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the back together meme

the back together meme
a smut/intimacy reunion theme
  • The premise of the meme is simple. Two characters, lovers, have been separated for a time. How long is up to you, as is the reason for the separation. Was it unwilling - an imprisonment, a required journey - or because of a choice one of the characters made? The reason may, of course, color the reunion, and somebody may be pretty miffed, with good reason. Still, the theme is the same: intimacy after being apart.
  • This meme is mostly geared towards being a smut meme, but nobody will judge you for just doing so heavy fluff.
  • Reply with your character and preferences.
  • Reply to others. Assumed CR is probably key here.
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Sherlock Holmes | BBC Sherlock | OTA but castmates preferred for smut

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[OOC: When he first comes back in 3x01? I'm fine with smut or not.]
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OOC: That's fine with me! Well, it might at least start out with 'fluff.' It's Sherlock, so we'll see!
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It had been almost a year since she'd seen or heard from Sherlock last. Life had been passing by as normal as possible in his absence, though she thought of him often and worried about what he was doing out there, if he was hurt or in trouble. She'd send out a silent prayer for him to be okay, but she had no idea when or if she'd ever see him again.

So it was a shock when upon opening her locker in the morgue locker room one day, she caught a glimpse of the familiar silhouette in her mirror. For a very split second she thought her eyes were playing tricks on her. It wouldn't be the first time. She often thought she saw him out around London, walking through a crowd or down the halls of St. Bart's. This time, though, it was really him.

"Oh!" she said, jumping a bit in surprise before their eyes locked in the mirror. She turned around and smiled. "Are you back then?"

She was happy to see him in one piece, but cautiously optimistic that he was back for good.

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sorry for the delayed tag! Life hit at once, ugh.

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Sherlock had appreciated Molly's help more than he could tell her in words, but he hadn't wanted to include her more than was necessary. He'd even left Mycroft out of the loop, until his brother had finally managed to come to his aid in his time of need. That, and Sherlock had turned in on himself, keeping to himself and his own devices, the inner workings of his mind, while he kept to the underground... more or less. But now that he had made his presence known to his best friend - granted, to less than desirable results - it was time to let the others know.

Sherlock was best at surprises, obviously, but he rather hoped Molly wouldn't hit him as John had. At the very least, she had known he wasn't really dead, so hopefully her reaction would be quite so... painful. When she turned and he saw her smile, he relaxed visibly. A small smile of his own twitched the corners of his lips upwards, and he nodded.

"I'm back, then," he agreed, raising his brow. "It was time I became reacquainted with London once more. I've announced to John that I am very much alive, and although his reaction was surprising and painful, I believe it was wholly successful. I think I'll probably show myself to Gavin next. Scotland Yard has become pathetic even for their own standards since my departure." Greg, Gavin, whatever. His expression softened then, however.

"Hello, Molly Hooper."
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No problem! Life happens. :)

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And she had missed Sherlock Holmes more than she could tell him. Or more than she would allow herself to. She'd made a fool out of herself plenty in front of this man, no need to start that back up. But his sudden appearance throws her a bit for a loop, so she doesn't really hear much of what he's saying to her except that last bit and she grins. He's really back. Not just back for a spell before his next excursion, hiding out in her flat and driving her batty, but back for good.

She can't help herself as she closes the distance between them and wraps her arms around him in a hug, something she would do with any of her friends who she hasn't seen in a while, but never would have dreamed of doing to Sherlock before all of this. But he made it back alive and now everyone knows he is alive and she doesn't have to keep that terrible secret anymore. And really, she deserves this at least. She hopes he can forgive her.

"Hello, Sherlock Holmes."