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the picture prompt meme.

the picture prompt meme

  • comment with your character.
  • others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
  • reply to them with a setting based on the picture.
  • link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
  • be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. that's kind of the point.

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    castiel / supernatural

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    [ woo woo. got a pref for any particular season or anything like that? ]
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    [ I'm good all the way up to the end of 10, but ahh I could go for anywhere in the canon, pick up some sort of 'what if' AU or idk. I'm happy to play literally all the horrible versions of Sam too, ship them etc. So...whatever you're most confident playing? This is too short paragraph to get in everything I want to say, but your Cas voice is great, so I just couldn't help myself. ]
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    [ haha not a problem at all, your sam is super cute i'm really glad you tagged me, i'm easy to please so i'll whip up a prompt in a jiffo! ]
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    [ ooc; OKAY so i just used the fourth pic for a continuation of the tfln thread if that's okay! figuring sometime around the beginning of s10 when dean's off doing fuckall with crowley and cas is running out of grace because he's a dingus and can't properly heal himself. lemme know if you want anything changed! ]

    [ technology really is a wonderful thing. castiel had never taken the time to properly appreciate it beyond staring in awe, like someone might gaze upon the mona lisa in wonder and then move on because it doesn't particularly have any relevance in their life past passing fancy. television is certainly entertaining enough, and educational to boot, and cellular phones boast convenience for sure, but when you have wings and celestial abilities they seem like cute novelties at best. look at the ingenuity of mankind! see the wonderful things they have created!

    except, you know. he's eaten those words more than once before, and he's eating them again now. with no wings on which to travel and very little grace to rely on, he's at the mercy of these human conveniences, and he's never been more thankful for them. don't go on the carpet, sam had said, and that's perfectly fine because truth be told castiel doesn't feel like going much of anywhere. he sighs and rests the phone in his lap, leaning back against the cool cabinets and resting his head back. his body aches and his nose is filled with the scent of blood and he wonders idly if it will stain the ground, and if sam will be angry about it. this is a very nice bunker after all; it would be a shame.

    but he isn't afraid. it's not as if he hasn't been beaten within an inch of his life a hundred times before, and he's always come out of it just fine, oftentimes better. he is impatient, however, and irritated with himself. it would be easy enough to close these wounds if only he had the grace enough to risk it, and he considers trying it, playing with the idea, because he'd probably be fine but.. perhaps he might not be. and somehow he thinks sam wound be a bit more angry to come home to a charred hole burned into his kitchen where an angel once had been, rather than the inconvenience of some blood on the floor.

    so he exhales in a sigh, shuts his eyes, and waits. ]
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    [ ooc: this is perfect, canon point and everything~ ]

    [ Of course he was the one that had to pick up pieces of broken angel; not that Sam resented it one bit, but it was just another grim reminder of what his life had become. An angel with no grace, a brother who was tumbling down the rabbit hell hole, and an empty bunker full of trinkets that it seemed couldn't fix either problem. He'd been through all this before - this loss, but it didn't make it any easier to deal with. There was still a half dead angel lying on the kitchen floor and nobody left to pick up the pieces and carry on but him.

    But after everything? If Castiel needed him, then Sam would be there for him. It was the least he could do, most of all because in some ways Cas was all he had left. Castiel, too, was sorely lacking in friends, and Sam - despite everything they'd been through, that whole risen God fiasco - didn't hesitate to name himself one of them. They'd made mistakes--God knew that his own had been equally as dreadful - apocalypse, anyone? - and if they couldn't forgive each other and move on, even for things as unforgivable as bleeding all over the linoleum, then what hope did they have for survival?

    Sam had been five minutes away, getting some air outside, but when the texts had made it clear where Castiel was, he'd set off back again. The walk didn't take as long as he'd expected it to, made brisker by concern, and soon enough he was approaching their kitchen, with its very own unfortunately broken down heavenly host lying pitifully in his own blood. He looked such a mess that Sam immediately regretted not running back the moment that first text had come in, and he came to crouch in front of the silent, still Castiel, lying there with his eyes closed as though dead, struck with the panic that he was somehow too late.

