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The Threesome/Moresome Meme


Not quite satisfied with the 'one partner for life' deal? Why not two? Three? Maybe you want to have your cake and eat it too. Nothing wrong with being a little greedy, especially when there are willing partners to play your little game.

Post a top comment with your character/series/preferences (m/m/m, f/m/f, m/f/m, f/f/f, etc)
If you have a specific scenario in mind, ie; a random threesome at a party, planned hook up with a couple and a new addition, please feel free to use the comment space for that. Blank comments will not be deleted, but giving people something to set up and what your yes and nos are might help get the proverbial ball rolling.
Don't be shy to put down what you might really be looking for (a specific set of characters to play with, certain characters you'd rather avoid).
This is a smut meme, so communication will help a lot more than ambiguous guessing.

Have fun!
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Captain Jack Harkness | Doctor Who/Torchwood

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[OOC: I'd prefer previous CR, for now. But if we haven't threaded and you're interested, shoot me an OOC or a PM and we can chatter. Open for any gender mix.]
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Turning the handle of a door was difficult when 1) the handle was behind you and 2) you were mid-snog with a fella as coordinated as a drunken giraffe. River fumbled behind her back and finally pushed the door open, wrenching her lips away from the Doctor. But the two fingers she'd hooked underneath one of his braces had her dragging him in with her, the door shutting behind them on its own as River stopped suddenly, realizing the room was not, as she'd thought, unoccupied.

"Well! Seems we found a free show." River had coaxed him away from the TARDIS console in search of the bedroom, but they'd wound up here instead. It was still a bedroom of course, but not the one she and the Doctor had been seeking. She'd been after the one with the four-poster bed that had a drawer with handcuffs underneath it. But with the display of tangled limbs and the flush of excitement on both parties, River certainly wasn't complaining about this view.

It wasn't a shocking sight; most of them had fooled around with each other in one form or another, although the fact that the door hadn't been locked was unusual. Were Ril and Jack forgetful, or, she thought as she heard the hum of the TARDIS engines, was there another force at play here?

Whatever the case, River leaned against the Doctor with a smirk as she unabashedly watched.
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"I don't know about free," Ril murmured, throwing a glance from where she'd neatly pinned Jack to the bed, her white hair sweeping in a soft arc as she peered at River. "Coming in, then?" There's a bright smile and a brighter laugh as she turned back to kiss Jack.

"Big bed," she hummed. "So much wasted space."
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Compared to the two women (and Jack too, of course), the Doctor was in a far worse state. It was all well and good to have River jump him, at this point, but this? He didn't sign up for this!

While River was unabashed, the Doctor had furiously red cheeks as he just stared, wide eyed and gaping. After a moment it seemed like he was trying to say something but no sound came out. The only thing keeping him put was the fact that River was leaning against him, so instead he just nudged her side because shouldn't they carry on down the hall? Why were they stopping?
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There was a very wide grin from where Jack lay beneath Ril's petite form, stretching his neck a little to see around her to their unexpected guests. Not unwelcome, mind you, because the sight of the Doctor's flushed cheeks, evidence of fresh snogging on his lips, his eyes wide: River, gorgeous and sly, mischievous, as she kept the Doctor bodily in place, a smirk quirking at her lips... They were definitely not unwelcome. Jack glanced up at Ril, his eyes sparkling as she ducked down for another kiss after her question, and he returned it full steam. After all, it wasn't as if there was anything in this room that anyone in the room hadn't seen- at one point or another- and unexpected or not visitors, he wasn't going to stop a beautiful woman from kissing him. Only when Ril's lips parted from his own again, as she drew back just slightly, did he speak.

"Certainly is. Bet it could fit all four of us, plus some. We should try that out." And here his gaze traveled, to River first, catching her eyes with a wink, and then shifting to pin blue eyes to the Doctor's gaze. "Right now, as a matter of fact."
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River's nose briefly wrinkled as the Doctor nudged her, and she elbowed him back with a look. Didn't he get the point of voyeurism yet? This impossible man - however did she put up with him this long?

She'd already been in the mood before walking in, but the sight of Jack beneath Ril, both so casual about the moment and inviting them to play: that was a whole new angle of sexy she was eager to explore with them. But she hasn't arrived alone, so bedroom manners first.

"Well I certainly like the way you two think," River said, her voice honey-sweet as she let her fingers playfully trace up and down one of the Doctor's braces. "What do you say, sweetie? Feeling up for an adventure?" She emphasized the word up as she spoke, giving that brace a little tug off his shoulder.
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Ril let out a bright laugh and dropped back a little, all amusement as she eyed River and the Doctor. It did sound like fun. If there was one thing she liked the most, it was probably company, and two more would be absolutely fantastic. She winked at the Doctor.

"I only bite when asked," she murmured. "And it's usually very, very nice."

