, pretty sure you've already started that one.

...though that's probably a better use of the ginger's mouth than taking, gotta say.

[ is he ignoring that painful jab? yes he is. he still can't sleep at night, so he'd rather not touch too much on it.]
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The message was unintentional. The offer for an extended stay with the First Order is not.

[ he can help you with that. he can see to it that you never have to bother with sleep ever again. ]
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I think everyone knows. I'm also already dead.
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[ oh hi grandfather how's it going? ]

You are not Darth Vader. You are Anakin Skywalker, and you were weak.
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Why are you carrying on Obi-Wan and Yoda's 'certain point of view' legacy. I'm the same person.
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Please, that's nothing like drinking with Mandos.