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Support Group Meme

The Support Group Meme

Per Wikipedia:

In a support group, members provide each other with various types of help, usually nonprofessional and nonmaterial, for a particular shared, usually burdensome, characteristic. The help may take the form of providing and evaluating relevant information, relating personal experiences, listening to and accepting others' experiences, providing sympathetic understanding and establishing social networks. A support group may also work to inform the public or engage in advocacy.

And now you know. And knowing's half the battle.

  • Post with a character.

  • Unlike most memes, you'd probably be better off by providing a general theme for people to respond to. You know, have your subject or post read "People who got turned into animals in their respective games" or "Time travelers and keeping the space/time continuum intact."

  • Respond to other people and support them through their trials and tribulations.

  • NOTE: While you're welcome to post whatever the hell you want, if you delve into triggery whatnot (i.e. abuse, suicide, things which tend to actually evoke real life support groups and therapy) please label your posts with a nice and blatant warning so someone who was looking for Time Travelers Anonymous doesn't accidentally stumble into your suicide thread instead.
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Time Travelers trying to deal with Chaos Theory

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[Come here if butterfly effects are ruining your (and everyone else's) life]

(ooc: the game dealt with a LOT of heavy themes. So TW for possible mentions of suicide, substance abuse, euthanasia... honestly it's hard to keep track of it.)
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Not all it's cracked up to be, huh? Go back to mix things up a bit and half the time you either get an encore or something worse.

[ Who knows how many times she's gone back in time in an attempt to prevent her world from turning into a gray, dead apocalyptic wasteland, only for everything to go shit all over.

Probably half the reason she's a crazy-ass hedonist. How else would you put up with that crap?
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[Yes, Max knows exactly what I-No means. How many time did she have to save Chloe from death? And in the end...

It makes you wonder what's the point of having powers like this in the first place...

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Like a shitty joke, right? And you get to hear the punchline over and over. Probably best to give up and focus on having fun, Sweetheart.

[ Probably, again, the reason why she is a sadist and a hedonist. After the thousandth time failing spectacularly despite having what should be the greatest power possible, she probably decided the only use it has is to have fun.

She is not a good support group member. Ignore her cynicism, Max.
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[Max actually smiles a little at her suggestion.]

Oh, I had my share of fun...

[And she can't even say that Chloe was a bad influence on her for that, she did and undid things a couple of times just for her own pleasure, or to get what she wanted.]

In a way, it's what makes it all so cruel. Because of this power, I created some beautiful memories... [She pauses for a couple of moments.]
But now, I also know what I lost.

[She's starting to think that maybe she's right. Maybe they are just supposed to have fun with their powers.]
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Oh, your share of fun?

[ Moping isn't her style, so she is going to take this opportunity to change the tone to something more interesting. That and she is curious what kind of 'fun' someone like Max could get into. ]

C'mon, spill. Just what kind of Hell have you raised?
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[She doesn't mind concentrating on the fun things, but a hint of melancholy remains on her smile.]

Oh, nothing to hellish... [Except that time she used it to break into the principal's office and steal the handicapped fund... She's pretty sure she delayed her arrival in paradise with that one.]

Once I used it to get revenge on this girl. I tampered a bucket of paint to make sure the paint would fall on her later...

[Aaand she kind of felt bad about it too. Wrong example.]

Once I let an experiment blow on my friend's face even though I knew he had to use chlorine. Oh and I got that info by asking the professor and then rewind, to make sure she wouldn't suspect I told him...

[Thinking about it makes her feel worse, how many times she used it to make people like her? Sometimes it was necessary but what about that times with Dana or Taylor? Not cool Max, not cool. She doesn't want to complain about that though, so she shrugs.]

I mean, nothing too special other than surprise my friend who knew about my power or rewind a couple of times to make sure we wouldn't get caught when we broke into the school's pool.
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You're too sweet for your own good. You're so cute you're about to make me retch.

[ That is all about as PG as I-No expects. It's pretty cute, but that kind of nature isn't conducive to surviving this sort of life. She wonders just how long Max can keep that saccharine personality together. ]

But, hey, whatever floats your boat. Just don't go second guessing yourself.

[ She sees that guilty feeling. She can't relate to that feeling, but knows it isn't going to help anything for Max to feel bad about accidentally or intentionally screwing others over. ]
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[Her advice actually makes her smile.]

Sounds like something my friend would say...[Especially the second guessing herself one. While this power has made her bolder in some ways, it hasn't stopped her from doubting herself. Too many variables.] She suggested I actually hit on people [Her.] with it and then rewinded.

But I haven't had this power for long, a lot is happening this days and I still can't control it properly. Maybe when all of this is over. [HAHAHA Max.]

What do you do with it?

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...Lately, it seems I've not been doing much than playing messenger in between keeping myself entertained. No appreciation.

[ Granted, that is mostly her fault. She got into trouble having too much 'fun' and she got put into time out for a little while. ]

I'm afraid I'd offend your sensibilities if I went into detail. Corrupt you a bit, y'know? Although, that does sound tempting.
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Oh... [Max can only imagine what I-No would do for fun...
Well no actually, she can't. Is she really that innocent or is I-No just unpredictable to her eyes?]

My friend is already working on that, I wouldn't want to make her jealous. [And hopefully, Chloe will continue corrupting her for long. If she doesn't fuck up again, that is.]
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[Dave flops into a chair like all the energy's gone out of him, throwing a final dramatic arm up to drop over his face. His cape trails limply to the floor behind him, like an aborted fanfare.]

DAVE: man fuck time travel
DAVE: shits way overrated and way complicated
DAVE: approximately zero migraine-free days since 2009

[He looks up.]

DAVE: you ever get this ticking in your head you just cant shake out no matter how many times you play that taylor swift song??
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[Max give the new guy a puzzled look. A cape, seriously? Where does he come from? She's pretty curious.

She nods at the mention of migraines.]

Are you sure it's not Taylor Swift who causes the ticking?

[Yeah, she's not a fan.]

But yeah, I know what you mean. I've only got this power recently, but I felt like my head would split in two way too often.