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High School Never Ends

Mostly because I'm surprised we've never had this kind of meme before. We love high school AUs. We love romance. Why not combine those into a glorious mix?

Your teen years are important, formatively speaking. You're trying to find out just where you belong and what kind of person you're going to be. This already daunting task is complicated by the soul-sucking demon known as high school. If you weren't having a hard time before coming here, you certainly are now.

Add into this mixture raging hormones, and baby, you've got a misery stew cooking. But it's not all bad! Sometimes high school crushes can be sweet, and the occasional high school relationship lasts.

So whether you're too cool or distracted for romance or always on to the next good looking stud, come on down and try to navigate the romantic labyrinth that is the halls of The Love High.

  • Comment with your character and preferences. Needless to say, aging down and AUing is welcomed and probably necessary. Have fun with it! Feel free to include a short blurb about your character's The Love High self. Are they popular? The class clown? A drifter? A band geek?
  • Comment to others.
  • Use the RNG. Or not.

  1. childhood: You've known each other forever. Puberty has changed a couple of things, though.
  2. friends to more: Best buds, right? Can you let a little crush get between you?
  3. always there for you: You've seen the person you've liked for forever get hurt time and time again, always offering a shoulder to cry on. You should make your own move, unless you're content in the background forever.
  4. bad boy/good girl: Or bad girl/good boy, or bad boy/good boy...there's a certain appeal.
  5. the innocent: They're the delicate little pure flower of the school. Do you genuinely want to date them or is this a mission for corruption.
  6. smitten puppy: You know the type. Always following the object of their adoration around. Don't you want to sweep them off their feet and show them there's other fish in the sea?
  7. the ice queen/king: You have to defrost them.
  8. 10 things: You were challenged to ask them out or bed them, but shit got real.
  9. never noticed anyone before: You'll never be into all this love and sex stuff. Your classmates are crazy - wait, who's that? Your face is flushing. Why?
  10. never noticed: This person's always been there for you. You feel silly that you've never noticed.
  11. the unattainable: Is the school's hottest cheerleader or football player really all that high above you?
  12. follow you until you love me: It's not stalking! You just happen to be in the same place as them...all the time.
  13. hate at first sight: You hate their guts but you can't stay away.
  14. sudden hottie: Were they always so bangin', or did taking off their glasses or pulling down their ponytail do that much?
  15. too shy, too blind: you're too shy to tell them how you feel. you also don't see that they clearly feel the same.
  16. kindness counts: They were kind to you, which is a pretty big deal in high school especially if you're an outcast, and you can't help nursing an even bigger crush.
  17. sudden attraction: You're the kind who falls instantly and hard.
  18. always on the move: You change crushes or dates like underwear. Maybe this one is the one, though.
  19. nerd love: Both of you are social pariahs. At least you have each other.
  20. into older people: He or she is the kind of teen who's so mature and always dating college students or even real adults. But you can change their mind about their peers, right?
  21. differences in social classes: One of you is popular, the other so not. Can you make it work, or will the popular part be ashamed?
  22. opposites attract: Sometimes, the weirdos get the hottest babes.
  23. awkward confessions: You want to get your feelings out into the open - curse your voice cracking.
  24. asking you out: You'll totally borrow your dad's car to take them to the movies. Or here, here's your letterman jacket. Go steady?
  25. parents don't understand: Your parents want to keep you apart or are too tragically uncool.
  26. dates: If you have to go dutch at McDonald's, it's sad. Maybe stay-at-home dates are better.
  27. prom: Limos, tuxes, wasted money, oh my!
  28. slow dance: The DJ popped in that best of the 90s love songs megamix CD. Now's your chance.
  29. sadie hawkins: The Sadie Hawkins Dance. Get your khaki pants. Oh oh oh. Girls ask the guys. It's always a surprise.
  30. sneaking out: The most romantic times are past curfew.
  31. detention: As the Breakfast Club taught us, it's possible to find love in a hopeless place.
  32. experimentation: It doesn't count if it's above the belt, right? And finger definitely don't count.
  33. over the top: You're that couple that is always on the PDA or being schloopy and goopy romantic. Don't be that couple.
  34. first kiss: Pucker up.
  35. first time: Is it romantic and slow or in the back of someone's car?
  36. drunk: Drunk confessions and attempts to make passes are ill-advised.
  37. fight: High school couple fights can be deadly. Avoid at all costs
  38. the volatile couple: Speaking of, there's always a couple that seems to be fighting 24/7? When they're hot, they're hot, when they're cold, they're glacial.
  39. finally together: You're the will-they-won't-they of high school, and when you get together senior year, the whole class will give you a standing ovation because FINALLY.
  40. long term couple: When did you guys get together? Probably like middle school or something. You've always been together.
  41. hide who you are: Unfortunately, even these days some people make it necessary for those who don't conform to the "ideals" to hide their true selves.
  42. break up: Statistically, it was bound to fail.
  43. after graduation: Can you guys make it work after you lose the common ground of school? This can be challenging if you're going to be living in different places.

