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Something a Little Less Dark

the gentle (loving) smut meme
It's February March, which is after February, the month of Valentine's Day - the month of love! And love oftentimes means softness, kindness, and attention to the one you care for. Loving sex is no exception. We have a lot of "fucking" memes here: mid-fuck, pre-fuck, post-fuck, so on and so forth. We don't, however, have a lot of making love memes.

And basically all of this has been an awkward segway into a gentle smut meme! No fucking here, just tender touching and lots of care.

"But my character is a huge jerk and/or has the emotional range of a braindead pet rock and/or only fucks like an animal in the sack," I hear you scream from the streets. Not to worry, there are plenty of prompts that can turn even the coldest heart to mush...or there's some negative ones, too. Besides, can't LOVE change anything? That's fancy talk for "it's a meme, go with it."

So break out the Al Green and rose petals...or don't. Because that stuff can be kind of cheesy.


  • Comment with your character and preferences.

  • Respond to others.

  • Use the RNG.


  1. Growing Feelings: You're not in love yet, but the beginnings are there and this intimacy only makes it stronger.

  2. Moment of Weakness: The walls are down, for just a fleeting time, and you're taking solace in each other.

  3. Platonic: You love each other platonically - as friends, teammates, or other allies - yet you show it in an unconventional way.

  4. Actual Love: There's genuine, 100% love and relative devotion here manifested in flesh on flesh.

  5. Manipulation: You simply want them to think that you love them, and what better way than to act all gentle and kind in bed?

  6. To Win Them Over: Love is what they want, so it's what they'll get if it gets you on their good side.

  7. Thirsty for Your Touch: You've wanted them so badly, you can't help but be reverent.

  8. Foreplay: Foreplay is often skimmed over, but it can be better than the main course. Savor it...kiss those parts you usually simply thrust into.

  9. Desperate: The sex is a little rougher than this meme calls for, though it comes from a place of love. You're so desperate for them, so in love, that you cannot control yourself.

  10. Take It Slow: One party isn't so sure about this, so you're being gentle and keeping things easy.

  11. Injured/Ill: You can't be rough today. Doctor's orders!

  12. Rescue Sex: You saved them, now let them save you.

  13. Childhood Love Matured: You cared for each other as children; now you'll show your affection in ways children cannot.

  14. Ego Boost You want them to know they're the best, even if they don't feel like it. You have eyes only for them.

  15. Focus All on You: It's time for a treat, and you want to be all give and no take.

  16. Parting: You're leaving - for a long time or a short while - and you two want to spend a last time together.

  17. Return: Finally, you and your lover are back together. Show each other how you missed this.

  18. Making Up: Fighting is usually no fun, but making up afterwards? That is.

  19. Teaching: Your lessons come with love; just because you're more experienced doesn't mean you look down on them.

  20. Gratitude: They really appreciate what you've done for them. Really, really

  21. Not Like Them: One of you has had bad experiences in the past, and the other wants to show them that they're not at all like the rest.

  22. Old Couple: You've been together for a long time and you know what you like.

  23. First Time: In contrast, this is your first time together (or first time, full stop period the end), so you're trying to figure things out.

  24. After Confession: The confession of feelings can give a whole new rush to being together.

  25. You Mean So Much to Me: Words can't describe how you feel about them. Maybe actions can?

  26. Rose Petals and Al Green: Because some people do like that kind of stuff, you know.


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John Watson || BBC Sherlock

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Since the day of Sherlock's fake funeral she has been avoiding John. Partially because Sherlock had been hiding out in her flat for a bit and she couldn't risk John showing up there, but mostly because she can't stomach the look on his face. He was shattered by Sherlock's death and the urge to make it better by telling him the truth is almost as strong as the guilt she feels because she can't. It feels wrong that she should know this secret and not him.

