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Buffy Summers | BtVS

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1. I'm bringing my passport in case we get drunk and wind up in Mexico

2. You were right. It hurts to walk today.

3. We woke up in the room with a hamburger patty on the bed side table, one bun across the room, and the other bun under my pillow. Still don't know who ordered room service.

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Warnings were given. Does it make it worse if I say I'm not even a little sorry?
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You don't need to apologise. I will have to apologise in advance for only being able to travel via desk chair.
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What's the point of having an oversized office if desk chair isn't a viable form of transportation? I'll make up for it by carrying you some of the time.
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I can't argue with you there. And there's no carpet to make it difficult. Ooh really? I shouldn't be enjoying the idea of that as much as I do.
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We're both allowed guilty pleasures. Mine being that my warning actually came to fruition. Besides, I have to prove my gallantry somehow, don't I? Carrying is a good starting point.
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I think we're both becoming quite accustomed to indulging in them. I'm just glad you didn't sing 'I told you so' from the rooftop. Even if it is deserved. You're more of a gentleman than you let yourself admit to. I think you got gallant in the bag. You can now be Sir Arrow.
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It might have been something I considered momentarily, but how horribly off key I am would have ruined the celebration. Instead I settled for a fist pump and mouthing 'I'm awesome' to myself. Sir Arrow...I do have a trusty steel steed and a beautiful ass kicking maiden.
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Very manly, the old fist pump. Happy to know you managed to impress yourself even though it means I can't walk. Yes, yes you do. Although I'm not sure Lady Buffy has the same ring. I did used to have dreams that I was a Slayer in medieval days though. It's how it all used to start.
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It was either that or flex in the mirror, and I thought that may have been pushing it a little too far. Lady Buffy has a perfect ring to it. Though I think the closest we might ever come will be a renaissance faire...which would almost be worth it just to see you in one of those dresses.
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But I can still imagine you doing it now and again when you think you're alone. Lady Buffy and Sir Arrow hit the renaissance faire? Well, I mean it would be something different. Just... I mean, it needs to not be around Halloween. There was a bad year once where I became my costume - and it happened to be a Lady Buffy for real thing.
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Some day you're going to catch me doing it and I'll have absolutely no excuses. Halloween can be avoided. I went without it for five years and I wear leather most days out of the week. Lady Buffy for real though, huh? I'm kind of crazy about my modern day Buffy.