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Cross My Heart Meme

The Cross My Heart Meme

When only a dysfunctional relationship will do.
1. Post with a character, put the name and canon in the subject line. In the body of the comment, give your preferences and some if possible some information about the character.
2. Respond to others and roleplay a dysfunctional relationship.
3. Feel free to take inspiration/scenes from the list below or write your own prompt.


Try to tell you 'no', but my body keeps on telling you 'yes'.  
You absolutely, positively do NOT want to sleep with this person again.  So why the heck do you keep waking up with their underwear on your bedpost?

2. What happens when a tornado meets a volcano.  Maybe you're just too different to see eye to eye.  Or maybe you're just too alike and no one's going to compromise.  Either way, your battle of wills looks more like World War 3 than a lover's spat. 

3. All your love is revenge.   You don't know why you're together.  You don't know how to be apart.  But is whatever that's making you stay with this person worth all the misery?

4. I would die for you baby (but you won't do the same).  Ever love someone so much you'd take a bullet for them?  What if you want to find out if they would do the same for you?  It's not that crazy to demand the same kind of devotion from your lover, right?  After all, it's only fair.  You aren't obsessed, you're just in love.

5.  Somewhere along in the bitterness.  Where did things go wrong?  You started out so in love, so attached, and now it seems like things are falling apart.  Can the relationship be fixed or is this where you both stare awkwardly at each other and decide who gets the CDs and who gets the goldfish?

6. You let me complicate you.  You're not good for them.  You're corrupting them, you're ruining their life, you're causing them pain, even if you never meant to.  Why are they still hanging around?

7. I don't care if you really care as long as you don't go.  So there's no love in the relationship.  But there's so many other reasons to stay together, right?  Sometimes having a lover is more important than being a lover.

8. I will go down with this ship.  It's been over a long time and your lover has moved on.  But you're never going to give up the hope that they might come back to you.  Love is supposed to be forever.

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Derek Hale | Teen Wolf | M/F

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[Interested in an AU version of 1 where Jennifer survives the end of 3a?]
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[Ohhh yes! That would be awesome. Not gonna lie I totally loved Jennifer's character lol]
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She's my favorite from that season!

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[Jennifer made herself scarce after the events of the Lunar Eclipse. She needed time to heal, needed time to gather her strength. Even though the powers granted to her from the sacrifices were steadily waning, she needed time to put that lovely facade of hers back together.

When she did return, she was relegated to pretty much the same status as Peter. Everyone was wary of her and no one dared to trust her. You'd think she tried to bring about the apocalypse instead of trying to rid the world of a monster like Deucalion. Much like Peter, they still needed her from time to time. That was likely the only reason Scott and his rag tag group of friends even tolerated her.

Despite the way he had turned on her in those last few vital moments, her feelings for Derek remained. But he wouldn't even look at her. She could never be that sweet, bookish English teacher he had fell for. The blood of the sacrifices had tainted her in his eyes.

Strangely enough, the cycle began anew when he showed up on her doorstep. Bloody, beaten, and unable to heal. She healed him the same way she had the first time, with the last lingering ability the sacrifices had given her. Her sheets were stained with dried blood and he was gone by the time she woke up the next morning.

It happened again and again and again. He wasn't coming to her for healing, he came for the sex and she willingly let him pin her down, surge inside of her, let him work out the tension he felt.

Until finally, it was Jennifer who put a hand to his shoulder and pushed him aside when he climbed through her window

No, Derek. This has to stop.
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Re: She's my favorite from that season!

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[The feel of her hand against his shirt, the warmth pressing into his skin from her palm searing. He stood there, lips pursed as he studied her expression. Derek knew she was right. It had to stop. It was wrong. The whole thing was wrong. She was a murderer. She had sacrificed innocent people...almost killed Scott's mom, and Stiles and Allison's Dad's. Jennifer was a monster. was he. And what he'd felt for her was real...what he still felt. And that was why he was so angry. Jennifer was the first woman he'd let in since Kate and it killed him a little inside that she'd turned out to be the one sacrificing innocent people. Was his judgement really that bad?]

Then why let me in?

[His tone was gruff, but light. His gaze questioning as he searched her face.]
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[Because she didn't know how to shut him out. If nothing else in her life, her feelings for Derek had been pure. She hadn't counted on getting involved with him when she came to town. She just wanted to get her vengeance on Deucalion through any means necessary. She had tried her best to keep him unaware and blindly trusting for as long as she could and that had backfired on her big time.

