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the desperate sex smut meme

the desperate sex smut meme

Sometimes, you need things. Food and water are the most obvious culprits, though there are necessities that aren't as obvious, like human contact - despite how much some of us grouse against it - or affirmation. Sex, however, isn't usually considered one of those necessities. Sometimes it sure as heck feels like it, though. While it may be the person themselves, your feelings toward them, your desire for the act of alone, or any number of factors, you want sex badly, and the result is desperate, blind sex.

"Desperate" here doesn't mean all the negative connotations that just anyone will do. Instead, it means you really, really want to be with the person your with, possibly more than anything else at that moment. It's not necessarily rough sex, though it can be. What it is - well, that's passionate, hungry, lustful, sweaty, needy, just...desperate. Hands in their hair, teeth against teeth desperate. There's no better word for it, really. You're letting go with them and fulfilling the hunger inside.

  • Comment with your character and preferences.
  • Others will respond to you.
  • You respond to others.

  1. extreme love — Your desire for them comes from your love or affection for them. Your actions are just emotions turned to actions.
  2. limited time — You have to be intense and short, because you're in a jam for time.
  3. a new feeling of lust — You're not the type to be interested in sex. There's a first time for everything, though.
  4. life-affirming — We almost died! Let's reconnect to what's real and get over the shock.
  5. finally found that person — You've never been gung-ho about sleeping with anyone until you met them.
  6. finally found your match — Nobody could match your strength or passion before. You've found someone who can.
  7. waited so long — For some reason, you couldn't be with this person for quite a while, though you were waiting for them. Now is your chance.
  8. let it go — Conceal, don't feel. That's been your motto. But at this moment, you're losing yourself with someone else, your personality or your powers be damned.
  9. saw you with someone else (or) territorial — You're jealous and you have to get that interloper off your mind. What better way than to make sure what's yours is yours?
  10. public — You can't wait until you make it to somewhere private.
  11. taken — Both of you are with other people, and this is one of the few times you can be together.
  12. moment of weakness — You've let the mask slip. You've lost your cool. You've shown them how much you want them.
  13. emotional — Sex can be raw. Sex can lay bare things you never thought you'd show.
  14. aphrodisiac — The sex pollen/chemicals created by the shadow government/spanish fly made you do it! Or at least your body felt like you had to.
  15. insulted — You've been teased to your limit, whether they did it knowingly or not. It feels like they're questioning your masculinity/femininity and view you as a non-entity. Time to prove them wrong.
  16. feelings revealed — You've just learned what you mean to each other, and that makes you want to be with them even more.
  17. heat — You're experiencing some drive to mate, and only they will do.
  18. first time in a long time — You thought they'd never be back! You better make up for lost time.
  19. last time in a long time — They're going, and who knows when they'll be back? You better have one last hurrah and hope it lasts you.
  20. trying a fetish — One of you has always had a fetish or a kink, and the other is agreeing to indulge it. No wonder somebody's getting excited.
  21. sex to survive — Being told to fuck or die can light a fire under you.
  22. sex to reproduce — Does more enthusiastic sex help the fertilization process? It may not be scientifically sound, but it's worth a shot.
  23. hate sex — You want to rip them apart in every sense of the word.
  24. dry spell — It's been a while since your last time and you're getting overzealous at the prospect of ending that streak.

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I figure 3 is fitting for him.

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Sherlock seemed, well...different tonight. She'd stopped by on her way home from work to check on him after receiving a text from John asking her to do so. He and Mary were on holiday - one of the last they'd get to take alone before the baby came - and he hadn't heard from Sherlock in a few days. John was sure he was just wrapped up in a case or some home experiment of his, but he would feel better if she made sure. And of course Molly agreed. John knew when it came to Sherlock there wasn't much she wouldn't do.

So that's how she had ended up in the 2nd floor living room of 221b Baker Street at 8pm on a Thursday.
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It had started with him approaching her and kissing her soundly on the lips, breathing into her ear, some jumbled murmur about "transport having needs" and "is this alright?" before kissing her neck.

He doesn't move forward without her giving her assent, but it might have been the tea, a rather robust blend of licorice, and the fact that spinach was the only thing that looked edible in the fridge earlier. Or perhaps he's lonely and is willing for any kind of contact.

Any webpage told him to move on. Find better pastures. Find another partner. But he's quite... close. Closer than he should be.
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She was so caught off guard that she didn't respond at first. She just stood there in shock, her brain working hard to process what was happening and still not sure.

"Y..y...yes," she finally managed to stammer to answer his question, even though she was still sort of just standing there.
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He kissed her again, memorizing her scent. At this point it's not a matter of morals or who is a replacement, or even if that's happening.

"What do you want, then?"
He kisses just behind her ear.

Even if it's just kissing, kissing is nice. He doesn't want to push Molly away, as he's obviously done to the others. He doesn't do these sorts of commitments.
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She finally kissed him back even though she's still a bit confused about why he's kissing her. Her hands slid up his shoulders.

"Is...this an...experiment?" she asked, trying to work out an explanation for his sudden interest in her. Not that she was complaining. She had fantasized about this for a long time. She wasn't sure why she was even questioning it now.
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"Mm, yes."
He supposed so. It was a test of things. To see if maybe he wasn't - as disconnected as everything thought. Not that it really mattered.