But John has been calling, leaving messages with questions about that day - whether she talked to him or had any idea things had gotten so bad for him - and she can't avoid him forever. That would be more suspicious. So she puts some of Sherlock's things (random stuff he'd left around the lab at one time or another) into a shoe box and ends up at 221b Baker Street. She's not even sure John will be here, but she uses Sherlock's key and climbs the stairs to the flat, a knot in her stomach and a lump in her throat.
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[personal profile] you_dont_work_alone 2014-03-30 09:50 pm (UTC)(link)
John is actually at the flat today, though he hasn't spent too much time here. It's been hard to be in this space, see it, feel it around him, and know that Sherlock wasn't coming back. That he wouldn't be stepping through the door, making a mess in the kitchen, or playing his violin by the window.

When she knocks though, he does answer the door. It looks as though John hasn't gotten much sleep. There are dark circles around his eyes and he looks pretty haggard.

"Molly, come in."
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[personal profile] theonewhocounted 2014-03-30 10:19 pm (UTC)(link)
Molly probably looks similar, to a lesser extent. Sherlock had left for good last night. Or at least that is the plan as of now. He is headed to track down Moriarty's network and he isn't sure he'll be coming back. He doesn't say it's because he expects to get killed, but she knows it is. She thinks that thinking he is dead already might be preferable to worrying about what might be happening to him while he's alive. She didn't get much sleep last night.

"Hi John," she says around a tight, sympathetic smile as she comes into the flat. He looks awful and the guilt she has and the secret she keeps from him weigh heavy on her heart. She feels the urge to hug him, but she's not sure if it's okay and she has the box in her hands and she just feels awkward being here in general so she lets the moment pass. "I...uh...brought some of his things. From the lab. Nothing very important, but...I don't know. I thought you might..."

She trails off. They're in a flat filled to the brim with Sherlock's things. His presence is almost suffocating and it seems silly now to have brought what she had, but it was an excuse to drop in.
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"Oh, thanks." He accepts the box but holds it awkwardly, as if he's not sure what to do with it. He finally decides to just place it on the table. The same one Sherlock would sit at with his laptop while working.

"I don't really know what to do with any of his things." It's not like Mycroft is sentimental enough to want any of it, and it's hard to consider throwing it out. It's not good of him to leave it on Mrs. Hudson, either, but that's probably what he'll end up doing.
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She nods as she looks around, the opened case of Sherlock's violin leans up against the hearth and it makes her sad to think he's had to leave it behind.

"How've you been getting on?" she asks as she turns back to John, even though that's pretty clear by his appearance. She's not Sherlock, but she can deduce small things.
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She's smarter than most give her credit for.

"I don't know what you would call it, but I don't think it's 'getting on'." He shakes his head, knowing his tone isn't appropriate. It's not right for him to be annoyed at Molly.

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She has the sudden urge to hug him, so she does.

"No, I'm sorry for the bloody awful question," she says as she does. "Of course you're not getting on. And I'm sorry for not stopping in sooner."

And sorry for "killing" your best friend. And sorry for lying to you about it. And sorry he's been staying at my place since then and driving me batty. And sorry I can't tell you any of this.
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John is surprised by the embrace, but after a moment he sighs and closes his eyes, leaning into it.

"You don't have to apologize. I've barely spoken to anyone since then."

He's even avoided Mrs. Hudson.
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She surprises herself a bit with it too. Strangely enough, between John and Sherlock, the latter is the only one of them who's ever been physically affectionate with her before.

"I haven't either," she says as she squeezes him one last time and then lets go. "It's just been too awful to deal with properly. Would make it feel real I suppose."

Sherlock has been drilling her on what exactly she's going to say to everyone to keep up appearances. But what she doesn't bank on is how much she would feel his absence here. She hardly has to do much to look like she's mourning him because in a way she is.
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He nods in agreement. There's just nothing to say, really. The pain is unbearable.

"I think I might go away for awhile. Just get out of London. Everything here reminds me of him."

Sometimes, he thinks he sees Sherlock on the street, but then whoever it was that reminded John of his friend is gone.
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"I wouldn't blame you," she said. She doesn't think anyone would. "Sherlock is all over this city."

