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Hogwarts AU meme

Hogwarts AU meme

  • student/professor/castle ghost, etc.
  • what house
  • what year
  • pure blood/muggle born/etc.
  • any other preferences

Pick a prompt below or RNG

  1. Quidditch Match: are you a player? a fan? someone who doesn't care for the sport but got dragged along anyway?
  2. Welcome Feast: first years getting sorted, old friends seeing each other again, and all that food!
  3. NSFW (Not Safe For Wizards): grabbing a quickie in the prefect's bathroom, seven minutes in heaven in the Room of Requirement, or what little witches get up to in the girls' dormitories.
  4. Detention: are you cleaning cauldrons or sent off into the Forbidden Forest? either way, you're in trouble!
  5. Class: passing notes in Potions, running late for Care of Magical Creatures, discussing selfies in Muggle Studies... whatever you're doing, remember, you're here to learn!
  6. Holidays: do you go home for Christmas, or are you still at school? and what ugly sweater is Mum going to send this year?
  7. Hogsmeade: congratulations, your parents signed the permission form (or maybe you forged the signature). time for some time outside of school.
  8. Diagon Alley: back to school shopping! don't forget to stop by Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes!
  9. Choose Your Own Adventure: but remember, the wand chooses the wizard.
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castiel / supernatural

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[ ravenclaw, astronomy or divination professor, or 7th year student. pureblood, but super interested in muggles. m/m and m/f both just fine if shipping. ]
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( ooc; since i failed returning your tag before. 7th years with a combo of 9+3? i can change stuff around if you need me to! also those ravenclaw and hufflepuff colors are pretty nice together right??? )

[ Buckling down and focusing on his studies has been a hell of a lot more complicated since he and Cas have become... whatever they are. Sure, he's got these weird habits and is way too into muggle things -- simple stuff Dean's known all his life. On top of his bizarro siblings, he can see why it usually puts people off, and it's probably why he spent the first year or so after he'd noticed him trying to un-notice him. Things had kind of fallen together once Sam had been sorted though, and now, they're inseperable. Even different houses hasn't stopped them, though Dean's spent more time in detention since that time he'd replaced most of his potions class' sweets with skiving snackboxes. (It's not his fault he forgets about curfew, thanks.)

Still, it's as good an excuse as any to leave Cas notes and coax him out under the intention of doing said studying while not actually doing that at all. OWLs were getting closer, and he figures Cas couldn't pass it up regardless of the hour. Maybe he was too much of a bad influence on him, but it's not like he ever complained about it. By the time he catches sight of his messy hair rounding the corner of the hall, however, Dean's already been waiting a good half hour, and rather impatient by his own house standards, he reaches out to snag him gently by the tie. ]

You're late. [ A hiss, like it's going to make this any less suspicious. ] Come on, man. It's gonna be even harder to get a good spot now. [ He'll just oh so casually yank him in the direction of the library, though Dean plans to skip the tables and sneak right into the Restricted Section for something a little more fun than reading. ]
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[ ooc; no this is perfect, it's awesome haha. also hufflepuff dean, super adorable. ]

[ luring castiel out via promise of study is more or less the only way dean is going to have access to him, considering the impending threat of their too-quickly-approaching OWLs. dean might think two weeks is plenty of time, but castiel certainly doesn't, and he's been thrumming with stress and nervous energy the entire month, checking and rechecking his notes, creating neat, tidy timetables, scheduling his study hours - with only the shortest breaks for food, and sleep. dean has gotten whiny, likely feeling neglected, castiel assumes, but save for only a few lapses of judgment, castiel has stayed strong on his path and resisted every urge dean winchester threw his way to abandon his books in favor of.. extracurricular activities. well, almost every urge.

so when he found the note to meet near the library, castiel had fallen for it, hook line and sinker. finally, dean has acknowledged the time crunch, and gotten his head on straight about the importance of nailing these exams, and so help him, castiel will push dean's nose into those books until he's sure he'll nail them too. ]

I'm sorry. [ he says, out of breath as he turns the corner, several heavy books in his arms that nearly tip free when dean tugs him forward by his half-backwards tie, and then off down the hallway. ] But it's a bit late for it, don't you think? We should come back tomorrow. [ poor fool is eating it all up. you should be ashamed of yourself, dean winchester.

and what -- good spot? what?? it's a library, dean. what are you even going on about. ]
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this just went downhill so fast i'm sorry ahaha

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[ Whiny? Neglected? Nah, he just wants to have a good time. Besides, he's pretty sure Castiel needs it more than he does if he's this stressed out about it, and judging by the amount of books he's carrying... Well, Dean almost feels bad. Almost, which means he isn't actually that ashamed about luring him out this close to curfew. Any professors they passed in the halls wouldn't think twice about what they were doing; considering Cas' good rep with them and how innocent they look together-- it's got Dean grinning wide, turning another corner without so much as a hesitation in his step. ]