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like half of these prompts apply tbh, also boarding school because that's how i do

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[ pulling dean winchester as a roommate his senior year had been, castiel thought, just about the worst arrangement he could have hoped for. they have nothing at all in common, and seem to him to be opposites in almost every way. dean is athletic and loud, boisterous, pushy. he's always in trouble but has a knack for worming his way out of it, by his own merit, to be sure, but in no small way helped by his position on the football team. he's popular and forward, smug, brazen and aggressive. he's one of the most obnoxious people that castiel has ever known, long before they became roommates. perfect, he had thought, bitterly, when he'd seen their names together on the plan; the most important year of his high school career, and he has to spend it with dean.

he hates himself now, for forcing himself to eat those words. sure, dean is all of those terrible things, but over the months that passed castiel had found that he is also so much more. he's funny and interesting, he's witty, sharp, and determined. he's, surprisingly, very smart, even if he hides it well enough, even if he doesn't apply himself nearly as much as he should, and he's surprisingly warm and kind, beneath all of the rugged, overblown masculine pride. he's a good cook, a family man, and loyal to those he deems worthy. and worst of all he's charming, and flirty, and incredibly, devastatingly handsome with a wonderful smile, and an even better laugh. he gets drunk on the weekends (and sometimes the weekdays) and hangs all over castiel, grinning and ribbing him, smelling like leather and whiskey and all those bad-boy things that drive the girls wild - and, unfairly, in castiel's case, him as well.

he hides it well, he thinks, even if sometimes he knows he looks into dean's eyes a little too long, or smiles at him in a way that must clearly, stupidly say yes hello i am incredibly smitten. but he never acts on it, and at least dean doesn't seem to have picked up on it, for which castiel is incredibly grateful. dean is a nicer, better guy than castiel would have ever given him credit for before knowing him, but he's a notorious skirt chaser, gets uncomfortable when things between them get a little too close, or when people crack gay jokes at him, and while castiel likes to hope that maybe he's just overcompensating, he's not really that hopeful. besides, if dean really were interested, he'd go for it, wouldn't he? he's not really the type to hold back. so no, thank you, but castiel keeps his fantasies all to himself; he only needs to make it through this one year before he's off to college, where he can let dean winchester become a fond memory of something never reciprocated.

for now, he suffers. it's only winter. five months still to go.

and tonight dean is, of course, ornery as always, because it's friday night and he wants to do something fun, and since they've become friends he's seemed to feel the need to drag castiel along when he can, and screw what his other friends have to say about it. dean goes and gets defensive over him and that, too, is wholly unfair, makes it that much more impossible not to fall in love with him. regardless, right now he's reading, ready to settle in for a nice, quiet weekend, but dean is so damned persistent it's impossible to concentrate. castiel is trying to use his patient voice. ]

Dean, you've had me to yourself the last two weekends; I'm never going to finish this book if you're always in my hair.
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you know where it's at

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[ If they didn't know him better, someone might think Dean hates bookworms. He's a stupid jock, quarterback for the football team well on their way towards their fourth state championship, all thanks to him. He's going to get a college ride out of it easy, his future all laid out. Doesn't keep a girlfriend because he can get any girl he wants and would rather do just that, a new one every weekend. He's the kind of guy you'd expect to be tripping guys like Castiel, shoving them into lockers and laughing about it with his school jacket wearing teammates. But Dean's never been like that. Truth is, most bookworms hate him, not the other way around. He doesn't pick on anybody, is quicker to defend a classmate than start a fight. His dad raised him with a glass of whiskey in one hand a belt in the other, and Dean keeps his nose clean and his head above water because of it. Yeah, sure, he ditches classes and has a bad habit of smarting off to teachers who think they know everything about him and peg him before he's even bothered showing up for classes. (Which is why he doesn't go half the time). Bookworms hate him, teachers included.

It didn't bother him the cold shoulder he got from Cas when they both moved in, or all the angry glares and long silences he got for weeks after. Dean joked around with him anyway, kept inviting him out to parties even though Cas never agreed, always sat next to him in the cafeteria when poor Cas had the misfortune of being there when Dean arrived. In fact, that may be why he bugged Cas so much, was because Cas seem to hate him right off the bat. It's easier to like people who you know aren't trying to be friends with you just to get invited places and to ride your coattails.

Besides, Cas is smart. Dean knew that right away, but Cas isn't just book-smart, he's fierce. The one liners he's zinged off when he really gets mad have had Dean almost in tears. Then there's the philosophy he just injects into random conversations, like it's normal to talk about existentialism and cognitive psychology while watching a magical girl anime over Dean's shoulder. He's seriously incredible, like nobody else Dean knows. And yeah, Cas is socially awkward in ways that would put a piece of cardboard to shame, but he learns quick when given half a shot, and he's a lot more fun to be around than most of "normal" kids who sit next to Dean at every party and talk about how unfair their parents are, or their teachers are, or their other friends are when they don't know how good they've got it. If Dean could pick anybody to get locked in a room with for 24 hours, it'd be Cas. No question.

He doesn't get why everybody gets so mad about Cas. Girls especially. Seriously, what do they have to be jealous about? It's not like they're dating. Cas is a guy and they're both straight, end of story. They're just friends. Getting all uppity about it is just stupid, but then Dean's got a lot of really stupid people in his life, thanks to football career he got railroaded into by his dad. Just another reason to spend more time in his room with Cas, who's about as far from stupid as they come.