Figuratively and literally. The papers still won't give up the headlines about the fake genius who hoodwinked Scotland Yard.
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He knows all of this is hard on Molly to. What he says next is not something he would've suggested before, but somehow, he's compelled to offer now.

"Do you want to go with me?"
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"" she stutters a bit, taken by surprise by the offer. "That's...nice of you to offer. I, uh, well...I have work. Although...I am under maybe not for long. But...I could come for a visit...wherever you go."

Sherlock had given her the task of keeping an eye on John and Mrs. Hudson.
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He nods a few times, unsure if her response is good or not. Maybe he shouldn't have asked, but it was a moment of impulsiveness. He and Molly don't even really know each other that well, aside from their mutual connection to Sherlock.

"That would be nice." But he doesn't actually expect her to visit.
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She nods. The thing about Molly is that she always means what she says. She will visit. It will give her an excuse to make sure he's okay because she also takes her responsibilities seriously and she had promised Sherlock. It will probably be nice to get away anyway.

"Is there anything I can do?" she asks him, thinking about the last time she offered up her assistance to someone. It led to all of this.

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"I don't know," he answers honestly. Is there anything she can do? She can't bring Sherlock back. That's the only thing that can really change this or how he feels.
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"I know, it's okay," she says quickly. "I didn't expect...but if you want to talk or anything..."

She shrugs. Isn't that what people usually offer, someone to talk to, a shoulder to cry on.

"I'm here."
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"I don't really know what to say."

He isn't even sure what to say to his own therapist. All he can manage to do is sit and wallow in his grief.

"But thank you. I know this isn't easy for you, either."
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She nods and turns her head a bit like she's looking over the room, as tears suddenly spring into her eyes. She doesn't feel she has the right to cry, least of all in front of John. But she's lost Sherlock now too and it's catching up with her, especially now being back in his space and seeing who and what he's left behind.
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She might be trying to hide it, but John notices. Still, he doesn't know what to say. What can he say? He knows Molly had a thing for Sherlock, of course. This is hard on her, too.

"Can I get you anything?"
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"No, no, that's okay," she said as she swipes under her eyes and turns back toward him. "I..I should get out of your hair."
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"You're not a bother." But he won't stop her from going. He knows that sometimes a person does want to be alone.
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"Oh..well...thanks," she said, standing there awkwardly, not sure if that's John's way of saying that he would like the company or just his way of being nice. "I mean...I really...don't mind staying...if you want. But I can go...if you'd rather. You don't have to be polite. It won't hurt my feelings."

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His reason is a little of both. He wants to be polite and help a friend, but part of him would rather be alone. And yet, part of him also wants the company. He's not really sure what he wants anymore.

"You're not a bother, Molly. This is hard on you, too."
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She nodded and then did the one thing she told herself she was absolutely not going to do (besides tell him Sherlock was still alive but would probably be dead soon anyway), she started to cry. Really cry. The kind of crying she usually only does alone.
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John tries to put an arm around her and lead her to the couch. His intention is to sit with her. Console her as a friend would. Perhaps they do need each other right now, more than he realized.
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She lets him bring her to the couch, trying to pull herself together, feeling foolish.

"M'sorry," she says through her tears. "I didn't mean to..."

She sniffles. This is the last thing he probably needs right now.
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Actually, helping someone else does allow him to forget his own sorrow for the moment. John puts an arm around her and draws Molly closer, gently, to let her rest against his shoulder if she'd like.

"You don't have to apologize."
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She does bring her head down against his shoulder, happy for the contact and the comfort, the tears still falling a bit although not as much.

"I do," she says, even if he doesn't know the real reason. "He was your best friend, not mine. I should be comforting you."
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"He was your friend, too." And John doesn't see how that means she shouldn't receive comfort from him or anyone else.

Gently, he rubs his hand along her arm, meaning to soothe her. Maybe they can sit together for awhile. Just being in her company is making him feel better.
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She nods against him, supposing that's true, even though it doesn't seem like she was actually his friend until she helped him die.

The tears subside and she sighs a bit, also grateful for his touch and company. She's been avoiding almost everyone since the funeral.