But now there were no more secrets between the two of them. They were monsters on equal ground.

She dropped her hand from his shoulder before the heat radiating from him threatened to make her judgement lapse all over again. The smile she gave him didn't quite reach her eyes and only seemed to have the opposite effect of making her look sad

I'm not who you want, Derek. You need someone like Miss Blake. Not the Darach.
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[He watched her hand fall to her side and he swallowed heavily, taking a step forward, invading her personal space a bit. He shouldn't be there. Derek knew that, Jennifer knew that and yet he was. He couldn't help it. He kept on coming back to her because he wasn't ready to let go.

A part of him knew what she felt for him had been real. How could it not? He'd spent time with her, they shared things and not just sex. He felt a connection to her...still did and he hated himself for being so weak, for not being able to turn the other cheek like everyone else.]

I never deserved a woman like Miss Blake, I told you that on more than one occasion. That still holds true.

[He said the words quietly, unmoving in his conviction. He didn't deserve anything good. Not after everything he'd done. Derek was damaged. He didn't deserve any kind of happiness.]

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[She should have stepped back when he moved forward, invading her space as he had done so many times in the past just before he leaned in to kiss her. She could almost feel the ghost-like sensation of his hands on her hips, hauling her closer. She had to shut her eyes for a moment and exhale deeply at the sensual memory. The chemistry between them was palpable. Always had been.

Even though she was telling him no, her body sent out signals that spelled out the exact opposite

You stopped me from killing Deucalion. If you were a monster like me, you would have helped me rip his throat out. We're different shades of black, Derek.
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I don't care.

[He knew she was right. They were different shades of the same color. Maybe he didn't go around killing innocent people, but that didn't mean he hadn't been the cause of their deaths. Because he had been. On more than one occasion. His entire family, humans and werewolves alike were dead because of him. Kids, adults, teenagers. Derek had blood on his hands. He was far from innocent.

He reached out, his fingers barely grazing her skin as they trailed down her arm. Derek knew she wanted him, his senses were keenly attuned to her body. Every flutter of her heartbeat, the way her body shivered at the hint of his touch. The intoxicating smell of her skin. The words he spoke next were stated, matter-of-fact as if he'd never been more sure of anything in his life.]

You want me.
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[Why wouldn't he let her go? She was trying to do the right thing for once. Even if it meant shredding the one part of her that Kali's claws had missed; her heart. She was a monster. Barley even human. The skin she wore now wasn't her own. The face that Derek found so pleasing and beautiful wasn't hers either.

Her heart was beating faster, something that seemed to coincide with the brush of his fingertips along her skin. Her eyes searched his, laughing softly at his statement. It wasn't just her body that ached for him. It was her heart and what little remained of her soul

Derek, I'd have to be deaf, dumb, and blind not to want you. I don't know why you'd want me though.
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[It was a valid statement, but one he had no answer for. Derek didn't know why he wanted her, why he couldn't seem to stay away. Or maybe he did. Maybe he was tired of being alone. Tired of always feeling nothing. Jennifer had touched a part of him he thought no longer worked.

She'd brought out emotions in him that Derek honestly hadn't been sure he was still capable of after Kate. He didn't trust himself, he didn't trust her. But he wanted her. He wanted to forget. To pretend they were just two people. Not enemies, not darach and werewolf. Just Derek and Jennifer.

He took a step closer, sliding his large palm over her skin, cupping her cheek, his slightly callused thumb brushing against her face as he held her gaze.

Isn't it enough that I do? Does there have to be an explanation for everything?

[He leaned into her, breathed in her scent. His lips hovering near hers.]

I won't come again.

[His words were whispered and they were also a lie. He would come again and he knew she knew it.]

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[It took every shred of self control she had not to nuzzle into the touch of that broad hand against her face. He had always been so tender and careful with her before he realized who she really was. She supposed it was because he thought she was human and therefore frail back then. Still, it was a tender gesture that she sorely missed.

He looked her in the eye and lied. She knew it. The endless cycle of sweat, shame, and sex hadn't been broken at all. Mended, perhaps. Now that they each knew the other longed for more

Leave the lies to those who are best at it, Derek.