But Dean's a social kind of person. It's just his nature to move around, to get out and meet people, explore places. And he's not like Cas. He can't actually spend entire weekends in his room, reading and watching TV. He needs to get out. Most of the time he can wheedle Cas into it easily, but sometimes Cas digs his heels in and Dean really has to work at it. Like right now, for instance, when all Dean wants is to go out and drink and listen to music and watch the world go by with a couple of close friends, and all Cas wants to do is sit inside like a freaking piece of furniture bolted to the floor.

Dean's got his own wooden chair dragged up right next to where Cas is sitting, just inches away so there's no way he can be ignored. And he's sitting in it backwards, leaning over the back, giving Cas the best puppy eyes he can manage. And he's good at the puppy eyes. Girls tell him all the time. Long eyelashes, which they've assured him is a perfectly manly feature to have. ]

Come on, be real. You'll finish that thing in like an hour tops, and you've got all weekend to do it. It's a freaking Friday night, Cas! Just come with me. Give me three hours.
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u kno it

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[ puppy eyes, indeed. it's unfair, really, that dean has prettier eyes than any girl he's ever met, and worse that he knows how to use them to break castiel down in the worst ways. dean's one of the few people he knows, besides himself, who's able to hold eye contact for long periods of time. it's probably all of that confidence, that fearlessness, but whatever it is doesn't matter, it makes it all but impossible to resist him.

dean seems an exception in this regard, but then, that's really no surprise. castiel has no problem saying no to anyone else, and sticking to it. but now he's sighing as if he's really considering dean's offer, because he is, because he's weak and has a crush and spending time with dean always sounds better than studying, or reading, or napping while watching television, even though his logical mind disagrees. midterms might be over, but castiel never has any lack of classwork, what with his AP courses and scraping up every extra credit assignment he can possibly get his hands on.

and it's not like he really needs to worry. castiel's large family is wealthy and influential, he could flunk every class and still get into nearly any college of his choice, but that isn't what he wants. he will get into school on his own merit, or not at all, and no amount of money or power will change his mind, or make him want to sell out to laziness, or rely on the backing of a family he feels so distant from he can hardly even bring himself to call them family at all. so he works, and he works hard, every day, over some fool need to prove himself, he supposes, and he'd been doing quite well at it until dean winchester came along. castiel sighs and drops his book into his lap, holding its place with one finger. ]

Three hours. [ he says, but it's not quite yet an admission. his eyes flick up to dean's, holding them, as if he's weighing his options, but really he's just crumbling spectacularly. ] Fine. But I want to go somewhere quiet. It's been a long week, I'm tired, Dean, I don't want to deal with people tonight.
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[ For all his trouble, Cas gets rewarded with Dean's winning smile, practically bright enough to light the room. There was never a doubt in his mind that he could win Cas over, because Cas has lightened up a lot over the past few months, and will agree to just about anything Dean asks of him these days. But it still makes Dean happy to hear it, like finding the prize in a box of cereal.

Even the limitations don't bother him. Dean actually prefers quiet to rooms full of screaming people. (Blasting music doesn't count, totally counts as quiet.) No people would suck if Cas actually meant it. But just the two of them is people enough for him. Cas is good company, even if it takes some real pulling sometime to get the stick out of his ass. Just them is fine with Dean. And he's already got someplace in mind that he's been saving for an occasion just like this one. ]

No people. You got it. ...Ghosts don't count, right?

[ His grin turns a little wicked as he slaps Cas on the shoulder and stands. ]

Meet you out front.

[ Dean grabs his leather coat off the door and he's in the hall and heading downstairs before Cas can wise up and change his mind. Most of Dean's time is spent in the stadium or the gym, working off the extra calories from all the beer he drinks. It's pretty well known that the 18 year old football star drinks like a fountain, but hey, whatever keeps him winning games. His coach and his dad would never approve, but Dean keeps the beer in the locked trunk of his black '67 Impala, which was his birthday and Christmas presents for ages 12 through 21 according to his dad, even though he got it from him in March when he was 16. But it could be every present he gets for the rest of his life for how much he loves it.

When he pulls up in front of their dorm, rounding the corner from the parking lot a block down, CCR blasting, and he's glowing with pride the way he always is when he's in the driver's seat. At least he's a senior now and technically allowed to be driving her. When he was the only sophomore with a car, the senior class was downright vicious about it. Poor girl got egged or keyed every other week and Dean had to work extra hours at his dad's garage to make up for the cost of wax and paint and repairs. He's glad those days are long gone. It's good to be the top of the high school food chain at last. ]
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[ ghosts? god, he's going to regret this, isn't he.

but what's done is done. castiel turns to watch dean tear out before he can object, then sighs through his nose and slips a bookmark between the pages where he's got his finger jammed. he takes his time stepping into his shoes and pulling on his jacket because dean's got to bring the car around anyway, so he straightens his desk too, and slides the chairs back into place before shutting out the lights and heading downstairs.

