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( college au )


college au things, that hazy feeling after pulling an all-nighter, 
late night visits to any place that offers caffeine, 
crashing in dorm rooms, power naps (on other people), keeping each other awake or sleeping in class, 
shippy or gen.

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Sherlock Holmes | BBC Sherlock

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[She's knocking on the door to Sherlock's residence hall room insistently, a quick staccato sound of knuckles hitting wood. Books are held a bit haphazardly in her other arm, like they might slip to the ground at any wrong movement.

Young Molly is even mousier looking (she hasn't quite figured out makeup), but she has a spunk and bravado the real world hasn't subjugated yet. ]

Sherlock! I know you're in there!
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[ Sherlock, meanwhile, is in every way less controlled-- he is more brash, less walled-off. People find him abrasive (to put it lightly), but that doesn't always stop him from trying to impress.

Occasionally, one or two find him at least tolerable company. Molly is one of those.

Sherlock's eyes are glued to a microscope, a cigarette idling in an ashtray within arm's reach (dangerously so considering the absolute nightmare of clutter scattered around his room)-- and the knock at the door makes something in his spine twitch, intense concentration breaking. He scowls a bit, but it fades quickly as he leans back, plucking the cigarette from the tray and bringing it to his lips to take a long draw on it, his other hand running back through his hair before going to the door and opening it. ]

Ah, you brought the books I needed. There should be some room on the couch.
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[She frowns at him and breezes past to dump the books wherever there's room on the couch.]

You're going to flunk out if you don't go to class.

[She turns around, her arms cross over her chest.]

I can't keep making excuses for you.
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Boring. [ He passes by her, plucking one of the books from the top of the pile and briefly thumbing through it, almost as though he's testing it. ]

Besides, if you'll recall, I was told by our professor not to bother returning if I wouldn't stop correcting him. [ Can't help a small quirk of his lips at that, before drawing on his cigarette again. ] It's hardly my fault that he's so far behind current scientific studies.
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That might be true but what are you going to do when you fail all your courses?

[She knows his family has money, so he probably doesn't care that he's throwing it away, but she also knows his parents are going to be more than miffed if he gets kicked out.]

You're going to end up back at your parents' house.
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[ That makes something less pleasant twitch across his face, the perusing of the book stopped in its tracks. He glances up at her, silent and still for a moment, before clapping the book shut in one hand and moving back into the makeshift lab he'd assembled in the corner, crushing the drained butt of the cigarette into the ashtray. ]

I have no intention of returning to my parents' home.

[ It's the first time he's mentioned this, the first time the subject has been broached. ]
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[She knew that would hit a nerve. She raises an eyebrow as he looks up at her.]

So what is your plan then for when you fail out?

[Because it seems to be not a matter of 'if' at this point.

She follows him over into the space, not giving up the conversation.]

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[ He doesn't refute the "when". Why bother? It's true. His attendance has been abysmal and he rarely bothers with homework unless the subject deeply interests him, and near-perfect test scores in certain subjects aren't enough to see him through to graduation.

However, the subject is a touchy one. He doesn't know how that's anyone's business but his own, but...well. A second opinion is always a helpful reference. ]

There are reasonably priced flats on Montague Street. From there, I intend to pursue a...career in a form of criminology. [ He takes another cigarette from the pack, fiddling with it for a moment. ] Though the Yard has often turned down my aid. I'll just take my own route.
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[She sighs. It frustrates her, because she knows how spectacularly brilliant he is and she doesn't want to see him waste that.]

I don't know why you want to do that when you could be saving the bloody world by curing cancer or whatever.

[Right now Molly is pre-med and she thinks she's going to be a doctor.]