Tomorrow won't help us now. Here. [ He lets go of his arm and takes some of the books he's carrying, unsuccessfully masking the face he makes when he reads some of the titles. Advanced Muggle Studies? Seriously? Wasn't Dean the perfect cheat sheet for that kind of thing? And if not him, Sam would know enough. Not that he even had any idea Cas was actually taking that class, so... ] It's down this way. [ A perfect little nook he'd actually carved out when he'd been semi-serious about Lisa several years back, the nice Gryffindor girl who could've easily given any Ravenclaw a run for their money in the smarts department. Dean apparently has a type, which isn't the point of this whole thing, but it's good to know when it comes to stuff like places to makeout without anyone catching them. He just has to convince Cas now's the best time to be doing this instead of reading chapters written by some old geezer who probably used magic to tie their shoes and make their coffee in the morning.

He drops the books rather unceremoniously on the small table and ducks around a bookshelf, peeking from around it with a look that reads i'm totally innocent and cute and have no ulterior motives whatsoever. ]
I saw this, uh, thing the other day. Thought it might help you with your OWLs. [ Nudge, nudge. Take the bait, Cas. And he disappears into the stacks without another word. ]
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lmao no it's great i love it

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[ castiel is a great many things. he's intelligent, smart as a whip - he has to be, of course, he's a ravenclaw. he's good at almost anything he picks up, and even reasonably athletic, for someone who spends as much time studying as he does.

castiel is all of these things, and he is also gullible. not always. and not with everyone. but he's too quick to trust, most especially when dean is involved, and it often lands him in trouble. definitely when dean is involved. and yet he never seems to learn, or at least not quickly enough, how to avoid these pitfalls. so once he sets his book and bag down on the table and turns to catch his breath, to see dean peer around a bookshelf then disappear into the shadows, he's immediately piqued. ]

Dean, wait. Dean.

[ he's whispering harshly, trying not to raise his voice, but dean is gone and castiel is left standing in a mild panic. they don't exactly have a lot of time, and castiel is sure that nothing dean dug up in the library could be more important than his notes.. but in the end he sighs, heavy and world weary, and follows, only mild misgiving in his heart where it should be full-on total you are up to no good, dean winchester suspicion. perhaps someday he will learn, but today is not that day. castiel takes the bait like a pro and slinks behind the bookcase, squinting into the shadows, moving forward; this section of the library is silent, deserted, so at least he isn't interrupting anyone when he hisses again: ]

Where are you?
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they're the worst. and by they i mean dean

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[ See, Dean knows all this to be true, and while he's not nearly so motivated in his own studies, it always pays to take one for the team—so to speak. He'd spent a pretty good amount of time considering how to work this particular angle, feeling him out slowly, and though it's not as practical as he'd like it to be, he thinks it's a damn good plan. Cas just needs to warm up a little, stop being so uptight and panic-y when it comes to things like school and the future; he's plenty smart, just like his brother, and Dean had never seen him fail anything he'd put his mind to. It's not as if he considers much of that himself, set on making his claim in the muggle world despite his rather adept hand at magic. Yet, that's for another time, months from now when they're graduating and leaving it all behind for other things.

Now? Now is all about getting Castiel to unwind.

Dean hasn't gone far, just back enough that there's no way anyone would happen across them, even by accident, and he's leaning against part of a case, one hand shoved casually into the pocket of his untidy robe. His own tie is missing, the buttons of his shirt undone to keep from choking him and feeling stuffy, and there's something about the slight cock of his hip that should immediately tell Cas he's in for it. If not that, then his smile. It's warm, a bit too smug and proud for someone who's just showing a friend something, and he gives a lazy waggle of his finger before pulling his hand free and presenting a closed fist. ]

It ain't much, but... [ A lazy shrug, and when Cas gets close enough, he straightens up, reaching for his wrist so he can press their palms together and quickly curl Castiel's fingers over what he's just deposited there. ] I got it for you. [ That sure is a condom, buddy. Look how much he's thinking about you and your mental health. ]
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what a lovely gift dean you are a true friend

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[ for all he'd taken the bait like a fly to honey, castiel knows that he's been duped the moment he sees dean, standing with his hip cocked, all easy smiles and confidence and self-assured victory. he's been had. again.

castiel sighs through his nose, and looks mournfully back in the direction he came from, knowing that his books are back there, waiting for him, itching to be studied. but dean has him now, and castiel knows he won't be let off easily. so instead he approaches, all disapproval and quiet defiance clear in his expression, but both of them know he won't turn tail, because castiel's soft for dean, far softer than he should be. but he can hardly help it, can he? dean is the best friend he's ever had, and castiel has had few enough friends in his life, none of which have stuck around like dean has, none who have adapted to his oddities and idiosyncrasies and dug deep enough past them to find some value in the person beneath.