She slid her hands up, he slid his hands down her back.
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"Oh...okay," was all she said to that. The question was did she mind. It was hard to when he was finally touching and kissing her, his scent all around her. And since everything happened with Tom she had been more lonely than usual. Plus, this was Sherlock. Wasn't this exactly what she'd wanted since the first time they'd ever met?
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He starts kissing further down, tugging experimentally on her shirt first. He's not really sure how he was going to go about this, he just wanted touch, suddenly. Some form of contact.

Maybe he didn't feel comfortable removing his own clothes yet.
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When he starts pulling on her clothes she finally processes that this is happening for real and she needs to get with it. She grabs the bottom of her shirt and lifts it over her head before dropping it to the floor. Underneath is a bright pink cotton bra with white lace detailing. She wasn't really expecting for anyone to be seeing her underwear today, but she thinks for a moment and is relieved that at least she's not wearing her worst.
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He slides his fingers over her skin, breathing her neck.
Part of him just wants to touch, the other part wants to feel.

Everything, all of her, pull his brain away from the fact that... no he's thinking about Molly.

And Molly can be herself if she wants. He's more focused on coaxing her bra off than making comments on its colour.

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[ The more Mary had tried to talk her down - even stating how she liked Sherlock - the more angry Joan became. By the time they arrived back at the flat, she headed right back out. Saying she "needed air".

She ended up back at Baker Street. Standing outside, she looked up and saw the lights on upstairs. Where she used to live with Sherlock. The two of them...

She doesn't even remember taking out her key. Opening the door and slamming it behind her before marching up the stairs, still in her dress and jacket from the restaurant. Hair made up with earrings, having wanted to make it special for Mary. Now, all she could think about was this utter bastard that had lied to her. For two long years.

Wasting no time, she stormed over the landing and into the living room. She shoved Sherlock away from her as soon as she was able, voice coming out as a hiss, ]

Why didn't you tell me? Did I matter so little to you?

Did you think I would mess up whatever plan you had, that I was just a liability?
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[Sherlock had approached her, wanting to apologize and not quite knowing how to and knowing Joan was quite angry with him, evident by the shove back. He didn't push back, first because he knew better and secondly, the stitches didn't need to tear anymore than they already had.]

I thought I would have put you at risk or any communique attempted could have been intercepted.
[He can't quite meet her eyes. He'd obviously been expecting all the wrong things. Mostly that she wouldn't have moved on, which meant she'd welcome him back. He'd made poor Mrs. Hudson shriek, and Lestrade had tested if the stitches were holding, but - otherwise... she was angry with him. She's right to be, he probably deserves it.]

You understand the network is quite vast and secrecy and double encryption is not quite as safe as it appears.
[Will she even listen if he tells her he's sorry?]
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"At risk"?

From the day I set foot in this flat I have been "at risk"! If you've forgotten, Moriarty personally strapped a bomb to me. Can't get more "at risk" than that.

[ In short, his "reasons" were complete horseshit. ]
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I cannot protect you if there are snipers trained on you very well can I?

[You should have told her. You know you should have.] N-never mind, I am sorry.
[He's turning away, at this point, trying to settle in his mind, if you don't want to forgive me, fine. See if I care.. But he can't.

He does want to be forgiven.
Weak. Weakness. Sentiment is a chemical defect.
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[ Joan is silent for a long moment, becoming more angry and then... it seems to fracture into something else. The next time Sherlock hears her voice, it's strained. She sounds like she's about to cry. ]

I would have waited for you...

If you had just told me.

[ But now Mary was in her life. She couldn't just act like she wasn't all because Sherlock decided to show back up. ]
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[He might shift a little, uncomfortable.]

I am sorry, Joan.
I did - try to write and something would - stop me. Either a new thread or something else came to light.

[I did wait, Joan. I swear. He didn't mean to hurt her. Really. ]
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[ And now she is crying, hands grabbing at the back of his shirt and pressing her face to the area between his shoulders. ]

Why did you come back, then?
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I wanted to see you and I don't trust my brother's word that you're 'alright'. I can see you are.
[You're going to get married. He reaches back to pat her head, looking regretful.]
You're going to get married and be happy. That's why I did it. Long term, more or less.

[I just thought you'd wait.]
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[ She slaps at his hand, pushing away from him again. ]

I'm not "alright" and I'm not "happy"!

[ Joan then reaches for Sherlock when he's facing her, hands on his shirt collar, ]

I wanted you! I was happy with you!

[ And then, before she realizes it, she's crushing her lips to his. ]
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[Sherlock will give a grunt but he might hold her a bit desperately and return the kiss. He knows she's mad at him, but - does she love him, still?

They'd danced around the subject. After he'll broached why couldn't a man and a woman just be friends and work together? And he didn't think Joan could like him that way anyway.

Never been good at it.
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[ Joan deepens the kiss the moment she's able to, her hands moving down his chest and stomach and then tugging the shirt out of his pants. When the kiss breaks, her breathing is harsh and hot against his mouth. ]


I--I want you. Now. Please.

[ I need you. ]
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[He nods, wordless, blinking a little. Not going to cry.]

Wh-what about your fiancee?
[He regrets it as soon as he says it because - he's agreeing anyway. He just - doesn't want Joan to get hurt. Again. He wants you too. Celibacy out of the window, now.

I've always needed you.

Plus he thinks he might owe her a little. His hands might pause at the small of her back. Does she want him to remove anything of hers? He's not one to try and ... force a woman. Even if she seems willing.

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