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( under the night sky )

STARGAZING - whether you're on a picnic blanket in a field, laying on the beach, or in the bed of a truck, you're with someone you care about and you're looking at the stars.

camping is the most fun when you're with someone else. roasting marshmallows, telling stories. nature's got it goin' on.

 you're at the lover's lane, parked at the peak overlooking the city, it's just you and someone else in the car. maybe it's time to steam up the glass or hey, you guys can just talk if you want.

 may it is the fourth of july, the new year, or just because, but there's fireworks shooting off and they're magical. or scary. it depends on what floats your boat.

maybe you're at the beach or in the backyard pool or at the lake, maybe you're going to skinny dip or maybe you'll 'fall' in with all your clothes. either way, swimming at night is pretty much always fun.

 perhaps you've lost someone dear and you want to do something to remember them by, maybe you're making a wish for the future.
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Castiel | Supernatural | OTA

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[ Castiel comes in both original angel, human, and stolen-grace forms. Please feel free to let me know which one you're interested, and I'm willing to roll with it! ]
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Human and stars it is!
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this okay?

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"Do you have stars? Where you....come from?" River asks with - CAN IT BE - a bit of uncertainty as she glances towards Castiel. They're in a wide field with blankets and a lunch bag of sandwiches. A sorely modern picnic at night.

She's still reluctant to accept his 'I was an angel' biography. Maybe he's from an alien race that thinks they're angels. She tries not to worry about it too much - all of her secretly done scans show that he's very human right now. Still, her intellectual curiosity has her wondering what his life - angel or not - was like.

Because clearly it wasn't a very social culture. The bloke has no concept of a nightlife as far as River was concerned. So with the news that a meteor shower would be visible after midnight and until five am, she'd dragged him on a little trip for some stargazing.

Besides, River's hoping that one of these days coming up there will be an unexpected comet. In reality it'll be the wreckage of a spaceship that she just might be able to scavenge some futuristic technology from. She really misses 51st century radio stations.

So it's eyes on the sky. With some intriguing company, of course.
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Castiel looks up to the stars; things look different from this new standpoint of being a human. The concept of time and space were almost moot for him while he had his grace, but when River asks him if Heaven had stars he smiles at her. "We could see every single star and celestial body in the known universe. Heaven did have quite the view." His voice dips a little bit, with a tinge of sadness for his missing home.

He continues to glance up at the stars until he can look no longer, and turns his attention back to the River. "We even like to say we had a hand in the making of the rest of the heavens, but that is nothing more than a human myth."

Castiel reaches a hand into the bag of sandwiches, and he searches for one he might possibly like to eat. The meteor shower while fascinating is hardly something new, but a different sandwich is very much like finding a rare diamond.

"Humans are very strange in what they like to believe in, and I suppose they might see myself and my brothers as being capable of more than what we are capable of doing." Castiel says, while he fishes out a sandwich with the contents hidden from sight and he glances back up to the stars once again. "But I can understand the need and want to find a simpler explanation to things they were once ignorant to."

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*sliiiides in*

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"In my experience, there's always a little bit of truth at the heart of every myth," River pointed out. "But you're right. Most often the abilities of gods and higher beings have been greatly exaggerated or misunderstood."

She stretched out and laid flat on her back, tucking her arms behind her head. "Still, I'm sure you must miss it. The view from home, I mean. Are your brothers still there or are they...wandering like you?"
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"All but a small handful of people even know my own walk among them, but I believe it is for the better." Castiel has a longing look on his face as he continues to stare at the stars. "Things tend to get lost throughout the ages, even my own made mistakes like these."

He looks away from the stars, and he looks down to the sandwich in his hand. This is one of those things he loves about human, he gets to eat, and eat he does as he takes a bite out of his sandwich.

"I was made human, but my brothers and sisters fared far worse than I. Many were injured when they fell, Metatron decided to make me human," he says in between bites. "And, I can still hear them."
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That last bit captured her attention, drawing her gaze to him as he ate. "...You sound like a friend of mine," she said, almost awed at the similarity. "He could hear his people, too. At least...he used to."

River's face turned somber. "I realize this sounds silly coming from someone like me, but at least they're still out there, surviving a bit. My friend's people weren't so lucky."
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Castiel stops eating his sandwich, and he looks at River with a curious look on his face. "What's this friend of yours like? And what happened to his people?" He wants to have a chance to meet more out there who are like himself, but that will have to be something that needs to wait for another time.