he hesitates for a moment before he offers his hand, and when his gaze drops to the thoughtful gift left behind in his palm castiel feels an immediate flush creeping up his throat, his heart leaping in his chest. he's not like dean, not nearly so easy or comfortable with sex as he is, it doesn't come to him easily, or naturally. ]

Dean. [ he says, blurts, closing his fingers quickly around the condom as if he's hiding it from prying eyes they both know aren't there. castiel clears his throat nervously, glancing over his shoulder, then back to dean, mingled doubt and excitement in his eyes. ] Here?
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no one will treat you as good remember that ok

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[ It's funny how easy he can read him now, how it doesn't take much at all to know he's got his interest despite how pissed he's going to be at him later, and there's a bit of pride in that, grateful Cas hasn't decided now would be the perfect time to end their whatever-ship, hit him and stomp off dramatically to the Ravenclaw dormitories. He relaxes perceptibly, leaving Castiel with the condom and instead dragging a finger up his chest to toy with his already skewed tie. He hooks it through the knot and tugs him closer, more than eager to close the distance that had been between them for who knows how long now. It's not as if Dean can turn that part of his brain off, and ever since that first time, the kiss, the rather sloppy handjob in the prefect's bathroom, the makeouts far and few between the closer they'd come to exams, he's wanted something else. Wanted more, wanted Cas in a way that's hard to say out loud but easier to demonstrate.

His eyes drop to his hand and then flick back to his face, his smile melted into a teasing sort of grin. ]

Yeah, sure. [ Idly, he's working on loosening his tie, needing to channel all of his sudden nervous energy. ] Why not here? No one's gonna look for us.

[ Not when most of the professors have gone lax considering how all the students have buckled down to pass and move on to the next year. This is it for them though, the final everything, and it's not like they'd have another chance at this if they decided to wait. Dean swallows, bumping his nose against Cas' cheek and holding his breath. ] You want to, or what? [ No pressure or anything. If Castiel didn't want to, he wasn't going to force him. Maybe he could steal a kiss or two and call it a night, try again in a week when he wasn't so stressed out about which test was going to be hardest or most straightforward. He could live with that. Probably. ]
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yes how thoughtful.. what a great boyfriend.. friend

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[ dean hooks his tie, tugs him nearer with ease, and castiel doesn't fight it, feels his heart leaping into his throat, his body tightening in anticipation.

this isn't an easy decision for him to make, not nearly so easy as one might think, as other boys their age might find it. dean certainly has an easy time with it. but castiel isn't good with people, he's awkward and he's clumsy and he's terrible at socializing - even growing so close with dean had been a real effort. a well-rewarded effort, but an effort. and while there's no denying that he wants it, that he's wanted it since the first moment their mouths touched, wanting it and doing it are very different, and castiel is one hundred percent certain that he's going to stumble, screw it up. worse, what if they're found? ]

I.. I do.

[ he says, hesitating, but for all his worry his breath is rushing and his blood is warming. the year is nearly over, their time here, together, almost past, and castiel has no idea what dean's going to want from him once they graduate, if this is all going to end and he's never going to know if he missed something good. he'll regret it. castiel swallows around a dry throat, closing his eyes and turning his face against dean's cheek, and at last his shoulders lose some of their tension and his free hand lifts to slip up the front of dean's shirt, bunching in the loosened fabric, and with a quick inhale he sets his certainty. ]

All right.
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that's mr boyfriend friend whatever to you

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[ Dean has faith in his research skills, which is pretty spectacular considering how little he has in anything else, and he has to smother the whoop building in his throat the second Cas agrees, instead nuzzling against him with a more subdued sound that very obviously reflects just how pleased he is. He wants to tell him he doesn't have to get all girly about it, that if he wants to wait they can, but he sure as hell isn't getting away without something. Still, they'll get to that eventually, will have it worded better once there's a lot less tension between the two of them, and when he finally slips the knot of his tie free, he just leaves it hang to finger the buttons of his shirt. ]

Huh. [ He's getting his footing, trying to maneuver them past this. ] Okay. We can just-- [ Dean presses against him, easing Cas back a step until they're crowding into the bookcase, and then, he's getting his fingers into dark hair, mouth open and pressed hot to Castiel's. He forgets how easy it is to sink into this, the intimacy of another person, and even something as innocent as a kiss is enough to get his blood warm, the need prominent. As much as they antagonize each other most of the time, it works somehow, and Dean wants it more than he can say. Really, he doesn't know if he could ever say it, but the proof's in the touch, the gentle push of his hips against the other boy's.