of course, dean's got the radio blasting deafeningly when he rolls up, and castiel winces but doesn't complain, because dean's all but beaming in the drivers' seat like he always is when he gets the excuse to take someone out in his car. and castiel's not particularly interested in cars, but the impala is sleek and attractive and smells like leather, smells like dean, and dean takes good care of it which is surprising, and nice, when it comes to high school guys. he'd rather spend a week driving in dean's impala than an hour in the back seat of some grody senior guy's pickup truck littered with trash. castiel slides into the passengers' seat comfortably, like he's done it a hundred times, ignoring the snide looks from a knot of juniors smoking at the bottom of the stairs. and he doesn't say anything, because the music is too loud, but he shoots dean a brief, soft smile while he buckles up all the same.

all right, fine, maybe he'll enjoy himself. ]
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[ She's sleek and attractive, alright. Dean's hands slide over the wheel just the same way the slide over a girl's waist when he's walking his way to second base. His baby's cleaner and smells better than the day he got her, his one and only pride and joy, and it's a good thing Cas likes her, or that would've ended the friendship right there.

Cas smiles at him and Dean winks back, fully in his element, and he starts singing along to the chorus of Fortunate Son hits and he ramps the car out of the school's winding driveway so fast that he's just short of burning rubber on the way. The school gets smaller and smaller in the distance behind them as they hit the winding, wooded roads that make up most of the North East. The seasons are changing and it's the perfect temperature for driving with the windows down and feeling the crisp Autumn wind and smelling the sweet earthy smell of decaying leaves that they go whipping past, all dyed red, brown, and gold this time of year.

It's not middle America where Dean grew up, not beautiful Kansas with its endless skies and miles of corn fields and one gray road going so far off into the distance that you can't see its end. But a Christian boarding school in Massachusetts had the best damn football team in the country when Dean was turning 12 and showing a talent for it beyond other kids his age, so that's where he and his dad wound up. It's not as bad as he was expecting. Dean's not into the whole faith thing, but the sisters have become some Dean's favorite cohorts for the most part, and the girls look damn good in knee socks and plaid skirts. The guys don't look bad either. Most of his classmates hate the uniforms, but Dean could wear pleated slacks and oxford shirts every day of his life and be fine with it. Probably because he wore the sleeves rolled up and never wore the tie, and besides a few grudging reminders about the dress code here and there, he got away with it. He got away with pretty much anything at school, which half the time he ate up and the other half drove him out of his mind.

Getting away from it all is a relief, once in a while. Honestly, Dean could drive through these twisting, forested back roads and just keep driving with no destination in mind and the dial set to his favorite classic rock station, and he'd be happy to do it. But it's frowned upon, you know, drinking and driving. And the cops don't go as easy on him as the school. Being 18 means actually bothering to try not getting arrested, so Dean's got a destination in mind, which he figures Cas will appreciate.

Well, maybe not when he sees where they're going. The landscape evens out from suburbia to deep, dark forest on either side. They drive about a half hour, and as it hits late afternoon, it turns even darker as the sun goes red and dips low behind the trees. Finally, Dean slows the car and turns them down an old crackling stone driveway, pulls them up into a huge empty parking lot out front of a towering victorian mansion. Its white paint is peeling, there are broken windows and overgrown ivy, and a sign on the front door says in clear red letters, "CONDEMNED" and right below it in equally violent orange, "NO TRESPASSING." Dean parks the car and grins over at Cas. ]

You ready to get scared?
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[ castiel sits in content silence while they drive, and it's nice. he never would have thought he'd be able to sit in comfortable quiet with a guy like dean, but then again, he doesn't really expect to sit in comfortable silence with most people. dean is easygoing, and it's odd, how easily they get along, how quickly castiel warmed to him, how open dean is to his.. idiosyncrasies. castiel is not an easy person to like, he's known that for as long as he can remember, and that's fine, he doesn't really need other people, has accepted that it's his lot in life to be the one on the outside looking in, he stopped looking to forge friendships with people a long time ago. his brothers and sisters are enough, he supposes.

but then there was dean, and now he finds himself with a friend, a good friend, and that's a novel thing. would be easier if he weren't attractive, and charming, but castiel won't complain. it's.. nice to have someone to talk to, really, even if he never would have thought he'd have it, and he's not going to let anything get in the way of it.

at any rate, he watches the autumn scenery go by while dean's music and dean's voice ring in his ears, the impala smooth as butter beneath them, and it's nice. he'd still probably rather be studying, but it's nice. it's nice even though he doesn't know where they're going, even though it takes over a half hour to get there, and the sun is going down. it's nice up until the moment they pull up to the house, and castiel is squinting at the no trespassing sign, and that nice, red CONDEMNED notification on the door. he should have known. castiel doesn't bother to suppress his groan. ]


[ he's got that tone, that mom voice, and his eyes are lidded when he shoots dean a withering stare, a fine crease between his dark brows. ]

Houses get condemned for a reason, you know.
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[ Maybe Dean should feel bad about dragging Cas someplace like this. Breaking into a condemned house isn't murder or a DUI or anything, but it doesn't look great on a good kid like Cas's record. Not to mention the whole haunted houses and ghosts thing is along the same lines of devil worship as far as the school's concerned, and they'd both get a good talking to, plus holy water to the face and extra hail marys or whatever just for being here, because most of the sisters are cool but some of them are goddamned crazy. ...But that's exactly why it had to be Cas. Dean wouldn't trust coming to a place like this with anyone else. And he hates doing alone. That's why he's grateful Cas is willing to get dragged along into this kind of crap. Even if Dean has kind of a funny way of showing it.

