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The Glowing Chest Soulmates Meme

the glowing chest soulmates meme

It's easier to understand metaphors when they're not metaphors. The human brain just prefers concrete information. Luckily for you, you live in a world where there's one less abstract; for as long as you can remember, you've known about the glow. The "glow" is exactly what it sounds like - it's a glowing in your chest, emanating from your heart, that you receive when you meet the one. Your soulmate. Your actual, indisputable soulmate.

The glow doesn't always automatically happen when you meet that person. Sometimes, there's a delay. Sometimes, you've known them for years before it kicks in. When it happens, though, you'll know. You can't simply ignore your ribcage lighting up.

Other than that, the glow isn't harmful, per se, at least not physically. Psychologically, it can be pretty taxing, because there's virtually no chance of escaping fate. You will end up with the person you glow for. It's a given. Sure, you can try to defy it. You won't explode or anything. You will, however, begin to feel a sense of incompleteness that comes from trying to stay away, and fighting the growing - and glowing - feelings of fondness and the desire to be with them and to protect them.

How to Play
♡ Comment with your character and preferences.
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How to Play
at first sight ♡ The traditional glow. Of course, this can make first meetings awkward.
friends ♡ You've known each other for a while, then one day, you both light up.
exactly who you wanted ♡ Yes! Jackpot! They're totally the person you've always dreamed of being with.
hate ♡ ...are you serious? They're your bully! Your rival! Your enemy! There has to be something wrong here.
forbidden ♡ You're glowing for somebody totally wrong, whether it's wrong by law - a relation or age difference - or some other manner.
distaste ♡ You view this whole process with a critical eye. Doesn't mean your exempt.
with someone else ♡ You thought you found the one and were just waiting for the glow to show, but then, you started up with another person.
inopportune time ♡ Nobody likes their big speech ruined by a glowing heart.
unfortunate implications ♡ These sorts of memes rarely explore how creepy the idea of soulmates intrinsically is. What if you end up with someone you are ultimately incompatible with? What if you're miserable?
doing something big ♡ They just saved you from certain death! Rescued you from captors! Loaned you five bucks! And how do you repay them except by starting off their glow.
fighting it ♡ Nope. Nope. Not going to happen. You won't give in. You'll be the first in history to shake it off.
giving in ♡ ...you were saying? Might as well get together.
first time ♡ The obligatory sex option. Sex is like sealing the deal, and some report their whole bodies lighting up.
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