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Merida | Once Upon a Time

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1. This wine tastes amazing. It's like a fermented hug.

2. I just want somebody who'll randomly bring me pizza and lovingly squeeze my butt. Is there a dating app for that, do you think?

3. Never admit to being cold at those things. That is how you end up waking up the next morning naked under animal pelts... or so I have heard.

4. Is there evidence of another human being getting away with this/ not dying?

5. Text her
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depends. what are you talking about?
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Re: 4

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Just... gettin' justice fer me Dad's murder, is all. Know who did it, but they're... in power, so it's a thing. I think. Aye, a thing.
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huh. i dont know. i know i didnt, but i guess its possible other people have. what sort of powers?
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So sorry for how late this is, please feel free to ignore!

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oh. im not sure what kind of power that is. maybe like the king has? you just need to find a way to beat them somehow. probably training or something. i was never really the best at that.