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Ride or die

Motorcycle Club (AU)

In real life, motorcycle clubs that are truly "gangs," or "1%," are no laughing matter, a part of a dark and seedy underbelly that's far from pretty. Like with many cultural establishments with less-than-stellar reputations, though, fiction has romanticized these fringe fraternities with shows like Sons of Anarchy. To be fair, the life itself lends to the idealized: spending time on the open road, answered very little to very few, being able to take matters of life and liberty into your own hands, cloaking yourself in leather and tattoos and denim and the very essence of Americana. It all screams freedom and a wild lifestyle.

Equally wild and even more passionate is the love lives individuals involved in the motorcycle club lifestyles. When danger's at your back, it's good

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  1. old lady: Or old men, because why not. Essentially, the official significant others of members, and it's all very serious - with some bikers even viewing their lover as property. They may wear the biker's jacket or ride on the back of the motorcycle.
  2. brothers/sisters in arms: You know you're always there for each other, like family. Why not take things to the next level?
  3. mechanics: They fix up the bikes. They may just fix up your heart, too.
  4. civilian: The person you care for the most isn't in the life you can't leave.
  5. other