Dean just wants it to be good enough for Cas. He wants to be good enough. ]
Like this for a little while. Sound good to you?

[ What a dumb question. Yet, he's rarely full of good ones, which is why his attention shifts to kissing the hell out of him. Dean licks at his bottom lip, testing that dry roughness of Cas' mouth he's grown so fond of and coaxing him to kiss back the way he knows he can. Whatever Cas decides to do after is all on him, wedging close so there's no room between him and he can't change his mind. Dean's not sure how he'd feel getting duped for some affair with a pile of school books, and he certainly doesn't want to find out. ]
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not until you put a ring on it is isn't

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[ it's all a little easier once dean pushes closer, once their mouths touch, because that much, at least, castiel is confident in. he's found his footing when it comes to kissing dean, lost his hesitation and anxiety, because it feels warm and good and right, it has from the very beginning. castiel relents the moment dean's mouth is over his, exhaling in a sigh, a low, quiet sound moving in his throat.

alarm bells are still sounding in his head, blaring klaxons screeching for the love of rowena ravenclaw not in the library, but castiel is trying to ignore them, and dean is surely helping. ]

Yes. [ he breathes, and there's no hesitation this time, more assurance, and a sharp nod before dean is at his mouth again, pressing him back into the shelves, and despite himself, for all his fretting over these exams, and the rest of his life, castiel loses himself in the feel of it. he tilts his head and parts his lips, warm and pliant and wet, and with the condom now wedged between two fingers he lifts his hands to dean's face, clasping at his jaw and throat and pulling, keeping him close, forcing the kiss closer.

and it's good. it's easy. the hard edge of the shelf behind him digs into the curve of his back, and dean is wedged so close that he can feel the heat and shape of his body beneath his clothing, and it's thrilling. emboldened, castiel arches against him, pressing their hips close, the sole of his shoe scraping against thin carpeting. ]
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whoa don't rush a good thing

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[ When Cas pulls, he goes easy. There's no resistance when he wants this just as much, sliding his hand from thick hair to the side of his face before cupping the back of his neck. It's the perfect angle, nearly the same height so he can lean and tilt his head only a fraction to get the right pressure of their lips, and Dean doesn't stop to breathe, biting at Castiel's bottom lip and nipping along his jaw to an ear. Trying to concentrate is almost the same as trying to catch his breath, and he doesn't want to, not when they're this close after... hell, Dean's lost count. It's been much too long, though the last detention he'd gotten for being out of his dormitory after hours had been so worth the punishment. There's a chuckle, and he gently yanks at Cas' hair. ]

Tell me what you wanna do.

[ It's a thrill, honestly, hearing it in Cas' deep voice, and he shivers with the thought, nose pressed to that juncture of jaw and neck as he gets his hands between them to pull at his robes. His wand's tucked in his boot, which would probably make all of this easier, but Dean's far too muggle to think about that, preferring this method of undressing. It builds anticipation, and god— he's so crazy for this idiot it's unreal. Besides, there's some thrill in Castiel trying to boss him around, and he wants that too, wants to cram everything into these few stolen moments they have; he'd certainly never look at the library the same again.

He's got a thumb on the button of his pants, the other tugging at his shirt so he can shove under the material and feel skin. His breathing's a little too quick, but just leaning closer seems to help. ]
We've got the whole place to ourselves by now. [ No they don't. ] C'mon...
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im just sayin callin it as i sees it

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[ dean makes it all seem so easy, so natural, and castiel supposes that it is, probably, for almost everyone but him. even when he offers no resistance, castiel has to concentrate on what he's doing, think about it, because if he doesn't he'll bump dean's nose clumsily or muck up the angle or simply say or do something wrong and terribly unsexy. he has no idea how dean makes it feel so smooth, how he knows how to kiss him in just the right way to get his heart thumping hard in his chest, how he can do all that and still maneuver his hands between them to push away his robes and yank his shirt out of his trousers. castiel is a quick learner, but everything he does he's learned from dean, emulating him, and he has to think about it all.

ah, but he isn't about to look a gift hippogryff in the mouth here, either, because it's good that at least one of them knows what they're doing or this would be an absolute mess. not to mention, castiel is the beneficiary, here, and gets to reap the rewards of all of dean's practice, or talent, or both, whichever it is that has him so good at this. because castiel is already arching against the brush of dean's fingertips against bare skin, and those soft kisses over his jaw to the warm spot beneath his ear are pulling him undone. ]

I want - [ castiel says, then stops, because he has no idea. he hasn't read any books about this, doesn't know what he's expected to do, and that's a terrifying thing - but dean is here, plunging into it with him, so castiel does what he always does: pays attention to dean. he pays attention to his hands, to everything he's doing, pulls back the memories of the things they've done before. it's as good a place to start as any. ] I want your hands on me.