It is when he finds out what happen to her friend's people it brings out an attempt to understand her. "I'm sorry, for what happen to his people. This does not mean I wouldn't want to learn more about both him and them."
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River gave him a half-smile, rolling onto her side and propping her head with her hand and elbow.

"He's probably the most amazing man I've ever met," she began, eyes bright as she spoke about him. "He calls himself The Doctor and...he's the last of his race. The Time Lords, from planet Gallifrey. They had a long and fruitful history, although unfortunately most records of it have been lost or destroyed. Their big claim to fame was harnessing time travel, though."
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He listens intently to River as she explains her friend, this Doctor must be a far greater man than he is. He listens to her explain about the world this Time Lord came from, and as a being from another dimension he's yet to hear of this race until now. "Time travel is not unique among Time Lords, before I fell, I was capable of time travel. It was very draining, but I could do it.

But, perhaps your friend if he would be able to can help us." Castiel thinks, perhaps time travel can be the key to their problems. If he can just go back in time to warn himself of what would happen if he sided with Metatron. "My friends are trying to help, but we're facing an army, so all the help we can get would be wonderful."
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"That depends," River said carefully. She knew as well as anyone how tempting the idea of time travel could be, and how dangerous the consequences were.

"He's very willing to help people in trouble, but...only so far as it doesn't mess with the fabric of time. I mean, he's brilliant - sometimes lousy fashion sense and has the attention span of a hyperactive child, but utterly brilliant when it comes to the sciences and languages. What is it your friends are working on?"
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The desperate ideas from an equally desperate angel, Castiel knows there are consequences when one messes with time. Still, and they did not need to bring Fate into this.

"I think we can leave time in place, but he still might have some ideas on how to help. Again, the more help we get the better. Especially if your friend is good at leading people, then I can put up with him being hyper." Castiel knew this isn't the time to be pouring out ideas, and he glances down at the sandwich. "Sorry, I know I should be trying to enjoy my time as a human...

... Just, I'm finding it hard to focus with all of this sitting on my shoulders."
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River looked at him, her lips curved in a sad, sympathetic smile. She pushed herself to sit up properly, moving closer in order to place a hand on Castiel's shoulder.

"That's part of the struggle," she said softly. "For everybody down here on Earth. Trying to enjoy their lives while somehow managing all the un-fun responsibilities that come their way. It's very easy to get sucked into the monotony and stress, and I can only imagine it's worse for you, being so new to all of this."

River tilted her head, trying to catch his eyes and give him an encouraging smile. "But all the more reason to find some pleasure to give you a little peace of mind."
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Castiel allows for himself to relax at the feel of her touch, as he leans himself into her hand. He wants to find help for his people, but in the meantime, he wants to try to figure out why Metatron is allowing him to live like this.

"It is all very interesting, I never really had a chance to think about the lives of my father's beloved creation. My mission had always been to make sure they remained safe, it was the mission given to me and all of my brothers and most of us had accepted it." Castiel wonders if this is simply one of those things to walk in their shoes, but still he feels so lost in a world that is far more complex than he can even imagine.

With a smile on his face, Castiel places his hand on her free hand. "If I am to be like this for a very short life, I think I would be okay with it."
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"With being human or finding pleasure?" She asked with a light chuckle, letting her fingers cross with his as he set his hand upon hers. His touch was warm enough despite the evening air, pleasantly so. River couldn't pinpoint quite what entertained her about this man; was it his enigmatic history, or his hopeful optimism?

"Looking for a guide in this 'short life' of yours?"
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"Both. I'd like to find pleasure with someone that I could trust, the last time I tried it almost ended up with me dead." Castiel enjoyed the contact more than he'd admit, but he'd like to find someone who wouldn't betray him. He grasped her hand tight, and he worked to leave everything he needed to take care of behind for just one night.

He knew his answer to her question. "I am." Castiel smiled, and he turned his attention away from the stars to River. "You've had a chance to live such a unique life, and I think you would be an amazing guide for my spiritual journey."
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Well that wasn't right, she thought. "That's taking la petite mort a little too seriously," she said with a tiny shake of her head. Though it was a valuable bit of information - the Angel wasn't exactly the chaste type, although it did leave her wondering about his taste in women.