[Unable to resist any longer, she closed the scant amount of distance between their lips. It wasn't a rough crash of lips and tongue as it had been lately. Just a deep, passionate, soul searing kiss]
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[Derek returned the kiss, his own heartbeat speeding up as her soft lips moved against his slowly. The kiss was tender, caring almost. It reminded him of the night he saved her for some reason, which was odd since there was no kissing of any kind that night.

But the way she'd hesitantly took his hand, the gentle look. And just like that, the anger was back building in his chest. She'd lied to him. Played him like one of the pieces in her very own version of chess. There were two things that Derek hated more than anything. Liars and disloyalty. And Jennifer had committed acts of both. His eyes flashed blue as he looked at her.]

Maybe I wanted you to know I was lying.

[His grip on her cheek tightened a fraction as he shifted walking forward, his body pushing hers back until she hit the wall with a loud thud. Derek slid his other hand into her hair, his fingers curling in the long silky strands. He tugged on her hair tilting her head up and kissed her harder.]
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[Derek had honestly saved her life that night. That didn't mean she hadn't put herself in harms way on purpose. She hadn't counted on the feelings that would develop between the two of them. At the very least, she hadn't forced him into trusting her. That had built up on it's own. He had showed up, bloody and half-dead in the parking lot of his own choice. That much, she hadn't coerced him into doing.

She sensed his anger building when his eyes flashed blue. Beta. Again, she had had a hand in that as well. Although no one could confirm that she was actually the one who had poisoned his sister in the first place


She didn't even get a chance to finish speaking his name before her back collided with the wall behind her and his kiss turned harsh enough that she could feel her lips bruising. And still, she didn't fight him off. She did what she always did when he turned rough. She yielded. Where he was rough and hardened, she was soft and forgiving. Her lips surged against his as her hands gripped his shoulders hard, one leg lifting to curl around his waist, dragging his hips in closer to her own]
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[Derek's hand automatically dropped gripping the back of her thigh and holding it against his hip as he pressed his body forward into the craddle of her thighs, a low rumbling growl building inside of his throat.

They'd done this dance before. He broke the kiss, gaze dropping to her kiss swollen lips. Derek dropped his head to her neck, blunt teeth nipping at her skin, as his other hand curled into her hip. He spoke against her skin, hot breath fanning against her flesh.]

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[She could feel how much he wanted her right now. The growing bulge in his pants wasn't exactly subtle as it ground between her legs, causing her to groan against the savage press of his lips. Her hips surged against his, arching away from the wall in such a way that might have seemed impossible for anyone else wearing six inch heels, but not for her.

She felt the rumble that growl and it was as if it echoed through her entire body and dropped down to pool within the very core of her body. Her scent changed drastically, betraying her rapid desire for him

Such a brute. I should call you Beowulf.

[Her hands dropped from his shoulders down to the waist band of his pants, lingering there before dragging his shirt up and over his head in one swift, fluid movement]
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[Derek grunted, his arms lifting briefly so she could get his shirt off fully, before he heard the fabric hit the ground, his hands already slipping back against her body. He couldn't fight the smirk that pulled at his lips at her words. He bit her shoulder gently with blunt teeth, the scent of her arousal stirring desire in the pit of his stomach, making his pants tighten even further.

His hands ran across her blouse gripping the soft material and tugging it apart, making buttons fly around them. Derek's gaze shifted down and darkened as he took in her lace covered breasts. He licked his lips and spoke, his voice hoarse betraying his own desire, not that it wasn't obvious by his rapidly hardening shaft.]<./small>

Nor have I ever seen,
Out of all the men on earth, one greater
Than has come with you; no commoner carries
Such weapons, unless his appearance, and his beauty,
Are both lies.
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[He only proved her observation further by tugging open her blouse, causing buttons to scatter around them and baring the sight of her black, lacy bra. She ran her hands over the chiseled muscles of his chest, letting her fingers dip down to the top button of his pants. She paused there, smiling at the passage he quoted]

Smart and sexy. You should look into a career in teaching.

[He'd probably be better at it than her since he wouldn't sacrifice his students.

She took over the lull between them by opening his pants and tugging the zipper down. Her hand slid inside to curl her fingers around his shaft, stroking him once before dragging her hand away to push his pants down
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I'm absolutely laughing at her thoughts about him not sacrificing his students. ><

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[Derek growled, his eyes flashing again when her hand fell from his body to push down his pants. They only reached his knees though, because in the blink of an eye he had her pinned to the wall, legs wrapped around his waist as his hands gripped her ass beneath the skirt she wore.