    Cas. Hey, Cas--you still with us? [ Me, he corrected inwardly, guilt flooding through him. Are you still with me? ]
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    [ castiel isn't sure how much time has passed by the time sam is rousing him. he isn't unconscious, but neither is he awake, hovering somewhere between the two in a sort of power save state to conserve his energy; his grace is dangerously low as it is, without the added help of panic and excess movement pushing it faster from his wounds.

    but nothing to worry about sam, he's still very much alive, and it only takes a few moments before his eyes flutter open. he's unfocused at first, squinting, but sam's features soon sharpen. ]

    Yes, Sam, I'm still here.

    [ he shifts, trying to sit further forward, and his expression is pinched but he hides the pain well. angels don't hurt like humans do, at any rate, it's a different sort of ache, a soreness in his core, but it's nothing he can't manage. sam is already doing him a great favor as it stands, the last thing he needs to do is give him extra reason to worry. castiel does not take terribly well to being fretted over -- but then again, none of them do. ]

    It'll take a bit more than that to kill me.
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    [ The wash of relief when Cas actually moved! Sam rocked back on his heels, where he'd crouched down, and a second later Castiel was swaying in toward him, looking precarious. Maybe he did think he was fine, but Sam wasn't sure he'd ever seen him looking worse than this, and that was really saying something. Pride came before a fall, and in this case it would probably end up being literal. ]

    Hey. Hey, just don't move unless you have to. I was only teasing about the floor before.

    [ Sam reached out, putting his hand on Castiel's shoulder, trying to force him to stay mostly still. Maybe Cas didn't want his worry or his pity, but he wasn't going to slip through without it, not given the state he was in. He was going to be fussed and fretted over whether he liked it or not, and then Sam was going to dry clean everything that he was wearing as many times as it took to get the blood out. Not that he thought the shirt would ever come back from it.

    Very carefully, and avoiding one of the messes on the floor, he bent on a little closer, putting his knee down on clean tile. It was a pointless gesture, since when he tried to get Cas up he'd be covered in blood anyway, but--well, clothes were just clothes. He'd live.

    Put your arm around me.
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    [ it's easy to get along with sam, and castiel has no qualms with following his lead right now - not to mention the floor isn't a terribly comfortable place to sit for long periods of time, even for an angel, so he gives a shallow nod and shifts again.

    it takes some effort to get his arm slung over sam's broad shoulders, but mostly because he's doing his best not to jostle the wound at his side that he's clutching with his free hand. at this point, it's paramount not to let any more grace slip away than is absolutely necessary, lest he bring his inevitable end even closer than it needs to be. but he's leaning his weight against sam soon enough, grasping at his shoulder with sticky fingers; too bad his shirt is like to be stained after this. the perils, he supposes, of being a winchester, and having an angel to call a friend - if one of the three of them isn't busted up and bleeding, something is very wrong. ]

    Still.. my apologies. I hope I haven't interrupted you.

    [ only castiel could apologize for interrupting someone's day to bleed all over their kitchen floor. unusual doesn't even begin to cover it. but look, manners are important, okay. ]
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    [ Typical Cas, Sam found himself thinking. Bleeding half his grace over the floor, all but literally mortally wounded, and all he could think about was the fact that he'd interrupted Sam's walk. Like he couldn't - wouldn't need to - take a walk up and down the riverfront just to shake off some of his anxious energy after this.

    When Castiel's arm seemed even a little bit secure across his shoulders, Sam instantly bent in the rest of the way, wrapped his own arms tight around the smaller man, and lifted him up to his feet. Sort of. Castiel was sticky, slippery and wobbly, but mostly with the life drained out of him, and the strength too, he felt like a sack of rice, all ooze and dead weight.

