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wake up, wake up

wake up, wake up, it's only a bad dream meme

bad dreams are ordeals, sometimes seemingly endless. when you wake up, your heart pounds, your head hurts, and you end up drenched in sweat. even if you know none of it was real, it takes a while to orient yourself.

it is pretty nice to have someone there to wake you up or to soothe you out of it and remind you that...

it's only a dream.

the usual rules apply. post with your character and preferences and then tag around, have your characters comfort others.

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Hurd | Tron: Legacy (and post-Legacy AU) | Gen

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[A member of the Resistance and a conscript in the Games. Dreamer or comforter, happy with either]
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back in the bad old days?

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[that flicker didn't look good, and if Hurd made that noise again, the patrol might find their crevace. Ko had been fairly sure they were far enough away, but sound carried strangely in the Outlands.

she slips a hand out of her own tightly wrapped insulation blanket to touch Hurd's shoulder. you're not alone.]
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Re: back in the bad old days?

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[She didn't know when she'd allowed herself to slip into standby. She'd been trying so hard not to. Too hard, maybe, and anyway it's useless now. She's back in Security HQ again and she's closed the partition too fast, a stupid, panicked mistake, everything had gone sideways so fast and Reeve and Estrin are still on the wrong side--

A touch, a whisper of cooling wind against overheating circuits. /you're not alone. A voice and energy signature Hurd knows and trusts.

She opens her eyes.]
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[better. Hurd had been so tired -- there hadn't seemed any harm in letting her rest, but the sentries idling around in the valley still hadn't left.

the jerk and start as she wakes isn't a sign of healthy rest. Ko leans a little bit away from the rocky wall, just far enough to see her face.]
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[Hurd slowly pulls herself up to a sit, leaving the insulating blanket on the ground in order to let cold air reach flickering but too-bright circuits and drawing knees up to her chest to minimize visual exposure. The trembling light from her circuits isn't kind to her complexion or expression; there's little of the laughing dancer from the End of Line here. Still, she manages a faint but genuinely grateful smile at her companion]

/how long?

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/320.7. [just about a quarter-milli. they're safe, at least, from the sentries' line of sight; the enemy would have to be right on top of them to see down into their nearly-invisible fissure up in the crags.

they're in no rush; if the coast is clear within another few quarters, they'll be free to head back home. in the meantime, Ko, lights muffled in her blanket out of habit, doesn't withdraw her hand.]