This was definitely going to be fun.
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How was he supposed to manage an answer to that question? Of course one part of him would be more than happy to oblige, to say yes. The other was in a state of panic trying to decide exactly how to approach this whole thing. It was difficult enough to keep track of one person, let alone three.

Where did you even begin?

It didn't help that Jack's gaze made him feel incredibly ... self conscious. Shy.

"I ..." But she had to put it that way, and he leaned in some towards her. "River."

He didn't even know where to begin.
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"Oh it is," he answered Ril, his gaze shifting up to her and away from the Doctor for a moment, because that comment was deserving of a bit of attention. "I definitely have no complaints. In fact, I'd recommend your bites highly." And then his attention traveled back, to the pair at the door, and his gaze was nothing if not playful mischief, amusement, and a rather deeply seated lust. "You should ask her for a few. Of course, that would involve coming over here, but I think you'd enjoy it."
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River turned her head towards the Doctor, a reassuring smile gracing her lips. She was quite good at reading him by now; the nervousness practically radiated off him like heat from a lamp. She dropped her voice to a low whisper, for his ears only.

"We don't have to do anything you don't want," she said turning towards him to put a hand on his shoulder. "If you don't want any part of it, just tell me here and now and we'll go, no hurt feelings." The tip of her tongue darted out to wet her lips as she briefly glanced back to Jack and Ril. "But if there's even the teeniest part of you interested in this, I say we go for it." Her hand slid up to the nape of his neck, fingers gently curling and massaging him there.

"Sweeties," River said much more loudly, opening the conversation back to their friends. "I think our dear Doctor might be just a little shy about performing for a crowd. What can we do to make him feel more comfortable, hm?"
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"Well," she said to Jack, laughter breaking the sentence, "once voucher for biting services rendered." Ril tilted her head slightly to eye River and the Doctor for a long moment. Her lips brushed Jack's lightly a moment later, leaving the lightest bioelectric tingle in their wake. "Half a tick."

Another kiss caught his cheek as she eased herself off him and the bed, wandering over to River and the Doctor. Her eyes flicked to both of them, her smile radiating the joy she always felt in their company and she tilted her head ever so slightly.

"We're far from strangers," she murmured extending her hands to both of them, "and we love you." There's the lightest mental contact that brushes out to River and the Doctor. It's gentle, warm, vibrant, with a splash of Jack's passion and Ril's own brilliant accepting love of everything and everyone. Take my hand? The question is more of a feeling than actual words.

"I could even dance for you, if you like?" The question was for all of them, though she knew Jack would be a surefire yes in a hot second. It had been years since she'd done anything but the sort of dancing done on a battlefield. Dear gods had she missed the sort of dancing done for entertainment, the sort where there was wildness and sensuality, fire, and creativity. "We have all the time we need, no?"
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River's reassuring did help. It was something entirely else from trying to seduce him, like the other two were basically doing, and while he enjoyed the attention quite a lot ... usually ... some good old comfort was nice. Some of the tension to his shoulders ran off them at River's gently touches, and he nodded carefully. Swallowed.

And then there was Ril. Stepping over so lightly, so casually, and he couldn't help returning her smile with one of his own. Her happiness was simply always so contagious, so overflowing. He loved it incredibly.

"I think a crowd of non-strangers tends to be worse than a crowd of strangers." A pause. "Although, perhaps not in this situation."

Still, he took Ril's hand, along with River's. And that was a yes. He was in.
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Jack sat up, as Ril stood and moved toward the other couple, as she made her offer, and just took a moment to watch. To feel. Different from the others, he wasn't telepathically inclined, other than his trained shields, but- he didn't keep his shields up, not here. Not in the TARDIS, with the Doctor, and River, and Ril, because he knew he was safe here. So when Ril brushed out to the others, he could feel just the slightest bit of it, and it softened the edges of his smile, juts slightly.

He didn't move, though, not yet. Rather, he let River and Ril take the first steps to meet with their nervous Time Lord, and he waited until the Doctor stepped back to meet them, taking their hands with his, and then Jack smiled. And it wasn't a look of all lust this time, but instead, one tinged with a sea of emotions, of feelings, for the other man that Jack had harbored for a very long time. Almost since that first night, centuries ago for both of them, in 1941, when a young blonde in a union jack shirt had brought them together. The love, for that was the only word for it, he felt for the Doctor wasn't something he acknowledged often, or easily. It wasn't something he admitted even to himself very often, because he had spent a very long time running from the pain that loving someone could cause. But now- it felt right, to let it show and to let the other man see it.

"Hopefully not in this situation," he answered, his smile and voice warm with that love. Love that asked for nothing in return, other than the acceptance that the Doctor had long ago given him. Jack shifted, then, on the bed, to make room beside him for anyone who chose to sit. "But maybe these non-strangers can make things a bit more comfortable, huh?"