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The Gentle Lovemaking for Everyone Meme

the gentle lovemaking for everyone meme

This may be the only way you know how to do it. But you could actually never do it this way; this is the first time you aren't ridiculously rough. Or it could be the first time, period. You're scared of hurting them. You're scared of them hurting you. You want to escape from the world falling down around you. You want to celebrate victory. You have to say hello. You need to say goodbye. You have to say "I love you" when you can't find words. You want to teach them that this is okay. You're broken and you need them to fix you.

What you want to do is take your partner - take them slowly, take them lovingly. Who you are, what you've done, and what you're like outside this moment doesn't matter. You want to love them and do so gently, with kisses and gazes and the release that brings you the closest together you've ever been.

You need this.

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  1. Growing Feelings: You're not in love yet, but the beginnings are there and this intimacy only makes it stronger.

  2. Moment of Weakness: The walls are down, for just a fleeting time, and you're taking solace in each other.

  3. Platonic: You love each other platonically - as friends, teammates, or other allies - yet you show it in an unconventional way.

  4. Actual Love: There's genuine, 100% love and relative devotion here manifested in flesh on flesh.

  5. Manipulation: You simply want them to think that you love them, and what better way than to act all gentle and kind in bed?

  6. To Win Them Over: Love is what they want, so it's what they'll get if it gets you on their good side.

  7. Thirsty for Your Touch: You've wanted them so badly, you can't help but be reverent.

  8. Foreplay: Foreplay is often skimmed over, but it can be better than the main course. Savor it...kiss those parts you usually simply thrust into.

  9. Desperate: The sex is a little rougher than this meme calls for, though it comes from a place of love. You're so desperate for them, so in love, that you cannot control yourself.

  10. Take It Slow: One party isn't so sure about this, so you're being gentle and keeping things easy.

  11. Injured/Ill: You can't be rough today. Doctor's orders!

  12. Rescue Sex: You saved them, now let them save you.

  13. Childhood Love Matured: You cared for each other as children; now you'll show your affection in ways children cannot.

  14. Ego Boost You want them to know they're the best, even if they don't feel like it. You have eyes only for them.

  15. Focus All on You: It's time for a treat, and you want to be all give and no take.

  16. Parting: You're leaving - for a long time or a short while - and you two want to spend a last time together.

  17. Return: Finally, you and your lover are back together. Show each other how you missed this.

  18. Making Up: Fighting is usually no fun, but making up afterwards? That is.

  19. Teaching: Your lessons come with love; just because you're more experienced doesn't mean you look down on them.

  20. Gratitude: They really appreciate what you've done for them. Really, really

  21. Not Like Them: One of you has had bad experiences in the past, and the other wants to show them that they're not at all like the rest.

  22. Old Couple: You've been together for a long time and you know what you like.

  23. First Time: In contrast, this is your first time together (or first time, full stop period the end), so you're trying to figure things out.

  24. After Confession: The confession of feelings can give a whole new rush to being together.

  25. You Mean So Much to Me: Words can't describe how you feel about them. Maybe actions can?

  26. Rose Petals and Al Green: Because some people do like that kind of stuff, you know.


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