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Sudden Realization of Attraction Meme

the sudden realization of attraction emotions LOVE meme

In retrospect, you've probably had these feelings for this person for forever, you've just never noticed them right in front of your eyes. After all, emotions like this don't pop out of nowhere. But it seems like it, because you've just noticed you like - maybe even l.o.v.e. - this person...or at least be attracted to them in a BIG BIG way. Of course, it may have to do with the outside pushes and shoves that had led you to this conclusion; surely, though, there had been hints before. Oh, there were? You never thought about it? You repressed it? You refused to believe?

Well. Reality is here to smack you right in this face, probably at the least oppertune moments. That's how these realizations tend to work. Who this person is to you - classmate, ally, brother in arms, worst enemy, best friend - varies, and so can your reaction. You can be embarrassed, confess from the highest mountain, continue to ignore those feelings because that's completely healthy, or let your instinct run wild and kiss them right on the mouth. It's all up to you.

Don't say you didn't realize.

How to Play
♡ Comment with your character and preferences. Feel free to give information about your character or mention what kind of relationships you may enjoy playing, or leave your comment blank.
♥ There's a catch. For those who leave top comments, your character is the one having the revelation about those who respond to you.
♡ Comment to others and thread all this out.


1. You two were having fun, until...boom. Right in the fondness. Things got real.
2. Just like in kindergarden, they were mean to you.
3. They were caring for you or comforting you, showing affection or healing.
4. They were teasing you.
5. You were arguing. I hate you! I LOVE you! Oops.
6. Clumsiness can lead to embarrassment or accidental kissing.
7. They got the Hollywood makeover, and oh, no, they're hot!
8. You were staring too long and your heart started beating faster.
9. They were like a brother or sister to you until now, and you never saw them that way before.
10. Someone said that you two make/would make a great couple, and now you can't stop thinking about it.
11. You've been pretending to be together...and now the feelings are real.
12. They have to leave - forever!
13. You are heading off to battle together, and one or both of you may die.
14. You are heading off to battle them!
15. Just like the middle ages - or maybe it is the middle ages - you've learned that they're promised to someone else.
16. You've learned they're with someone else of their own will.
17. Jealousy is an ugly trait, but even though they're not with that other person, you can't help but jump to conclusions. Why do you care so much?
18. Now that you've realized your feelings for them, they will be yours. They will be.
19. They call you out on your feelings, or ask you why you are the way you are.
20. The attraction's one-sided...right? It has to be.
20. You're in denial, your life's a trial. Surely you can't be thinking this about them!
21. You're playing it off, even if you look weird in front of them.
22. RUN AWAY, you can't deal with this. Yes, literally run away.
23. You recognize your feelings, but sadly put them aside for the greater good
24. This was supposed to be just sex, yet as you're coming, you're realizing how deep this is, actually...
29. SUDDEN SEX because completing a trifecta here.
30. W I L D C A R D
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Chelsea "Chess" Nox {The Cheshire Cat || OUAT OC} F/M

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[ 1, 3 or 19? :D ]
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[ Sure :D Me start or you? ]
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{You can if you want, since I'm not sure what your level of shippy/fluffy at the moment, lol. Don't mind if she's the one being taken care of instead of the other way around; feel free to go that way if you want.}
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[ Actually would you mind starting? I'm having a major brain block lmaooo. Uhh as far as fluff level whatever is fine! ]
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{Wonderland, Enchanted Forest or Storybrooke?}
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[ Hmmm...! How about Wonderland. :) ]
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"I told you, I'm fine." Chess answered quietly, but stubbornly. "Cats always land on their feet." Which is what had gotten her into this mess in the first place, her ankle now rounded and swollen.

A hiss passed her lips as he fingered it, surprised the usual cocky portal jumper was even willing to offer aid. Perhaps he felt guilty, she had hurt herself trying to get him out of harm's way. Not that she thought Jefferson unable to care...more often than not, it seemed he just didn't. Still, she could read a good heart underneath.
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Jefferson rolled his eyes, feeling somewhat exasperated. Clearly she wasn't fine, and if she'd just admit it things would be a lot easier on both of them.

"You're obviously not." He withdrew his hand when he realized how much it must have hurt. He closed his eyes a moment, trying to think. The truth was he did feel bad. People being concerned with his well being wasn't exactly an everyday occurrence.

"Just tell me what to do, Chess." The only thing he knew was he wasn't going to leave her. How he was going to help her was something he was trying to figure out as they went.
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When he released her foot, she sat back on the rock she hopped to after they'd teleported in, her breathing labored. Why she'd thought of Mallow Marsh was beyond her, at least they hadn't landed in the sticky mass.

"Did you ever finish that house near here?" she finally managed. If she remembered correctly, some of the herbs growing near there could be used for pain.
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"Yeah." His response was a bit curt. He hated the idea of having a house in Wonderland at all, but at least she hadn't called it a home. Because it wasn't. It just made things more convenient. But, okay, that wasn't what this was about. Focus.

"Sorry." He mumbled his apology, so maybe she wouldn't even hear it. "But we can't use the hat again. Not so soon. I don't see you moving on your own either." He put his arm out to gesture to her obvious injury.

The clear answer was that he'd have to carry her, but he really didn't want to be the one to suggest it. The thought made him feel sort of... well, he didn't know what so he'd just assume it made him feel uncomfortable because it was sort of weird. Personal space was usually not an issue for him, but in this case it sure felt like one.
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She leveled him with a look at that response, seeing the gears turning in his head. Shaking her her own, she pinned her blonde hair behind her ears with both hands. There were other ways to teleport in Wonderland besides the hat, but the pain she was in right now...probably not the best idea for Chess to try.