Like by teasing Cas ruthlessly, as he's doing now as he throws the Impala into park and kills the engine. ]

What, are you scared already? That's bad, man. We're not even inside yet.

[ He's not giving Cas the option anyway, because he knows breaking into a condemned house to do a little ghost hunting is far from where Cas draws the line of "Shit I Absolutely Will Not Do, Dean Winchester, No Matter How Expertly You Beg." Dean hasn't actually found that line yet, but he's still betting this is nowhere near it.

He climbs out of the car, shuts the door behind and leans into the window to give Cas one last taunt with a grin. ]

Don't worry, cupcake, I'll keep you safe.

[ And then he's rushing to the back of the car to duck behind the trunk, just in case Cas decides to throw something at him. Also to pull out his sports duffle, packed full of all kinds of useful ghost hunting tools. A canister of table salt, an iron crow bar, an EMF detector (Got it off eBay a couple years back. It's got blinking lights and everything. It's awesome.), a flashlight, a first-aid kit, a blanket. And he cracks open the cooler and adds two cases of beer. Survival pack complete. He slams the trunk and heads up to the house's front door with a smile back towards Cas and one last look around the property. There's not a neighbor for miles, not a cop (or anyone else) in sight, and probably about an hour left of fading daylight. Everything's good. ]
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[ unfortunately no, this is not near the line of Shit I Absolutely Will Not Do, Dean Winchester, No Matter How Expertly You Beg, so he's stuck with it for now, because dean gave him puppy eyes, and castiel is a weakling and a fool. still, he flushes straight to his hairline when dean taunts him, then kills it with a scowl that dean doesn't see, because he's ducking off to the trunk.

castiel shuts his eyes and counts to five, sighs, then unbuckles his seatbelt and climbs from the car, shutting the door with a clap behind him just as dean is slamming the trunk closed and ambling bowlegged up toward the looming house, duffel bag in tow. and my god, that thing is huge - how much has he packed? how long has he been planning for this? he's really into this stuff, isn't he? he has to jog to catch up, but soon enough he's falling into step beside dean, and zipping up the front of both of his hoodie and jacket against the chill. he squints toward the bag. ]

How much did you pack? I thought you said three hours?

[ because it sure looks like he's packed for a week, but he has no idea what to expect of this, really, no idea what dean actually has planned aside from hanging out in a creepy house. thankfully, despite coming from a religious family, and attending a religious school, and having a good amount of faith himself, castiel does not consider something like this anywhere within the realm of 'devil worship', despite what the sisters might say, so dean is off the hook. ]
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[ Really, Dean doesn't know why the whole Catholic religion is so against ghost hunting anyway. Putting spirits to rest, sending them to Heaven or Hell or Purgatory or whatever... That's playing for the home team, isn't it? Helping God out? Anyway, Dean's got to believe he's doing something good here. (Or trying to. He's never actually put any spirits to rest, but that's besides the point.) It's personal.

Anyway, he's just glad Cas is willing to go along with it, even though he doesn't really know what he's in for. Dean peeks in through the window, tries the door. When he finds it locked, he drops the duffle and digs a lock picking kit out of his inside coat pocket. ]

Yeah, three hours.

[ That's what he said, and he's sticking to it. It takes him a few tries to pop the lock. He's been practicing for years, but it's not exactly easy as it looks on TV. Especially when you've got no one but youtube to teach you. ]

But this is a ghost hunt, Cas. You've got to be prepared. Never know what's going to happen. [ He says the last few words in his best Vincent Price voice for emphasis. Then it's right back to normal. ] Also I brought beer. Come on.

[ The door creeks as he pushes it open and takes the first slow steps on through. Inside, the place is still lit by the fading orange light filtering in through the windows. There are dead leaves, dirt and cobwebs everywhere, broken floorboards, cracked and hanging light fixtures. ]


[ Dean says looking around, because it is, but he looks over at Cas for confirmation anyway.

Come on, dude, tell him it's not awesome. ]
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[ you know, the funny thing about dean winchester is that from the outside, he seems tough, like a meatheaded jock or a leather wearing bad boy, but once you really get to know him, see what makes him tick, you realize that he's a giant nerd. dean knows more star wars references than anyone castiel has ever met, he quotes obscure movies every other sentence, and his idea of a really good time is to go ghost hunting in an abandoned building on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere. he's really not at all what he seems, and castiel finds that even still, dean is always surprising him, he's always learning something new about him, something he never thought would fit.

really, it's a life lesson, he knows, to not judge a book by its cover, to remember that people are not two dimensional, that they are not stereotypes. still, dean really is a wonder, he thinks, and for all castiel thought him a little repulsive when they first met, he's very, very grateful that they did - even if it means he has to spend three hours in a chilly abandoned house on the outskirts of the middle of nowhere. castiel rolls his eyes. ]

.. of course it is, Dean.

