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trapped inside these dreams of mine

TRAPPED! The Meme!

You are trapped. You're stuck. Maybe it's a good thing, maybe you just got on the wrong plane and can't change your ticket and ended up in Hawaii instead of Cleveland. Maybe it's just not so bad, the elevator got stuck or the ferry won't be back to pick you up from the island till tomorrow.

But maybe your life sucks and the mouth of your cave has collapsed, or your plane crashed.


Here are some options to RNG with, to help get things started!

Happy Accidents

1) What was supposed to be a boring and tedious trip has suddenly turned into an amazing adventure! Instead of your boring destination, you're stuck in some kind of paradise on earth! Or legit paradise, this is a meme, go nuts!

2) Somehow you've gotten stuck at an amazing party. May as well have a drink and enjoy it!

3) Whoops, guess you were having too much fun at the amusement park! Somehow it closed down and locked up with you still inside. But at least you're not alone, and it looks like the rides are still working!

4) How did you get stuck in this giant toy and candy store? Who knows! But you're in there for the night.

5) It's a night at the museum! What kind of museum? Whatever kind you want! But you've gotten stuck there for the night!

Less Than Happy Accidents

1) The elevator broke. Now you're stuck with whoever was riding it with you. It's hot and cramped, and the same music keeps playing, but maybe somebody has snacks...

2) Waiting room hell. You're stuck in a waiting room and it looks like you'll be there all day.

3) You're stuck in a school. Maybe it's yours, maybe it's some random result of a series of wacky events, but either way you can't get out. Maybe you'll get lucky and have a Breakfast Club experience.

4) The cross country broke down. You're in the middle of nowhere. The bus isn't getting fixed and no one can reach a tow truck. At least there's food and water! Better find a buddy and start walking...

5) Who knew they locked cemeteries at night? You sure didn't. Maybe it won't be so bad....

Horrible Accidents

1) That was one hell of a cave in. You've got air, but no way to get out. Hope nobody got hurt...

2) On the one hand, you just survived a plane crash! On the other...you were just in a plane crash and now you're in the middle of nowhere. Hopefully you aren't the ONLY survivor.

3) Natural disasters come in all kinds of forms, but they all have the potential to trap you! In your home or on the road, nature has something against you today.

4) You're being restrained or held somewhere! You're not tied up very well, but the warehouse or bunker or whatever it is doesn't seem to have any exits...

5) You are literally in a trap. Here's hoping someone finds you soon....

Credit to:  [personal profile] said_scarlett  


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