    I'm the one who should apologize. [ He tipped his head very carefully to the left, so that they didn't bump faces, then began the slow process of escorting the wobbly angel to the nearest bathroom, where there would be an abundance of medical supplies, running water--everything he needed to at least start patching him up. ] Especially since, if you can't heal that up, I'm going to have to put in stitches. You think you're up for that?
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    [ sam's appraisal isn't off the mark. there is pain, but it pales in comparison to the sheer fatigue, which, as far as castiel is concerned, is far worse. when you spend millennia existing as an incredibly powerful wavelength of celestial intent, you grow accustomed to a certain amount of proficiency and function, and losing that power is a bit like having the rug pulled out from under your feet. vulnerability does not sit well with castiel.

    it takes all of his effort just to stay on his feet, and nearly all of his weight is rested on sam; it's shameful, and embarrassing, and he tries to focus on other things. like talking to sam. and supporting his own weight as best as he can. ]

    Yes, that's fine. I can handle it.

    [ sutures are a drop in the bucket, really, when it comes down to it, and angels are built sturdy; he can withstand a great deal of pain. castiel inhales sharply, his hand on sam's shoulder bunching in his sleeve and he puts all of his effort into shuffling his feet forward beneath him. one, two, one, two. ]

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    [ ready as i'll ever be! any pref on season/canon point/etc? ]
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    [ the almost ending of season 9. Episode stairway to heaven. If you want, we can make it so cas had a different ( aggressive ) reaction to dean's mark of cain reveal. ]
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    [ sounds like a plan to me, i'll whip something up! ]
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    [ cool!]
    heavenonearth: (.009)

    hope this is okay! sorry it took a bit, had to skim the episode haha

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    [ unlike dean, castiel is not given to fast, hot, short fuse aggression. his fury is a slow burn that waits, simmers, the pressure building until he can contain it no longer and all that holy fire ferocity breaks loose like a dam giving way.

    he keeps his counsel during the drive back, sitting in thoughtful, uncomfortable silence, and when at last they arrive at the bunker it feels less welcoming than it does cold and empty. sam and dean argue while his back is turned, and castiel moves past them, silent still, all his thoughts and misgivings and the rage of injustice roiling in his breast. today has by no means been an easy day. today he has lost everything he has built to stand against metatron, all of his security and confidence in it peeled away the moment he dropped that angel blade and watched the angels walk away from him, one by one, their allegiance shorn from him like wool from a sheep, leaving him unprotected, naked, alone save for these two men, and the one he was unable to kill. the righteous man, the fool who accepted the mark of cain without so much as even considering the consequences. his best friend.

    sometimes castiel thinks that sam and dean have made a ruin of him, softened away all of his hard edges, taken from him what it meant to be a fighter, a soldier, a ferocious warrior of heaven. and while, in his heart, beneath all ruffled feathers and wrongdoing he knows it's for the best, that he is better for knowing the winchesters, for seeking humanity and struggling as they have struggled. most days castiel simply takes it on the chin, content to sacrifice for the winchesters again and again, content to be the attack dog they call upon in their time of need, because dean has said it before, more than once, that they are family. family sacrifices for one another. family helps.

    but family can also drive you absolutely up the wall, and dean's really asking for it lately, pushing his luck in all the worst ways. he hears sam turn and leave in a huff, stalking off toward his room, and he hears dean turn toward him but castiel is already there, bearing over him quick as lightning, and he grasps the lapels of dean's jacket with both hands and slams him forcefully back into the pillar behind him, strong and with purpose, blue eyes hard and flashing. they are alone at last, and the dam is bursting. ]

    The things I do for you - you're a fool, Dean Winchester.

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    sorry i took so long. I'm replying to two cas's and got confuzzled

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    [ Really, he gets tired of all this shit. Once, just once he would like it if life would just give him peace and quiet for once with absolutely no complications and nobody bitching to him about this or that. For one day, was that so damn hard to do for him? Apparently so because Sammy is upset with him yet again and Dean can't be bothered to care much. When he turned away, he sighed in dismissal. It took him by surprise, the angel face to face close absolutely invading his personal bubble space but the other looked like he didn't care. Only that .. Well, for some reason there was a rage.