[ he says, humoring him, even if it's clear enough that this is not castiel's idea of awesome. the place is a wreck, and his more fastidious tendencies are irked by the mess, the thick dust layered on every surface, the broken glass and splintered wood everywhere that's a sure hazard if he's ever seen one. but he isn't afraid. castiel is a spiritual young man, and he believes in the unknown, he's always thinking about the universe, about spirituality, life after death, things like that, but he's never been interested in this sort of thing. but dean is positively beaming and it's.. really nice to see, to be honest, it's always nice to be around dean when he's really enjoying himself. it's infectious. castiel chances a brief smile. ]

Suffice it to say, if the floorboards break beneath my feet and I die in a hole, I will haunt you until the day you die.
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[ What does Dean even see in Cas, really? The guy's such a wet blanket. But really, Dean appreciates being knocked down a peg now and again, anyway. He hates suck-ups, and every time he's with a girl, they get stupid around him. The guys aren't much better, asking him for tips with girls or about football, or trying to out cool him, like... Seriously, it's stupid. Cas is such a breath of fresh air, always. Even if he is a huge killjoy about everything that isn't an indoor hobby. ]

Hey, if you do that, you can stay here. Who dies falling through a floor? You'll break a leg, at best.

[ Dean's an outdoor kid, always has been. He knows a few things about going places you shouldn't, and climbing things you shouldn't, and jumping off of things you shouldn't, and breaking bones. That's why he's got no problem exploring this place. He heads right up a winding staircase on the far side of the room, right over huge holes in them as they creak horribly, all with the added weight of the duffle thrown over his back. It's got a railing. He'll be fine. ]

Alright, we've got to find the room that feels the creepiest and hang out there until it gets dark.

[ Dean glances over his shoulder to make sure Cas is following. ]

You feeling cold at all?
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[ dean leaps right over gaping holes and across rotting floorboards like it's no big deal at all, and castiel feels quiet dread pulling at his belly. doesn't matter what dean says, he's going to die here, tonight, he's going to fall through a floor and get impaled on a broken beam, or a chandelier is going to fall on his head, or dean's going to accidentally elbow him out of a window and that'll be it, all over. and even if he doesn't, breaking his leg really doesn't sound terribly appealing either.

but castiel follows anyway, with a heavy sigh, and begins to climb the stairs. and he's not as spry about it as dean, but that's because he's being very careful, finding the spaces beneath his feet that feel the most secure, climbing over them with care - nevermind that his knuckles are white where he's grasping the dusty banister. ]

It's nearly December, Dean. Of course I'm feeling cold.

[ he says, dryly, exhaling in quiet relief once they've reached the landing. ]
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[ For what it's worth, Dean doesn't actually want Cas to die or fall through a floor and break a leg. So once he's done hopping the stairs in record time, he turns and waits for Cas, surprisingly patiently, considering it takes Cas about a year to get up them. He feels a little bad for how scared Cas actually seems - not of spirits, but of very real wood rot - but the staircase was probably the worst of it, he figures. They'll skip the basement and attic, even though those probably are actually the haunted places. (Aren't they always? If horror films have taught Dean anything, it's that.) The last thing he wants is for Cas to actually get hurt. Himself, yeah, he thinks trips to the hospital are pretty cool, even if his dad and Coach and his teammates would all flip out. Scars are awesome, and being on crutches that time he did break his leg is one of his favorite childhood memories. They hurt your armpits but the pranks he pulled on them were more than worth it.

Thinking about it, maybe Cas having a broken leg wouldn't be so bad. Dean could go to the hospital with him, cheer him up, take care of him, help him around at school. ...Is it kind of weird to want your roommate to rely on you like that? Probably, Dean decides. But not like it matters anyway since Cas made it up the stairs just fine.

Dean feels cold too, which is why he'd asked. And the lower the sun goes, the colder it's getting. It's going to be freezing by the time it gets dark, but that's what the blanket's for. ]

Yeah, out there maybe. But in here? [ He leans over close to Cas to whisper conspiratorially. ] Ghosts. You always know there's ghosts around when it gets cold.

[ He's being a shit and he knows it, but it's fun. What's the point in breaking into haunted houses if you're not going to be a little theatrical about it? Truth is, most of the time, nothing happens, and these trips end up boring the hell out of him. But it's a completely different ballgame with someone else around, and Dean's going to make the most of it, at poor Cas's expense. He doesn't wait for the sass back before he's already moving on, ducking his head into each upstairs room, looking for whatever registers the highest on his creepiness scale. He doesn't have any kind of natural intuition or sixth sense for these things, not like Sammy does, but he still knows creepy when he sees it.

