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The Fifth Dimension Meme

A fold in the universe exists in the ether of the fifth dimension. This place, because it is somehow a place, consists of nothing, exists nowhere and nowhen.

Yet you find yourself in it.

To the eye of the mortal mind, this space appears to be a white, featureless room, and the portals that have brought you here appear to be nothing but empty thresholds. How you arrived is anyone's guess. Perhaps you were transported while in the throes of death; perhaps it was something so simple as passing through a doorway in your own world.

While here, others may be transported into this dimension join you. At there mere thought of your most treasured or needed possession, the item may appear on the pedestal within. Visitors can freely go to another world contained within one of the portals if they wish, but you must have a companion for the dimensional shift to work. Otherwise passing through the thresholds will be of no effect.

This is no dream; this is no afterlife. And you are in it. What happens next is up to you.

How to play:

↳ Write an intro post detailing your character's arrival to the fifth dimension
↳ Tag around to document your character's interactions with other characters

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Max Caulfield | Life Is Strange

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[Max has been sitting here for a while now. Actually, she doesn't know if it has been a while, the concept of time they humans define it doesn't fit in here.
She doesn't even know what here is and she's not trying to understand it. All she knows is that it beats being chased by embodiments of her fears.

She's enjoying the nothingness of this place, the silence, the bright light. No fears, no pain or doubts either, no nothing. Just her... and her camera apparently, sitting on a pedestal in front of her. It wasn't here when she first arrive, but there it is.

She keeps doing nothing. She knows that eventually she would have to stand up and at least check this place out but not yet, not now.

Or does she?]
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[ Maybe she does, or maybe it's her choice. Either way: there's a boy staggering through another one of the doorways. He walks backwards, keeping his eyes on whatever he came from, until suddenly all he sees instead is white.

Minho looks around, clearly alarmed, and immediately tries to backtrack through the door in front of him-- with no success. ]

What the hell?

[ Only then does he actually look around the room and notice Max. He doesn't approach her, if she's already looking at him. If she isn't, he'll angle around her instead, into her field of vision. For his part, he looks like some level of hell, part dragged through the dirt, part singed. Despite this and the panic in his chest he's refusing to acknowledge (what happened to his friends? did he pass out? did he die?), he's keeping his voice steady. ]

Hey. What's going on here?
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[Max doesn't notice Minho at first, eyes focused on her camera on the pedestal, pondering if she should go get it.

She doesn't really want to, knowing that whatever this place is, if she takes it she will have to do something with it, no, with herself.

Finally, she catches a figure out of the corner of her eye, she turns around suddenly, and the look she gives Minho is a terrified one, they're here. She's half standing when she finally sees him.]

I don't know you.

[She says, instead of responding. If the situation were normal different, she would feel pretty silly.

It doesn't take her long to notice how roughed up he looks. Is he another time traveller who abused his power?]

What happened to you?

[She still hasn't answered, but it should be clear that she hasn't figured out much about this place.]
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[ He notices the fear. It's all over her face and the way she moves, but what it really tells him is that she seems as lost as he is. To the first half of her non-answer, he scoffs. ]

No shit.

[ It's only when she asks a question of her own that he realizes how different she looks, to his eyes. Clothes too clean and too neat and too, frankly, new. There's only one place he's ever seen where people looked like that, and everyone there was either a soldier or some kind of doctor. She, obviously, isn't either. So there's a pause as he looks her over, considering his response. ]

Long story. Look, I need to get back to my friends. You know how?
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[Seeing the way he acts, she feels like their situations are completely different. Which raises a whole lot of new questions. For the first time, she wonders if they're dead but the doubt is short lived: no. If she were, she would know, somehow.]

No. [And then, with a little shame.] I... I haven't tried.

[Her eyes are on the camera, a few feet away from them. She moves to pick it up. There must be a reason for it to have appeared on the pedestal, but she doesn't want to start randomly take pictures now, not that that guy in here.]

Have you looked around yet?
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[personal profile] a_7 2015-12-17 07:43 pm (UTC)(link)
[ He tilts his head at the shame as much as the words, frowning. Hasn't tried? Why? Is there something she's running from, or hiding? Either way, not his job to pry, and the sense of urgency hasn't really left him, so he leaves it alone. ]

No. [ Which means he's giving the room a cursory glance. White, white, and more white, but what worries him more is that all the thresholds look the same. On that note- hang on, which of those doorways did he arrive from? He backtracks a few steps, glancing back at Max as a frame of reference. Is this the one? It should be. ]

Got anything to leave a mark with?
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[At the question, Max looks down on her hip, where her bag should be, only then realizing that it's not there. She also notices she's not wearing the shirt she thought, but her red one.

Finally she starts collecting the pieces, accepting that this is definitely not a nightmare anymore Somehow this is the reality and it's fucked up.]

No. Chloe must be carrying my bag. [She murmurs, more to herself than to him.] But maybe... [She focuses on the empty pedestal. and after a few seconds, a black sharpie appears out of nowhere.]

Wowser... what the hell is this place?

[Ok, she's finally catching up to you, Minho.]

Sorry about that, I had a crazy week.