    The next second, he was slammed against the nearest wall which had been pretty far away the last time he was paying attention. But right now he's slammed against the wall in obvious anger in Cas's eyes. With a startled throat clear, Dean panicked internally. He did nothing but take ahold of the other's wrists in response. His jaw clenched momentarily in worry. He exasperated with brows furrowed- ]

    Cas, what the hell?
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    not a problem! i'm pretty slow myself lately anyway

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    [ castiel's grip is sure as steel, and not letting up. dean winchester may very well be his best friend, and generally speaking castiel is a patient, passive sort, but when his anger burns it burns cold and strong.

    to be honest, he's not entirely sure why he's doing this. logically he knows there is no point, that violence is senseless, and trying to teach dean a lesson is practicing futility, but even castiel has his limits, and there is only so much that you can keep inside before it all boils over. with his jaw clenched he presses back hard, icy rage churning in his eyes. ]

    Don't you dare say that to me. What sense of self-preservation did my father break when molding you? Why do you insist in running to your death? How much must I sacrifice to save you, and stand by you? And for what?
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    [personal profile] baby_no 2015-10-06 01:07 am (UTC)(link)
    [ Dean gave that awkward corner smile, on behalf of pride as well as still surprise of the angel's outburst. Because really, there was no better word to describe Dean Winchester. He doesn't really do self-preservation. Yes, when it comes to relationships or things he actually has control over, he doesn't necessarily ... Keep himself safe. Always going into a situation head on, giving little to no regards to his own safety where he's concerned. But Dean doesn't necessarily get it. Why his friend's feathers are so ruffled, that is if he still had his wings. Which he knows he doesn't. Shame. ]

    Geez, what got your feather's all ruffled?

    [ -He shoots back as he struggles against the other's hold on him. Really, he should know the answer and deep down he did but this was his retort because when he's being threatened like this, he panics with witty remarks. Stand by me? That was rich. Giving a slight 'Hah', the hunter answered full of anger himself- ]

    Cas, you haven't stood by me in a long time. Infact, you were pretty well removed from my life up until just recently. So whatever self-preservation I've had, I've been trying my best with what I've got. Which is tearing me apart. I wouldn't have done half of the things, had you been there. But you weren't. So I had to do everything ALONE! If you think it's for nothing, then why are you still here? Why don't you just leave? You're good at that.

    [ Dean gave a piercing gaze into Castiel's eyes. Both with anger as well as hurt. Mostly hurt, though. But then again, anger is what usually won over all his emotions. ]
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    [ that certainly strikes home. a flash of hurt ghosts behind castiel's eyes, hurt and guilt that he can never seem to shake no matter how hard he tries, and that dean openly blames him for the choices that dean made himself is a searing blow that burns somewhere deep, somewhere vulnerable. his expression falters, and his voice along with it. ]

    I.. have misstepped. I don't need you to remind me, because I will never forget.

    [ but as much as the insult aches like a fresh wound castiel renews his resolve, and his grasp on dean's lapels slacken but he does not release. his eyes are fixed on dean's sharp as a hawk, and there is anger there, and pain, but also brutal honesty. ]

    But don't you ever forget, Dean Winchester, that I rebelled for you. I fell for you. I have forsaken my own again and again, and I will continue to forsake for you, bleed for you, die for you if I must because you and Sam are all that I have left. How much more must I do for you before you see that I will always stand by you?
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    [ Like nearly everything, dean's expression flashes to regret. Everytime he opens his mouth, he just lets it run wild. Not considering the fact that his words very well hurt and not realizing any of this until later when his weird weird little angel shows such pain in those cerulean eyes. Dean doesn't know if the other notices this but there's a lot of emotion in those eyes of his just as much as Dean himself wears his heart on his sleeves. Which is why he's saying all this because he's hurt. This has been a conversation very much overdue and they're having it right now. Can they repair their relationship? Dean's jaw tightens as he tries to compose himself. He muttered, looking off to the side- ]

    Damn right you did.

