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hurt/comfort smut.

hurt/comfort smut;

Bruised. Beaten. Stabbed. Sapped of energy. Tricked. Mentally played and abused. Perhaps you've even seen your home world destroyed, depending on how Homestuck you are. Any way you slice it, characters go through a lot of crap.

There's nothing wrong with wanting to see them get pampered and taken care of when they're ailing. In canon, they may not have someone who can provide them with care when they're injured, support and love when they're sick, and physical intimacy all around. In this post, AU or other scenarios can provide them with a caretaking partner of their very own (or, maybe, someone to take care of, if the reverse is their preference). So, for once, weary traveler, you don't have to carry that weight all by yourself.

to bring you out of the darkness;

The injury may not be a temporary physical or mental one, however. Some characters suffer more deeply, even if they don't know it. Darkness covers their hearts, they're withdrawn, insecure, angry, or lonely. They need someone to reach out to them and show them unconditional love.

This post can provide that, too.

Whether it be the cliche and shameless "changed by your love" trope or something more subtle like getting someone to open up, the characters here can offer that and more. All are welcome, they just have to take that first step.

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castiel / supernatural

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[ m/m and m/f both fine! if not a castmate, would prefer to hash out cr first. ]
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[OOC: Would you like to do a thing?]
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[ ooc; i would love to do a thing! let's do it. ]
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[OOC: Preference on who needs comfort?]
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[ ooc; not at all! go where the wind takes you, my friend. ]

Extension account~

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[Cas is human. Painfully, helplessly human. He eats and sleeps and even uses the bathroom, takes showers because he can't simply mojo himself clean anymore. He gets hurt, actually feels the pain, and somehow Dean thinks his blood might be a little redder as he daubs at the cut on the fading angel's chest, a wound he got when he stepped in front of a demon who was attacking him. Dean knows he was just trying to help considering he'd been shoved to the ground and had to grope for his knife, but part of him wishes he'd stayed out of the way. He doesn't need Castiel getting himself killed. Not for his sake, at least.

Setting the bloodied washcloth aside, Dean eyes the cut. It isn't deep enough to need stitches, thankfully. Cas is filthy, though. They both are.
] You should take a bath. [He'd say shower but the head's busted. Cheap ass motel. They're already in the bathroom, Cas sitting on the toilet seat while Dean is perched on the edge of the tub, so it's easy enough for him to reach over and turn the faucet on.]
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[ being human brings with it so much.. maintenance. eating, sleeping, cleaning himself - these aren't things he had ever needed to think about before, never considered. perks of being an angel. it's exhausting, for someone who isn't accustomed to functioning this way, but there are also.. great rewards. being able to feel, among them. really feel. he can pick up sensation through his vessel, but it's a muted, pale facsimile of what it feels like when the nerves are truly his own. he could spend days just touching things. velvet. tree bark. his own hair and skin. but the pain is stronger too, profoundly real, and while castiel has known pain - dampened pain through his vessel, and terrible, visceral pain to his grace - it isn't like this. it's different. everything is different. it's strange to him, that he flinches when dean presses a cloth to the wound. when dean speaks, it snaps him from his reverie. ]

.. I suppose I should.

[ baths. who knew. he's tried showers before, for recreational sport, for a new experience, but needing to take one is entirely different. there's no getting this grime off of his body without soap and water. but dean is no fresh chicken himself, either, and castiel frowns thoughtfully, eyeing the grime under dean's fingernails, the soot smudging his face. ]

You should, too.

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[Dean lifts his eyes to Cas' face, eyebrows raised. He's still got his hand under the faucet, gauging the temperature of the water. A slight adjustment and he pulls back, wiping his hand off on his pants without much thought to the action.]

Yeah, [he agrees after a moment. There's probably not enough hot water for two separate baths, something he's learned from living in motel after motel, so he stands, stripping his shirt off by grabbing the hem and yanking it up over his head.] At least this place isn't so crappy they don't have soap. [Which, yes, he is going to steal. Old habits die hard, okay?]
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[ before all of this, castiel might have chastised dean for stealing the soap, but now? he gets it. he's stolen plenty, since this all began, clothing from the laundromat, food from garbage cans - though he's not sure whether or not that constitutes as stealing - but the point is, soap is so much more necessary than he had ever thought it could be. and it's not as if the winchesters are rolling in wealth. ]

There are motels without.. soap?

[ that's news to him. how barbaric. following suit, castiel stands and steps out of his shoes, then shrugs off his already unbuttoned shirt and, despite how filthy it is, folds it neatly anyway before setting it on the sink. ]
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Really crap ones. Zero star places.

[Dean isn't nearly so careful with his own shirt, simply tossing it to land somewhere on the floor. His shoes go next, followed by his socks. The entire time he's half-watching Cas, gaze skimming his torso in a habitual check for other wounds he might have missed as well as an unconsciously appreciative sweep of the fallen angel's lean form.]
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[ castiel strips systematically, neatly, balling up his socks and placing them in the left shoe, folding his trousers tidily with his shirt, and you can be sure he folds his undershorts just the same, and rolls his belt into a neat little coil atop the whole set. you can take the angel out of heaven, but you can never entirely take the heaven all out of the angel.

apparently there's no shame in his nudity, either, and castiel is no more or less awkward than he always is once he's finished, glancing from dean's face down toward the rapidly filling tub. ]

I've never taken a bath before. [ showers, yes, and only even a handful of those. ] I.. sit in it?

[ there's no.. chair, or seat, or even shelf. you sit right on the floor of the tub? that's disgusting. ]
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[They've seen each other in various states of undress before so this really isn't anything new but even so Dean can't help the slight increase of his pulse at the thought of Castiel naked, and he looks away when Cas starts to take off his pants. Once his own clothes are completely off and added to his decidedly untidy pile, he turns toward the tub, a bit uncertain about the next step. He's taken baths before, of course, but not with another person (at least not since Sam got too old for shared baths).

At the question, he glances over at Cas, pointedly keeping his gaze as high as possible. The obvious look of disdain of his face makes Dean grin.
] You can sit, kneel, lie down, whatever. I wish we could take a shower but a bath's gonna have to do for now.
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[ all right, well.. grimy tub or no grimy tub, it's the best they've got, and considering castiel has found himself sleeping in abandoned buses and on roadsides, it's not anything he's going to really snub his nose at for long.

so, that's it, then. he steps boldly past dean and into the warm water which.. okay, admittedly, feels really nice - and feels even better once he eases himself down into it, leaning back against the back edge of the tub (sorry dean, you get the faucet side, you snooze you lose). showers feel very nice, but castiel is finding now that there's nothing quite like soaking in piping hot water, most especially if you're tired, and sore, which yes, he is, both of these things. castiel sighs appreciatively. ]

All right, I suppose this is better than I'd expected.

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[His grin only gets wider at Cas' reaction once he's actually in the tub. It doesn't take Dean long to climb in after him and settle on the other side. The tub is standard size, which means two fully grown men in one are inevitably going to end up touching. In this case, it's their legs that touch. Dean groans at the feel of the water. He really needs to take baths more often. He'd forgotten how awesome they are.]
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[ it's a little cramped once dean settles into the tub as well, it's not exactly built to accommodate two grown men, but castiel shifts his legs to settle comfortably against dean's. if he finds it strange or awkward, it certainly doesn't show in his face - castiel seems content and comfortable, resting his shoulders against cool tile, his right knee pressed to the inside of dean's left thigh. ]

Thank you, Dean. For bringing me here. I'm sorry I got in the way.