"You think?" She finally breathed. She took a few quick breaths still trying to fight through the pain. And since he wasn't offering, meant she tried and failed to get to her feet moments later.

Crying out at even the slightest amount of weight and stumbling.
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"Chess!" Too late, she was already up. Well, for a second anyway. Panic registered on his face the moment she began to fall back, and he reached forward to grab her waist before she made impact with the ground. He gave them both a second to catch their breath, but since they were already halfway there he figured he may as well just do what he already should have been doing.

"Alright. Since someone is being a safety hazard," he put his free arm under the bend of her knees and hoisted her up, not even bothering with asking, "from here on you're banned from walking until you can stand like the rest of us."
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"Well well, you do care," there was a slight purr to her voice, her green eyes meeting his as her arms looped around his neck.

The back and forth game between them far easier to play than admitting her embarrassment at he fumble. Something stirred in her to see him like this, to see something beyond his typical smoke and mirrors. But maybe that came from working with the people he did in the other realms; people like the Dark One. You could never be too open with him she'd imagine.
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"I could have just left you there." He pulled a face like he was actually considering it, partly to keep her occupied from the pain but mostly to cover the awkwardness of being so close.

It was true that for his line of work he had to put on a front of sorts. He had secrets like anyone else, so the more of a show he put on the less people would think there was anything to him besides an odd mishmash of eccentricity. And, well, some of that oddness came naturally. Sometimes he felt like he was pretending to be sane more than anything else. But, you know, whatever it was about people being mad in Wonderland.
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Chess rolled her eyes. "Could being the operative word."

She remained quiet for a few long minutes, watching the scenery past them by as he walked. Part of her mind centered on the pain while the other, the other tried to shift through his tangle emotions. Reading people after all, was in the family job description.

"Why make a place here anyway, if you dislike it so much? We both know there's wide range of realms to choose from."

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He sort of had a feeling that she was trying to figure him out. He didn't like the idea of that, but at the end of the day it was just typical Chess. If nothing else he didn't have to worry about her having bad intentions.

"You know how often I'm here. There's always some ingredient or rarity somebody is after." Wonderland was a good place to be able to get to, basically. "So it made sense. I'm also sort of shooting for the idea that if I ever run into her Royal Heartlessness that she might be a little more sympathetic to someone who isn't entirely an outsider."

He grimaced a bit. He didn't want to be considered an insider either.

"I also needed to have a place to take girls when they sprain their ankles."
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"I wouldn't count on that," her tone icy, "the Queen is no friend to anyone, born here or otherwise." The sting of her parents deaths hurt as much now as they had the day of. When Cora killed her father, she might as well have ripped the entire lot right out, the three of them had never been the same. Then years later, Regina had taken Chess's mother out just as easily.

Smirking, trying to thaw the ice that had that surrounded her heart at the memories of her parents respective deaths. "And here I was, thinking I wasn't your type."
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He probably shouldn't have mentioned Cora at all. She had herself entangled in a lot of people's stories, and always as the villain. It was usually better not to bring her up.

"Sorry." He gave an awkward, empathetic smile. "Again."

But he couldn't help but raise an eyebrow at her comment.

"Oh, so you have been thinking about it then?" He grinned, a hint of mischief to his voice.
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Voice quiet, still trying to shake the thoughts off, "It's fine."

"Not obsessively, but yes." She lightly swatted his shoulder at that grin, "The thought has come to mind, our paths seems to cross enough. Then again, I'm one of the few other people I know besides you that can jump realms, I suppose it was bound to happen."

Fights a small smile of her own.
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He'd drop the issue then. He wouldn't discuss it if she didn't want to.

"Yes?" Jefferson laughed a bit, but not in a condescending way. More like he was pleasantly surprised, maybe. He could flirt a bit, sure, but ultimately Chess deserved better than him and he knew that. Besides his obvious trust issues and teetering sanity, he couldn't trust himself to keep her safe. Most of all she deserved to actually live.

He bit his lip and looked forward. Why was he thinking about it now? He hadn't meant to. Had he?

"I take it you're a believer of paths crossing for a reason." Maybe if he just kept talking he wouldn't keep thinking about ridiculous things.
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The blonde gave a half chuckle from his arms, "You sound surprised. I take it you haven't," a beat passed and then she added as an after thought. "But I then again, I've never taken you as the guy looking to settle down."

Looking back up at him, she watched as he bit his lip...maybe she'd been wrong. He was certainly thinking about something now. Despite his own thoughts, Chess believed he'd make a good partner to someone one day, he just needed the right anchor. He by no means was a conventional personality.

"Better known as destiny? Yes. How can I not when projecting paths is another one of our tricks, it changes with peoples choices, but there is an art to it. A magic all its own, it stays the course it's meant to."
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"You should know better than to try to figure out what I'm thinking." He paused for a moment, a sly smile sneaking onto his face."Buuut now that I've got you in my arms like this it's okay if you want to pretend that I'm your personal prince charming for a while."

"You know, I've never been able to believe that. Everything feels too... random." At this point he might have twirled his finger in a gesture to indicate his proposed insanity, but dropping Chess wasn't really worth it for a dry joke. So he just wryly smiled instead.
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"I enjoy the challenge," she replied back, a smirk curling along her lips at his next words and she shook her head softly; amused.

"In the small of things, sure. But looking back, things begin to add up, to show a pattern. We're creatures of habit." She shrugs, "But given your stance, maybe all that shows is you need someone like me to balance you out."

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