    [ He looks down at their hands as Cas's own loosen just a little bit. Not by much, a fraction maybe. Dean looks back up at cas and is caught in that gaze of his. Not quite sure knowing what to do, when to do it because the angel always does this. Makes him like ... There's this tension between them but also .. At least for dean, there's always this sexual tension. It catches dean off guard to the point where he pauses. Lost in cas's eyes. Dean has only just now realized the angel is the only thing keeping him from feeling the blade's need right now. That was kind of a revelation to him, actually. Because nothing has managed to do that so far. He slowly starts with- ]

    Well, you sure have a funny way of showing it. Standing by someone usually means you're with that person, Cas. Making decisions together, not going all rogue and thinking I'm not going to give a damn. I'm only human, a little rough around the edges and fucked maybe but I'm doing the best I can. I'm trying, Cas. I'm trying to understand you, to trust you again to depend on you ... but you're making it very hard. If you want to be here, then be here. Because I can't do this anymore. You're turning me into a freakin` lady in waiting for Christ's sakes.
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    [ sometimes it feels as if they have entire conversations with their eyes, as if they don't need to exchange words at all because it's right there in a long, intense gaze. all of castiel's regret, anger, sorrow, joy, serenity, stubbornness - it always shows through his eyes like a window to his grace, and dean has always been good at reading it. it's this unspoken bond, this ability to know each other's minds entirely through a single, lingering glance that perhaps makes dean so special to him, what keeps them close even when they stumble and argue.

    but even they can't go forever without speaking, working things out with words. sometimes things build, or one or both of them are too stubborn or tired, and it comes out like this, all fire and anger. it's rare, especially for even-keeled castiel, but it is not unheard of. ]

    Is that what you do, Dean? Rely on us for everything? You can hardly expect me to pass every decision by you when you won't do the same for me. For us. You keep yourself locked tight, and never let us in.

    [ but castiel's voice is soft now, sullen and somber, all the bite taken out of his words, leaving only honesty. his knuckles creak when he at last loosens his hold, and releases dean. ]

    You must understand, Dean. I am an angel. I have a duty to heaven that I can't neglect, not after I -- [ a quick breath, and he averts his eyes in shame. what devastation he wrought in heaven remains his heaviest, greatest sin. ] -- after.. everything. I can't always be with you, even if I'd like to be, because I have work to do. But you must know that I do everything that I can for you, that I do my best to answer when you call, when you have need of me, even if it means dropping everything I am doing. I only wish that was enough for you.
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    [ The eye-sex they're having is very much real. Its been there for as long as Dean can remember, words unspoken could be interpreted through their pair of eyes but in the end, they're nothing short of vocal with each other. And always always coming to some sort of agreement with one another no matter the frustration because that's what loved ones are. A damn near hassle but completely worth the fight. So they can come to a solution, kiss and make up. Not literally, of course. But you know what's being said here. The bond dean has shared with Cas is a blessing, he's never let anyone this close. No one. And .. Never again. Dean has crashed and burned one too many times. Dean barks out- ]

    Don't you turn this around on me.

    [ It's true, he keeps everyone at arms length, never letting people concern over him but there was a reason. He believes with every fiber of his being that he was just a liability to everyone in his life. It would actually be better if he just up and left everything behind or die one or the other he wouldn't care much. Everyone would be happy, they'd live happy lives. Instead, they've got this unimaginable weight that is Dean Campbell Winchester. He knows what his brother thinks of him so this is why he's come to this conclusion of giving himself hell and more.

    The mark is only making it a hundredfold worse. Twisting it, twisting his mind with lies and making him paranoid of everyone. Trusting no one. The darkness looms over dean like a storm cloud. He welcomes it. This is what he deserves. The sudden movement surprises dean. With a blink, even when the other has removed himself dean doesn't move. Doesn't so much as breath. He knows cas does so much for him but he also has been more than confusing lately. Dean finally breath's out- ]

    No but it's alright to neglect us, to neglect me? I'm sorry I'm such a problem for you. Don't worry though, I won't make the mistake of bothering you again. You can leave now, we've done this dance before. I'm no longer your problem.

    [ And he ends that with an arm slightly raised to reveal the mark for emphasis. Unknowing that this could very well release another bout of anger. Or not, who knew? ]

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