[ he's trying to act confident, when really it's all he can do to keep his hands steady as he drops them down to quickly unbutton his shirt, or at least as quickly as he can with all of his nerves on fire. and then he's grasping dean's hands with firm assurance, pressing them hard to his skin, guiding them up his abdomen and then over his ribs. ]
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yeah sure you are. also this thread

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[ Maybe that's part of the fun here. Dean likes to wind Castiel up, get him going to the point he stops thinking about things so calculatedly and relaxes. This kind of thing isn't all that smooth most of the time anyway, has more bumps and scrapes than everything in life put together, and it's easier to focus on the chemistry they have than what they should be doing, how good it is just to lose yourself in someone else and feel. Dean's certainly right on board with it, breath catching with the tone of Cas' voice and the way he guides his hands over him. He dusts the softest touch along each dip of his body, soaking in the detail he can't see very well but feels just fine, and when he gets to his chest, he rubs his finger over a nipple almost teasingly. ]

Jesus, Cas, you're — [ so fucking hot.

And that's the kicker, isn't it? He'd tried his hardest to ignore the other boy for the longest time, fought and resisted giving into being his friend because he'd felt that attraction almost instantly. It's why he'd practically gone through every girl in Ravenclaw before surrendering to the inevitable. Sure, he should have stuck to the ones in other houses, but he didn't like the snide of half the Slytherins and most of the Gryffindors swore him off because of Lisa. Which had left his own house, but being friends with them had made his years in school so much easier to screw up with some meaningless fun. Cas, though... Cas is it, and it terrifies Dean to no end. But not enough to stop, licking just beneath the line of his jaw to kiss a path to his collarbone.

He sucks a nice bit of color into the spot, biting with his teeth even as his hands stay busy. They slip around him, cupping his shoulder blades to pull them together. Even though all the material, it's impossible to hide just how turned on he already is, and with his breath hot against Cas' skin, he mouths his way down his chest. ]
C'mere. [ He'll just casually drop to his knees and nudge at a hip with his chin, only looking up once to smirk at him.

Guess he could save that condom as a souvenir for later. He really wants to get his mouth on him, and Dean goes for his fly, drawing the zipper down with a soft hum. ]
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this thread is a good thread

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[ dean's hands move over his body with something almost like reverence, and castiel is tensing beneath his touch, his skin jumping beneath dean's fingers, eager and oversensitive because all of this is still so new to him, so odd and strange, but so good. it's why he doesn't run away from it, even though it's intimidating, a huge stretch of something foreign and unexplored.

but he comes back for it, gives into it, because it's dean, and castiel would do almost anything for him, give him everything. there's no denying the strength of this connection they'd built, and for a long time castiel had thought that it must be one-sided, unrequited, and he'd been.. fine with that, more or less. dean was a skirt chaser, just as fond of girls as girls were of him, and considering his prowess and inclination for hunting outside of his own house, there was no one in their year that didn't know that. then dean was looking at him, and even after they'd gotten closer it was difficult to convince himself that anything castiel felt for him could ever be reciprocated - but now.. recently castiel has chanced to believe it, because when dean touches him like this, kisses him like this, even castiel can't mistake the look in his eyes.

and now dean has him all worked up, his lean, sinewy body tense in all the best ways, an urgent heat pooling in his belly, tightening with every kiss, with every inch of skin dean's strong hands pass over and castiel just drinks it in, sinking into the feeling, the want, the warmth. soft sounds move in his throat, appreciative noises to let dean know that it's good, that he likes everything he's doing. castiel's left hand closes in a loose fist around the condom, but his right finds the courage to start returning the favor, pressing flat to dean's bicep and sliding down, beneath it, tracing his side through his thin shirt, teasing at the waistband of his trousers

then dean is gone, dropping to his knees, and for a handful of moments castiel feels bereft, only cold library air against his too hot skin where his open shirt is pressed back, chilly against the wet spots left behind by dean's mouth. but then his blue eyes drop, and dean is kneeling before him, grinning like a jackal and pulling at his fly and castiel feels his belly go tight, a hot spike of anticipation stabbing deep. ]

Dean. [ he whispers, harsh and rough, half-hard in his trousers already. he drops the condom to the shelf to instead grasp it for support, while his right finds dean's face, fingers carding through his hair and tugging gently but impatiently. even castiel, for all his lack of expertise here, knows exactly what dean is going for. ] Please.
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[ He takes a second to drink it all in. It's a fast second, one that evaporates into the heat growing between them the moment that word is out of Cas' mouth, and Dean swallows the shiver sinking heat into his gut, mouth suddenly dry even as his fingers continue to work their way through his clothes. He's never done this before--not with his mouth on someone else's dick. It's happened plenty of times to him, which gives him a pretty decent idea of how it's done and how he thinks he might know what Cas would like, but it's a pretty terrifying endeavor to face without screwing it up. He tries not to think about it like that though, turning into the weight of Castiel's hand and nuzzling at his palm once before focusing his attention on the fact he's about to give his... friend a blowjob in the library of their school. They could get in so much trouble for this, possibly expelled and —

Too late to consider that now.

