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The Absolute Power Meme

The Absolute Power Meme

Maybe it's a convenient twist of fortune and chance, maybe it's a game between friends or lovers, maybe it's a vacation of restraint, or maybe it's sweet revenge. Whatever the case is, suddenly you find you can make people do anything you like, simply by telling them to. Or maybe just that one person. And boy does that power feel good. You just can't help indulging, maybe because that power is intoxicating or maybe because there's something pulling your strings as much as your pulling someone else's. Is it one-off? Temporary? Or the start of a brand new 'relationship'? Whatever the case, for whichever reason you have it and for however long, you have complete control of this person: Tell them to sit, they sit, tell them to sing, they sing. Tell them to love you, and they'll love you whether they like it or not.

1. Post with your character name, series, and any preferences (such as what you'd rather NOT do)
2. Others respond with their shiny new ability.
3. Optionally, roll for a reason
4. As things go on, the person giving commands will lose more and more inhibition and control over giving orders, intoxicated by power, fueled by the moment, or really losing control to someone else.
5. Just because they're going to follow commands doesn't mean they want to. They can try to avoid it all they like, and complain as much as they want...but it will eventually win out no matter what.
6. Corrupt. Deal with therapy bills.

The Reasons:

1 - Revenge: They did something against you however long ago, and now it's time you give them a taste of their own medicine. You might be a bit vindictive as it goes on, though...
2 - Enemies: You've long been rivals or enemies, and this is just the next step in your ongoing battle...or is it the end?
3 - Love: Maybe you've forged a deep bond, maybe you're just trying to protect them, whatever the case their life is now in your hands. They're probably willing to give up control to you. For now. Absolute power can corrupt anything.
5 - Fun: You could always do this, you're just tired of not doing it, and this unlucky person happens to be the one subjected to it. Best not get bored.
6 - Accidental: You didn't mean to, you might not even realize you can at first...but now that you are, it's pretty cool beans! Don't get carried away!
7 - Kink: You don't have any ulterior motives, you're just spicing up the bedroom. Don't lose yourself in it now.
8 - Pet: This isn't new. This person is your pet and always has been--or has been for awhile. What to do with them today?
9 - Puppet: You're not doing this on purpose! Something just seems to be motivating you to give orders that happen to be followed. Careful, you might not be in any more control than they are.
10 - Choose your own: Maybe there's some other reason to be driven to give commands to someone else. Just remember that with great power comes...

Note: This meme may have triggery content in it, due to subject matter!

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ohno i have ideas

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[OOC: WHAT IF. WHAT IF this were a follow-up to that TFLN that was all "there's a severe lack of banging on the itinerary - fix it"?

Also River likes to be in charge but she doesn't exactly want to dominate without clear interest from the other party - so I was leaning a bit towards Accidental+Kink. Also if there happens to be an alien artifact involved that's totally cool, too. ]
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oh yeeeeeees

[personal profile] faceofbeau 2014-06-26 09:19 pm (UTC)(link)
[OOC: Beautiful. I'd been needing to get to that anyway, so that's absolutely perfect! Alright, so- Jack meets her with his 'corrected' itinerary, maybeeeeeee- what kind of timeline do we want to look at? Jack usually defaults to season 2-ish, pre-CoE, but I could bump him into the far future as well! Canonly, Torchwood exists in at least the 42nd century still, as an archive of some sort. I could fudge it forward into the 51st, where River is doing her thing, and they're 'working' (or at least, their idea of working, haha) together through that somehow? And haha, yes, alien artefacts are more than welcome, :3. It could either be intentional, Jack brings them with him, or oops, Jack made a booboo, better make the most of it?]
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i hope this makes sense

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[Ooh what if River is working with some sort of artifacts - like unearths them somewhere or is working with a museum exhibit - and in the course of researching their history, she finds a mention of one in the Torchwood Archive, specifically mentioning Jack Harkness, but it doesn't have the details of the item. So she pops back in time to say hello and ask about it, only she's too early so they work together to figure it out and then shenanigans. And her traveling back to ask him about the report and all that ensues from it is what leads to the report existing in the first place?]
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[Ahahaha, it'd be beautiful, and perfectly in line with how things usually work for Who verse! XD So! Since this is starting out with their TFLN adventure, maybe the 'itinerary' so hunting down the artefacts in question? Which leads to them being some kind of power thing, and because Jack and River are Jack and River, it leads to kinky fun times?
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[YES. A world of yes. Would you like me to start?]
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[Sure! ♥ Go for iiiiiiiiiit!]
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"I think I'm getting a reading on a heat signature," River said, lifting her scanner/communicator back up to peer at it. Her back ached from the repeated crouching and scouring of the area. As she stood up straighter, she smirked a little and held the scanner in from of Jack.

"Oop, no, it's just you," she laughed, eyes twinkling at her current partner in - well, not crime, but perhaps adventure. They weren't exactly upholders of the law, either. It was risky enough that she'd traveled back to get Jack's help in determining the use of the artifacts she'd found. But they knew the boundaries of time and space well enough - surely bending the rules was all right.

"Are you quite certain this matches the environmental factors from the notes I brought?" She asked with a sigh. "I feel like we've gone in circles."
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The comment got a return smirk from the Torchwood director, before he chuckled and answered, "Oh I am, but you might want to point that thing at yourself too; I'm not the only hot one around here." It was a comment that he followed up with a lecherous wink in her direction before he flipped his wriststrap open again to run a few more scans himself. Thank god for Time Agency technology, designed to withstand the ages, and still functional even after a several thousand years. Of course, right now it was being about as helpful as River's own equipment, which was to say not much help at all. And, speaking of useful scans;

"Pretty sure," he started, and frowned a little, "that we are going in circles, judging by these readings. but everything is perfect as to those notes. Which-" And he couldn't help adding here, his smirking returning, "You never did mention exactly where you found those notes."
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"Oh, a very old archive of information in the future," River said airily, as if it were the least interesting thing in the world. Even knowing Jack was a time-traveler like herself, she wasn't about to drop any spoilers on him about the future of Torchwood.

With a sigh and wrinkled brow, she turned off her scanner. "Either something's interfering with our search, or this should be the spot - nothing else matches the environmental conditions. We may have to do this the really old-fashioned way. I just don't understand it - it should give off a signature like it did before..."

She tugged her lips to the side. "Hang on. Do you think we could invert the heat signature and do a reverse search? I've got a theory about our circles."
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That was probably for the best, considering that he had been living fairly linearly for awhile at this point. Oh, he took trips to other times every so often, when Torchwood called for it, when he needed a break from Torchwood, but for the most part he was plodding on through. After all, the longer he lived and the more he time traveled, the more likely he was to run into himself and cause another Incident. And he'd had a couple of those already. Nevermind that, as a Fixed Point, the paradox of running into himself tended to work itself out, it was better safe than sorry, and he was content with where he was right then anyway. Especially given the not so infrequent visits from the lovely River Song. Things always got interesting when she stopped by his century. Like now.

"We could, yeah," he answered. There was a curious look for her, but even as he gave it, he was typing commands into his wriststrap, changing the search parameters with the ease of experience. "Want to explain that theory?"

And- there. Search settings changed, the wriststrap dinging softly as it reran the scan.