Around the corner and two rooms down the next hallway, he finds it. Most of the rooms are empty of everything, except an occasional bookcase or lamp or something. But the next room Dean leans his head into has dusty white sheets covering furniture all over the room. It's perfect. He grins and re-shoulders his duffle and heads inside, waving Cas after him. ]

Come on, this is it. Look at it. You could set a low budget flick in just this room, easy. We should've brought a camera.
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[ hey look, scared and cautious are two different things, all right. and yes, it's definitely weird to want your roommate to break his leg so that you can take care of him. lucky for you, dean, castiel is not a mind reader.

at any rate, he's glad to be over those godforsaken death trap stairs, the rest of this hallway seems safe enough, there aren't even any holes in the floor, so he tucks his hands under his arms for warmth and squints into the dimness, studying the dusty portraits on the walls. definitely creepy, but he's not entirely bothered by them. it's better to counter dean, and point out - ]

I'm pretty sure the central heating isn't on in here, you know. Ghosts or no ghosts.

[ castiel lags a little, clearly far more interested in the history of this house than the possibility of ghosts. he thumbs the dust off of the placard of a portrait and leans in to study the name and date, and he's blowing cobwebs off of the frame when dean calls out to him again, and waves him near. abandoning the portrait, he steps up behind dean to peer into the room, and yeah, sure, it looks creepy enough but that's just because there are sheets on the furniture, not because the room is any different. so he brushes past dean's shoulder and makes a beeline directly for the bookcase against the far wall. ]

You have a camera on your phone.
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[ Already decided that this is the place, Dean drops the duffle against the closest wall, but doesn't bother with anything in it yet. ]

I meant a real camera. You know, a movie camera.

[ But since Cas mentioned it... Dean digs his phone out of his pocket and starts the camera recording. And he frowns as he watches the screen and sees Cas heading towards the bookcase. ]

You're not going to read in here, are you? Man, I brought you here to get away from the books.
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[ castiel doesn't answer that, only shoots a quick, subtle smile over his shoulder before easing around the covered sofa to reach the bookcase. it's hung with cobwebs and thick with dust, and that's pretty gross, but he'll manage. castiel leans in to blow the dust away from some of the spines, and tugs out the nearest book. ]

A camera is a camera. I don't see the difference.

[ castiel brushes the dust off of the cover of the book with his hand to reveal the title, peeling gold leaf, and immediately gasps -- but no, dean, it's not a ghost, sorry. carefully, he sets the volume down onto a shelf so he can open up to the title page: gray's anatomy, descriptive and surgical. his index finger glides down to the date and publisher. ]

This is.. an original copy. I can't believe it.
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Of course you don't.

[ Dean dismisses, swinging the camera around the room to see if there's any ghost children or orbs or anything that show up on the screen. There's nothing, of course. It's empty, just like Cas's knack for subtlety and social awareness. Seriously, who doesn't know the difference between a crappy phone camera and the kind you shoot movies with? Cas is a living wonder. Like he was raised in box with no access to the outside world. Dean would think all rich kids are like this, but half the school comes from money. More, probably. And Cas is the only guy Dean knows who's just... inexplicably weird.

But that's what makes him interesting. Dean comes up behind him, looks over his shoulder at the book through the screen of his phone. It looks old, but he doesn't see the significance beyond that. ]

You think it's haunted?

[ He asks because really, that's all he cares about. Maybe it's worth a lot of money or something, but money's never been something Dean's worried about. His dad makes enough for them to live off of, he's got a free ride through high school, is pretty much guaranteed a scholarship through college. He's got all he needs. ]
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No, Dean, it's not haunted. [ a pause. ] At least, I'm sure it probably isn't.

[ it's a book, after all. castiel is far more interested in the book itself than any possible ghost attachments, and as far as he's concerned that's perfectly fine. dean's here for ghosts, after all, castiel is here for.. moral support, or something. companionship. someone to talk to. who knows. but he's got his nose in this book for now.

it's got him wondering, though, what else could be in here. carefully, he shuts the book, then lifts his eyes to squint at the other volumes, gently rubbing the dust away with his fingers. ]

It's an antique, it's very old, and very rare.
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Yeah, okay.

[ If Dean seems real uninterested, it's because he is. After turning the camera on himself and rolling his eyes for it, he stops the recording and pockets the phone again. The bookshelves don't interest him, so he starts pulling off the sheets around the room, one by one. He's hoping for a creepy rocking horse, or a blood-stained chair, or a glass case full of jarred body parts, but all they are is a a couch with some fancy embroidery and two really uncomfortable looking chairs that look the same. Dean sighs heavily. ]

Man. What a freaking waste.

[ He goes back to the duffle and pulls two beers, cracks open one and takes a sip. He doesn't even bother with the EMF. There's no point. Then he heads back over to the nerd at the bookcase and offers him the unopened beer. ]

You better at least drink with me, Cas. Don't make me regret dragging you out here.
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[ castiel hardly notices when dean rolls his eyes and skulks away. let him be disappointed, castiel never signed up to ghost hunt, anyway, he's just happy that this house is turning out to be very interesting, so it's giving him something to do aside from following dean around and complaining.

so he sticks to the bookcase, uncovering titles, and they're all medical journals and textbooks, some not so old, but some positively ancient, and he can't help but wonder why anyone would leave them behind, who owns this property, and why they're still here. when dean returns, castiel turns his face slightly toward him as if listening, but his eyes are still glued to the shelves. ]

Hm? Yes. Of course.