Derek leaned into Jennifer, rocking his hips slightly against her, the bulge in his boxers rubbing against her center.]

Don't like teenagers.

[He managed to grunt out the words before his mouth closed over hers again, lips moving enthusiastically as he devoured her.]

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He might bite them though, lol

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[He moved too fast for her to keep up. He tucked her legs around his waist and pinned her back against the wall before her next breath, which is probably why she seemed so breathless, both from surprise and rampant, blatant desire.

His hands against her ass kept her hips at just the right angle to rub against her slick folds. Her panties were developing a notable wet spot just from that slight friction.

She leaned forward and caught his bottom lip between her teeth, tugging until she heard him growl once more

For someone who doesn't like teenagers, you do tend to surround yourself with them.

[Her hands dropped once more, this time so she could reach back and unsnap her bra. That thin shield of fabric was quickly tossed aside to reveal her rounded breasts and coral pink nipples]
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He absolutely would. ;)

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[His gaze dropped to her breasts and his tongue darted out briefly. His senses were on overload as his eyes darkened further. Derek didn't think he'd ever get tired of how she responded to him. He'd barely touched her and she was so wet he could practically taste her in the air.

With her skirt bunched at her waist he slid his hand up her thigh until he reached the elastic of her panties and tore one side and then the other divesting her body of the material and tossing it over his shoulder.]

A select few.

[His words were an admission. She wasn't the first person to say that to him. His body tensed at the thought and his grip on her tightened again. Derek's fingers slid further up her thigh, brushing against her heated skin before slipping two thick fingers inside of her in one fast motion in an attempt to distract her from her words.

Derek groaned. She was hot and wet and all he wanted to do was fuck her...But at the same time he wanted this to last. He didn't want to talk about teenagers or rush his way through. Derek wanted to be there in this moment and forget everything else.]
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[Jennifer suddenly cared a lot less about the current topic of conversation, funny how that coincided with the swift plunge of his fingers inside of her undeniably dripping wet sex. She keened, her legs tightening around his waist. Her pointed high heels digging into his backside as her thighs flexed and her slick inner walls flexed around the thick press of his fingers.

She tugged at his boxers for a moment before losing all patience entirely, ripping the fabric from his body so she could feel him. Hard and throbbing against her inner thigh
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[Derek's stomach muscles clenched when she felt him rip his boxers and his lips twitched. Yeah, there was no way he was taking this slow. Every time he told himself he would slow down next time, and every time he failed.

But he's used to that, used to failing. Derek enjoyed the sharp stab of pain from her heels, the feel of her muscles flexing and twitching. He pulled his fingers from her body and held her gaze as he brought them to his mouth and licked hem clean.

Derek's eyes closed and he groaned. He loved the way she tasted. When he opened his eyes again they were glowing blue. He shifted gripping his cock in his hand and stroking it once before positioning himself against her heat.

Derek leaned into her using his body weight to press her harder into the wall as he slid his cock between her slick folds brushing against her clit once, twice and then flexed his hips forward hard, thrusting inside of her fast. He wasn't in the mood for slow. He never was.]
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[Her eyes darkened, pupils dilating and becoming almost a blinding shade of silver as he tasted her. She was on the verge of losing complete control. All inhibitions lost, she just wanted him to be buried deep inside of her. When she got her wish, she cried out his name. Her hips surging against his, arching up to drag him deeper still withing her tight, constricting slit]


[He pressed so deep and so fast that she writhed against the heated press of his body against hers, panting softly and biting her bottom lip]
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[He liked when she screamed his name, liked knowing he could do that to her. It made him feel the way he used to when he was a kid. Cocky, invincible, like nothing could ever touch him.

He slid a hand up her side, fingers curling around her flesh and pausing beneath the curve of her breast as his mouth trailed along the top of her left breast.

Derek's tongue darted out and swirled around the skin near her nipple, but not touching the small hardened bud as he thrust into her again angling his hips up as he did.]

You always taste so good.

[The words tumbled from his mouth and he wished he hadn't said them. But she did taste good and Derek didn't make a habit of lying. Omitting the truth sure. But outright lying...not usually.]

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