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impure | pure

the impurity & purity pairing meme

  • you're impure. you've done bad things, been a cruel person, or you've been terribly wrong, and you've seen what the world really is. maybe you're bad, or maybe your road to hell is paved with good intentions. whatever the case is, there's red in your ledger.

  • they're pure. almost innocent, even. they're kind and open and the very opposite of worldly. maybe they're not always good, no one is, but their heart is clean.

  • despite these differences, there's something between you. you shouldn't relate, you should be worlds away...

  • how to play

  • comment with your character. mention if they're more likely to be pure or impure.

  • reply to others.

  • use the rng to determine the direction of your thread or come up with your own direction.

  • prompts

  • light || the pure is affecting the impure in a positive way.

  • dark || the impure is affecting the pure in a negative way.

  • purposeful || you want to corrupt something so pure.

  • forgive || they know what you've done and they've forgiven you.

  • death || something comes up from the dark past and strikes out at the one loved the most. they know it would hurt you to see them in pain - or worse.

  • life || the smut option. will there be hesitance in "defiling" purity?

  • cheer || never again did you think that there would be simple joys. picnics, birthdays, gentle holding of hands.

  • confessions || you have to get them into your life; they're the only good thing you can see.

  • teach || one party is teaching the other about more worldly pursuits, may or may not be sexual. perhaps they feel guilty for this, perhaps they don't.

  • end || you can't do this to them anymore. they deserve so much better than you.

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[[light side of the force. that answers everything]]