[ he's not listening. ]
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[ You know, before right now, if you'd asked Dean "Is it possible to feel jealous of a book?" He would've told you no, that's stupid. Why would anyone anywhere ever be jealous of a book? But here he was. Dean Winchester. Right now, being jealous of some crusty old medical journal, because it's getting more attention from Cas than he is. ]

Whatever, poindexter.

[ He grumbles, dropping the can of beer loudly on the empty shelf in front of Cas before tromping back to the center of the room and throwing himself onto the couch, sucking at his beer sullenly. No ghosts, not even a creepy enough room to merit running through some tests, and now Cas was ignoring him, too. They really should just leave. Dean should drag him out. But he's too stubborn to call it quits. So he drinks his beer and stares out one window at the slowly setting sun, quietly hoping something freaky will happen and save him from complete boredom. This house actually is supposed to be haunted, after all. That's what the online article had said. But so far, Dean hasn't seen or heard anything. Not even a creak of floorboards out of place. It's looking to be just another fake lead, like all the rest. That, or maybe he's some kind of natural ghost repellant. ]
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[ oh please, dean, can the dramatics won't you, no one wants to deal with your teenage angst because there aren't any ghosts in your face and castiel wants to look at a book. what a brat. if you think acting broody is going to make castiel pay attention to you you are.. ugh, you are absolutely right.

because it only takes him a few moments to realize it's oddly silent in here. castiel glances away from the bookshelf to where dean is flopped on the sofa looking like he's feeling sorry for himself, and castiel sighs heavily, casts one last forlorn glance toward the shelves, then plucks up the beer and steps away from it and over to the sofa, nudging dean's feet aside so that he can sit at the opposite end. castiel takes a drink from the beer even though he doesn't particularly like beer, then sets it on the arm of the sofa and tucks his hands under his arms again. god, it's cold in here. he should've brought a scarf. ]

Don't you want to see the rest of the house?

[ he offers, gently. come on, dean, stop being a little punk. ]
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[ Screw you, Cas, he's not a punk and it's not teenage angst. It's disappointment which is a totally adult feeling to have. Everybody has it, and he'd be just as miserable about it if he was 28 instead of 18. ...Although he does feel pretty much instantly better about it once Cas is paying attention to him. But he tries not to show it, because then Cas'll think it's alright to go back to his books when the whole point of bringing him to a creepy old house was to get Cas away from books and doing something fun.

Not that this is turning out to be very fun, but at least it's better than sitting in the dorms all night.

Even with Cas sitting on one end, dean still takes up most of the rest of the couch, facing Cas with a leg tucked up under him. It's a little chilly, especially drinking an ice cold beer, but it's not that bad to Dean. He's got his leather jacket, and he's thicker than Cas all around. He does feel kind of bad watching him put the beer down just to curl up though. And it's slowly getting darker anyway, which means it'll just get colder from here if they stay. ]

You know, I really suck at this ghost hunting crap.

[ He admits, setting the beer on the ground and standing, walking back over to the duffle and digging out the flashlight and the blanket. ]

I watch all these TV shows, read all these articles about ghosts, demons... Been really into it, ever since I was a kid.

[ He doesn't say why, as he flips on the high-powered flashlight and sets it in the center of the room like a lamp, pointed at the ceiling. He doesn't really want to talk about why he's into this stuff. He tosses the blanket onto Cas's lap and flops down onto the couch facing him again, scooping his beer back up off the floor as he does. ]

But most of it's all fake. I do what they say, hang around places like this. [ He looks around, lips scrunching up. ] Nothing. None of it pans out. It's all a bunch of photoshop and camera tricks. [ He drinks from his beer, slow, before looking up at Cas and concluding his thought. ] Thanks for coming, anyway.
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[ you're a punk, dean, and you were pouting. accept the truth.

but at least he seems to perk up a bit once castiel is sitting on the sofa with him, and he doesn't understand it, why dean even cares about his attention or his company. they're roommates, they see each other every day, probably more than anyone else does, and castiel supposes that he's.. well, still a little surprised that dean even enjoys hanging around him at all, especially now that he's gotten to know him well enough to figure out how weird he is. no one's stuck around him that long. even his brothers and sisters don't stick around him, he's the black sheep in just about every social plane he's involved in, really. but then there's dean, dragging him all over the place, always genuinely interested in him, always seeming to enjoy his company somehow. he's gotten used to it, but every once in awhile it strikes him that it's so strange, that he really doesn't understand it, has no idea what it is that dean sees in him.

regardless, dean is chatty again, and that's all he can really ask for. he watches dean while he climbs off of the sofa to dig through his duffel and set them up for the next few hours, he listens to him while he talks all about his ghost hunting, how much he likes it, and it's cute, castiel thinks, that he's really into it. ]

Oh, I don't know. Maybe you're simply hunting in the wrong places.

[ thank god for a blanket, though. castiel wasn't about to complain about the cold, but it's nearly winter now and he hadn't dressed to withstand hours in the cold, so once the blanket is dropped into his lap he's happy to unfold it, tossing it over himself and over dean's legs both. he takes another drink from his beer before pulling his hands into his long sleeves. ]

I think that if you truly want to communicate with spirits, you can't go chasing after them. You'd have to let them come to you. Things like that.. unusual things, they find you when you least expect them.

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