Dean hasn't heard anyone since they'd wandered in, and the shelves do a decent job of hiding them. So, he takes his time getting his hand around Cas' cock, ducking his head to press a kiss to the spot just below his navel and lick down. He strokes him a few times, familiar enough with this from when they'd fooled around to get a slow but decent rhythm going, and by the time he exposes him to that cooler air, he's already set on getting his mouth around him. Pushing his hand down, he grips him firmly and touches the tip with the edge of his tongue, not at all prepared for the taste. It's... kind of weird but also not the worst thing ever. So, he does it again and again, parting his lips to suck at the head. If he goes slow--

His pushes his free hand against his own crotch, rubbing with the heel for the friction he's not getting, and for once, he doesn't say anything, glancing up to meet Cas' eyes before letting them fall shut. ]
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[ it's all new, it's all completely new, exciting and petrifying and exhilarating in a hundred different ways, and castiel hasn't forgotten either that they're in the library, that they're like to be harshly punished if they're found - but this was what dean was after, and he certainly succeeded in pulling castiel apart at the seams. heaven help him but he's not considering the consequences, not anymore, not when dean's got a hand around his cock, and then his mouth and oh hell -

the sound castiel makes is nothing short of obscene, and he has to bite down hard on his lip to muffle it even somewhat. reflexively, his hand in dean's hair tightens, short fingernails scraping his scalp, his hips straining forward and it's all he can do to keep himself from hitching forward, and yanking dean's face closer.

dean glances up, but castiel's eyes are shut, his head resting back against the books, his expression all screwed up with pleasure and sweet anticipation. the shelf he's grasping grinds hard into his back, painfully, and castiel presses his body back against it harder still because he needs that grounding, needs the distraction of it or else this is all going to end embarrassingly quickly. and that can't happen. he can't let that happen. dean's only just started. so castiel slams a wall up, fast, he thinks about advanced arithmancy equations, about cold snow down the back of his shirt, about house elves dancing naked under the moon, anything and everything that is not at all sexy.

it works, but only somewhat. the warm, wet sensation of dean's mouth cuts through it all, and castiel is boneless against the shelves, his breath quick and his thighs tense. ]
Dean - [ he says again, quiet and thick. ] - that's.. you're..

[ so good. ]
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[ Dean's own thoughts are a bit skewed, but he finds he does his best thinking about what he's actually doing, helping with the focus he needs to finish the task. Except... fuck. Everything about this is too hot, even for Dean's imagination, and he struggles with the rhythm he's just set, mouth slipping free so his fingers can circle and stroke and jerk him off a little faster. He forces himself to look, watching as his thumb traces the tip and presses into the slit at the tip. Everything about Cas is beautiful, mesmerizing, and he's struck by how difficult it is to actually do anything else except stare as he touches him. If he could watch him when he comes...

He sucks in a harsh breath and bites at his bottom lip, gaze flicking to Castiel's face and the exposed skin of his torso. All flushed, the dark color of a hickey forming where he'd nipped just below his collarbone, and it's all perfect somehow, the best fantasy Dean's probably ever going to have. The reality of it, however, sinks in with the weight of Cas' hand in his hair, the drag of his fingers along his scalp, and he swallows, his own voice low and surprisingly soft. ]

Good, yeah? [ So good, one of the best things ever. But there's so much more he wants to show him, wants to do to him... ] Hang on--

[ And that smile's back in place, tipping himself forward and using the hand settled between his legs to brace the back of one of Castiel's thighs so he can slide his mouth down over him as far as it'll go. Which is almost too much, nearly choking himself, but he recovers with a quick bob of his head, using his tongue to trace the length of him instead. If girls could do this, he could do this, and besides, Cas would thank him for it later when he wasn't so stressed about those damn tests. ] Better?

[ It's a pant now, excited and not at all concerned with how long this does or does not last. ]
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[ it's an actual blessing when dean moves his mouth away to make use of his hand, and castiel is able to breathe again. this much he can handle. it's good, it's all good, and dean knows what he's doing, even if castiel knows that before him, dean's only experience has been with girls. but that doesn't really matter, because dean just seems so naturally good with his body and hands, and not to mention, there's not a boy alive their age that hasn't jerked off, and doing it to someone else isn't really very different from doing it to yourself.

so this is recovery time. and castiel takes advantage of it, catching his breath and falling slack against the books again and chancing a glance down at dean who looks eager, and proud of himself, all the things that castiel admires about him. he shifts his hips and he bites his lower lip gently and murmurs something unintelligible while trying to forget the cold fear creeping back that this is the library. ]

Yeah. [ he agrees, with a slow nod and a hitched breath. ] It's good.