She smiled back, the sight of his own smile warmed her. "Said the Angel to the human," River chuckled. It sounded like the opening of a joke. She lightly brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear, tilting her head at him coyly.

"Where would you like to start, sweetie?"
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Castiel stopped to think, where would he like to start, and if she had already married, he wondered if sex at this point would be a good idea. There seemed to be some type of rules when it came to this, so he opted to respect those.

"I think sex might be a bit too advanced for me right now, and it seemed like it got me into trouble." He smiled, and he cleared his throat. "And, my observations of my friend's porn collection that's all it seemed to lead to. Not that I don't find sex to be a wonderful thing, but, that is just once single facet of human life."

He continued to think, and he wondered what part of human life he'd love to experience even if it would be very short lived. "What's your favorite part about being human?" It didn't hurt to ask questions.
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River hoped he wouldn't take it the wrong way when she had a short fit of laughter. She hadn't expected him to be so blunt about saying sex was off the table. Or rather that it was 'advanced' for him. "That's a uh, very mature decision on your part, Castiel. Sex is wonderful, especially with the right partner, but rushing into it can certainly lead to...problems."

She hummed thoughtfully, letting her hand play with his. "I like freedom," she said simply. Her early years had been spent in a glorified cage, her every move observed and controlled. She swore no one would ever control her again. "Freedom to do things that make me feel alive - jumping from heights to laying under the stars. From taking somebody home to just...breathing."

She sighed. "I'm sorry, it's a rather big question."
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Castiel was not bothered by her burst of laughter, and while he did enjoy sex, he wanted to see what more there was to humanity. He wanted to experience it beyond just the natural urges that every other creature on the planet took part in. "As I had experienced, it led to me getting stabbed. So for now, I'd like to see what makes humans so special in the eyes of my father."

He wanted to learn more about that mission, and time in the shelter had given him a chance to learn about the world he had been sworn to protect. "That is a good thing to like. My favorite thing so far is the freedom that humans have over the angels. Sure we can exercise it, but we risk the chance of falling and the loss of our grace."

And, he listened, and he liked the answer she gave him. It was honest, and he knew he asked her a very big question.
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"...Would you think I'm terrible if I told you that sounds like a very un-fun way to live?" She asked gently, eyes looking up to the stars. "I still don't understand the fall from grace thing with your people, but it sounds an awful lot like servitude."

River gave a tiny shrug. "Maybe that's why I've always had a problem with religions. I don't understand why anyone who calls themself God would make such vastly different peoples but show all this favor to one of them. It doesn't seem fair to me. But I suppose that's life, isn't it? Making the best of a bad hand, or an unfair one."
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"I don't mind the servitude, I feel a bit lost without having what gave me purpose. But I have grown such a great deal since I had been assigned to work with the Winchesters. But Dean and Sam have been helpful in allowing me to see first hand how good humanity can be."

Still Castiel knew he would have followed orders to do something awful if someone like Michael had demanded it. It was part of his life to be a soldier and a follower. He was not a leader by any means.

"God hasn't been in charge for a long time, and from what some of my brothers have told me he's not that bad." He smiled at the thought of his father, but it had saddened to think that perhaps they had done something wrong to cause his absence.

"Religion is something that is invented by man, we are not the ones who make the rules on how worship is to be done. In fact, we did not ask man to bow before us. It was man who we were to bow down to and protect."
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Out of respect for the man beside her, she held back a sneer about God. The almighty father was either asleep at the wheel or overthrown. Of course he was, she thought bitterly.

"That's what's unfair," she said, looking back to him. "Not everyone's build to be a leader, but I think it's terrible that you don't - well, I suppose didn't - have a choice. And I know, I know that man's flawed and I'm sure we've misinterpreted and mis-structured the will of God at least from here to Alpha Centauri, but...I just can't help thinking that it's wrong. That you didn't get any choice in the matter."

She looked down at her lap, her heart beating more strongly than it did a moment ago. River forced herself to focus on her breathing, trying to push away dark memories. The slimy voice of Madame Kovarian echoed in her mind: "These are your owners. You never really escaped us, Melody Pond..."

"I-I'm sorry, I know this is your...people you're talking about. But perhaps we should change the subject before I say something regrettable."