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picture prompt meme!

the picture prompt meme

I — Comment with your character.
II — Others will leave a picture (or two, or three...)
III — Reply to them with a setting based on the picture.

IV — Link to any pictures that are NSFW, please.
V — Be aware that this meme will likely be image-heavy. That's kind of the point.

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Mycroft Holmes | BBC Sherlock

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Mycroft Holmes was not friends with Molly Hooper. Mycroft did not have friends, period. As he had informed Sherlock on more than one occasion, he was not lonely, and he did not need any goldfish. After all, playing a minor role in the British government tended to keep him rather busy. Even if he'd wanted to 'socialize' more, and not just to get something he wanted or needed, he hardly had the time for it. But Miss Hooper had proven herself more than capable of being no ordinary goldfish, thanks to the role she'd played in the faking of Sherlock's death. His little brother seemed to think a great deal of her, too, which really had much to do with the fact he was at Molly's house, sitting down across from her... and drinking tea. It was all very domestic, and dressed in his usual finery, he didn't quite fit in among her... things... but he was good at putting on airs and not looking too terribly uncomfortable.

"Thank you for the tea, Miss Hooper," he raised his brow, setting the flowery cup back on its saucer. With a smoothly placed smile, he looked over at her calmly. "I am certain you are wondering why I am here. No, I can assure you Sherlock did not send me. He would verbally object to my playing a large role in his life, but what he wouldn't tell you is that he does need me. My brother, likewise, needs his... friends." Mycroft's expression showed amusement at the term, but he did not comment. "You are aware that London is currently being made to believe that Jim Moriarty is back from the dead." Everyone knew, after all, but it was obvious he didn't think this was actually Moriarty.
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Whether he was good at looking comfortable in odd places or not, to her, Mycroft still looked out of place in her flat. Of course, not much more odd than when Sherlock was here, but Sherlock was, well, Sherlock. And Mycroft was a bit of an unknown to her.

Which was why she was a little confused and slightly suspicious when he asked if he could pop by today. He'd only ever done it one other time while Sherlock was "dead" to check in and make sure she was okay and no one was bothering her. She wondered if he needed a favor regarding Sherlock or if he was going to ask her to spy on him again. She'd said no the first time so many years ago and he'd not asked again.

Molly was ever the good hostess though and put the kettle for him, even while she put her guard up.

And now sitting across from him, politely sipping her own tea only after he took a sip of his own, she listened to his spiel.

"Yes, I saw him on the telly like everyone else," she said with a slight sigh in her voice. It had startled her quite a bit actually and she hadn't slept very well since. Not that she believed Jim had risen from the dead (she trusted Sherlock saw what he said he saw), but that he'd left someone behind. Someone who was prepared to continue where Jim had left off.
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Please forgive my late tag!!! <3

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Mycroft kept tabs on basically all the people in Sherlock's life. He felt responsible for his little brother, no matter how much he might have protested that protection. And sometimes, more often than the younger Holmes would probably think, Mycroft knew just what he would have wanted, how to help him. This was all more for the sake of his brother than anything else, but Molly Hooper played a part in all of this rather she liked it or not. Moriarty had initially chosen her for his little game, even if it had only been to get closer to the consulting detective. And if it had been discovered the part she'd played in Sherlock's 'death,' than it was probable she might be used again.

"Yes," he agreed, raising a brow dryly. "We were just as surprised as everyone else was." Mycroft meant him, and the rest of the British government, and it was obvious he didn't like how much it had surprised him. Usually, he was many steps in front of the common public. "Unfortunately, that is the reason why I am here. I have taken it upon myself to take you under my protection, Miss Hooper. You undoubtedly are aware I have eyes and ears throughout London. But let us just say I will be keeping a closer eye on you until this little matter is... resolved."
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No problemo!

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She raised an eyebrow at his assertion that she was now under his protection. The teacup halfway to her lips, paused in midair. That almost made it sound that he was going to sit in that chair and protect her himself - with his ever-present umbrella maybe? She always laughed at the thought, but kept it down, putting her teacup back in its saucer before speaking.

"What does that mean...exactly?" she asked, looking a bit unsure. Cameras in her flat? At work? Check ins?
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Contrary to popular belief, Mycroft did not actually conceal a weapon within his umbrella. When one lives in London, one must be prepared for rain, after all. While he didn't like to do the 'dirty work,' however, that didn't mean that he couldn't fire a weapon. But most people didn't see him and think trained gunmen.

Mycroft gave her a tight little smile. "I have no intentions of invading your privacy," he assured her, "however, I will do what is necessary to keep you safe. Round the clock surveillance, for example. And I will always have someone nearby, should your safety ever be compromised. "But I wouldn't worry excessively. Whoever is behind this probably won't be after you."
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"Around the clock surveillance?" she asked, both eyebrows raising now. "You want to have someone watch me...all the time?"

That seemed a little...well, excessive actually. Or crazy. She hardly thought whoever was behind "Jim's" reappearance would really care about her that much. Although she had been looking over her shoulder ever since. Might be nice to know someone was watching her back.