[ and then the brief reprieve is over, and dean is leaning in again, and sucking him in deep and castiel's eyes snap shut, his hand on the shelf slipping, losing its grip, finding it again, and all the worries are washed away by the feel of dean's mouth all around his cock, wet and slippery and better than anything he's ever felt. it's exquisite, all consuming, burning away every thought in his mind but how it feels, this pressure and heat, that it's dean doing it, dean with his easy smiles and his flashing hazel-green eyes, the boy he was sure would never look at him the way castiel is sure he looked at dean.

when he pulls off again castiel is pitching forward a little, his breath fast and hard, both hands now finding dean's face, turning it upward, his right thumb sliding over dean's wet lower lip. ]

Dean, that's - [ he's struggling for the words. ] - it's good, I won't last. I thought we were going to.. I mean, I thought you wanted to..

[ fuck? yeah he can't bring himself to say it. not out loud. no way. ]
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[ He wants to, and he wants to do a thousand different things to him too.

Some of them he's read about, and some of them he's only caught glimpses of in magazines of the very muggle world he's from. Most of them he's thought about lying awake at night in his bunk, sheets tangled around his legs and a hand halfway down his pajama bottoms with the need to have Cas there with him instead. It's not all that fair they're stuck to their separate houses almost all the time, and even when they're not, they don't have any alone time together. Social events and shared classes or breaks between school terms... It's not enough, and Dean's sure this isn't going to be either. But it's something, better than anything he's had in the longest time, and he's determined not to screw it up like he manages everything else in his life.

Castiel's hands on his face are nice, solid, and Dean looks at him even as he lets his tongue brush the edge of the thumb tracing his bottom lip. He nips at the pad, sucking the tip between his lips and licking it wet before letting it go. The grin he directs at him is bright, the flush under his skin probably doing the worst job of hiding those freckles of his. ]

Don't need you to last for that. [ Said even as he gets his hand around his cock again and strokes him, eyes half-hooded with the feel of it. ] I wanna... [ Dean swallows, shifting on his knees and pressing closer. ] I want it to be nicer than this, you know? Come on, Cas. [ Focus here. He speeds the movement of his hand up, circles the head with his thumb. ] Just come for me.

[ They can talk about the details of it later, about what he means and what they both want out of whatever this is. He doesn't want it to sound lame, but he's serious about fucking him somewhere with a bed, at least. The first time anyway. ]
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[ there's no mistaking the faint relief that washes over castiel's features. truth be told, that's what he wants, too. somewhere quiet, where they can take their time, maybe it's stupid and romantic but castiel never claimed not to be either of those things, and if it's going to be his first time, he'd rather it be in a bed. traditional, maybe, but that's his pace. and he'd been ready and willing to do it here, because he'd thought dean had wanted to, and he wanted to try it, and yeah, castiel will just about bend over backwards for dean eighty percent of the time, but he's also eighteen years old, full of hormones, eager, and ready. so, if it's got to be up against a bookcase, then so be it. he won't complain. but given the choice? yes, he'd rather it be somewhere better. and that dean seems to feel the same way eases a bit of weight off of his shoulders that castiel hadn't even realized had been there. ]

All right. [ he says, assuredly, though it's difficult to argue with someone when their hand is on your cock, wet and slippery with saliva, pulling fast and hard. but he's sure, nonetheless. and dean is saying come on and come for me and that's enough to have him shelving any thoughts about their future for the moment, and focusing instead on the now.

and the now is good. the now is great. castiel leans back again, exhaling sharply, his left hand finding the shelf again for support as he arches his back, presses his shoulderblades into the bookcase, and rocks his hips into dean's expert hand. finishing this much here is fine by him, and then he can work on dean, and after that.. after that perhaps they can work out something better, a time, a place. at least, castiel hopes so. but for now, this is good. ]
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[ It is good, and it's even better when he's sure Cas is so, so close to coming. He can feel it in the slick slide of his fingers around him, the tension of the muscles in his thighs and belly and probably the look on his face, and Dean's breathing is so quick, he's so turned on, that he's sure it wouldn't take any time at all to get himself off with the taste of Castiel in his mouth and the warmth of him pressed right up against him. But something suddenly feels off about all of it, not sexy or as private as it had been a second ago, and Dean glances up, hardly faltering in the jerk of his hand even with that thought pricking through the haze of lust clouding whatever judgment he normally has. They're in the library, and he'd forgotten how loud Cas could be if he let him, if he wasn't close enough to cup a hand over his mouth or kiss him silent. ]

Cas. [ The hiss is low, squeezing just a little tighter with his hand, and it's clumsy, struggling to get to his feet without disrupting the motion so he can press right up against him and get at his lips. Mental note that he owed him a proper blowjob when they could find the time... ] Hey. C'mon. [ It's a soft whine. ] You feel so fuckin' amazing —

[ Better than amazing, which is what he'll get at and tell him when they're not on the verge of getting caught and handed detentions or loss of house points, and Dean leans to bite at his ear, sucking and worrying at the lobe with his teeth. The bookshelf behind them creaks and groans, but it's sturdy enough to hold their weight, comfortable enough for a sloppy handjob and making out. Just enough to finish and duck out before anything bad actually went down. ]
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[ dean's so good at this it's sinful, he's sharp and observant and he knows just how to wind castiel up in all the right ways. maybe that's just because he's pitifully virginal and almost everything feels good, or because it all shows so easily in his expression and the movement of his body, and it's not like castiel has much experience to draw from either, anyone to compare dean with. but dean is still experienced, he knows just what to do, just what to say, and even without his mouth on him castiel is painfully close.

and if he's disappointed that dean didn't finish what he'd started, it definitely doesn't show; castiel is heated and responsive, and once dean is up on his level castiel is grappling for him. his hands move fast, bunching in dean's shirt, yanking at him, twisting, digging his nails in through thin fabric. he might be quiet by nature, the sort of person most people's eyes pass over, unobtrusive, nondescript, but what he really is is a volcano. he's dormant, he's silent, for long periods of time he is innocuous, but it's always there, beneath the surface, all the hot magma of his intensity and his passion. it bursts through occasionally, often when people don't expect it, and castiel's ardor is a furious thing, and whether it comes out in anger, or excitement, or this - this hot, grasping lust, it's all the same: intense, acute, ferocious.

castiel twists against the weight of dean's body, panting hard, whining low under his breath, pushed close to the edge by dean's goading, his obscene words and the heat of his breath teasing at his ear and his hand pulling hard on his cock. the shelf still grinds painfully into his back but castiel doesn't feel it anymore, he's lost in dean, in this feeling. he comes at last with a sharp inhale, his hips snapping forward, his fingernails hooking like claws into dean's sides, and he groans loud and low, spilling hot against dean's palm, over his fingers. the pleasure crashes hard and fast as a wave. ]
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[ Fuck. Fuck.

He's completely lost control of this somehow, stunned to pants and quiet sounds when Castiel tears into him like a hurricane. Dean doesn't know why it always surprises him, the intensity of the other boy something that had drawn him even when he'd struggled to pretend it was never there, and he loses his breath with Cas' orgasm, the heat of it slamming into him and settling hard between his legs so that his own erection is almost painful against the material of his uniform trousers. Dean whines, smothering the noise against Castiel's throat as he strokes him through it, and dammit, this is too hot to ever forget. He's going to remember the look on his face, the pressure of his hands and those sounds for the next forever probably.

Dean presses a soft kiss to the underside of his jaw and eventually leans back, letting his hand slip away and feeling the come coating his fingers. He pauses, looking at it in the dim light of the library, and unable to help himself, brings his thumb up to suck at the tip. There's a grin, expression bright and cheeks still flushed with obvious arousal, and with a slick pop, Dean gently rubs Cas' lower lip with that same digit, stroking down his chin and throat and circling the blooming bruise he'd bitten into his skin. ]

How're you feelin' now? [ He keeps his voice low, crowding into Castiel's space and rubbing his hips against his thigh, the hard edge of the other boy's own hip. ] You good? [ Not so stressed, thinking clearly? What's the point of those OWLs when they'll be joining the real world soon enough anyway? Dean just... He needs something, and he's pretty sure that something has to be Cas any way he can have him. ]
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[ less stressed? absolutely. thinking clearly? not so much.

it takes a good minute for him to come down from it, to recover enough to feel dean's weight and warmth against him, he's just slack against the bookcase, spent and satisfied, something unforgiving in him snapped to pieces, and he feels flexible and warm all over.

and then dean is grinning, looking smug and self-satisfied, and castiel supposes well, he probably deserves to be, all things considered. still, he can't help but hike a dark eyebrow in weak disapproval, even as he catches his breath. ]
.. good, yeah. [ he says, in a voice gone liquid smooth and lazy. ] That's a word for it.

[ but dean isn't finished. castiel can feel him pressing to his hip, hot and hard and eager, and he's not going to leave it be. with his breath still rushing, castiel loosens his grip on dean's shirt and sides to drop his hand to his belt, loosening it with ease. in the afterglow of his orgasm, much of his anxiety has fallen away, and castiel's movements are confident, secure, as he finishes with dean's belt and pops open the top button of his trousers. ]

Your turn.

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