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The Moment After Meme

The Moment After Meme

You've seen The Morning After, and the Build-Up, and even the Mid-Fuck memes. But what about the moment after characters have done the deed? Do they cuddle or light up a cigarette? Go for seconds or reflect on what just happened? Hop into the shower to wash away their sins? Regret everything?

Well, we'll find out, won't we?

How it works:

- Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject. Include any prefs or no-no's.
- A set-up isn't necessary but hey, if you want, go for it!
- Others respond to your character.
- Congrats! They just had sex.
- Have fun!
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Dr. River Song || Doctor Who | OTA

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[Just... catching his breath here for now.]
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[She's plenty breathless herself, but mostly she's elated, grinning from ear to ear. She puts a hand upon his chest, fingertips drawing idle patterns.]

Don't tell me I broke you already, sweetie.
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I... kinda forgot this existed until just now. Oops.

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Broken? Hardly.

[But the breath sure isn't completely back yet.]

Let's just... lay here for a bit before we do anything else.

[Yeah, he's exhausted. He looks awfully happy, too, though. You can feel proud of yourself for that, River Song.]
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shhh that's okay

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[Oh she definitely is, Doctor. Her own post-orgasm contentment hardly compares to seeing the same reflected upon him and knowing she's the cause. She curls up against his side, fingers still drawing little circles on his chest. It's hard for her to keep completely still, but she's trying.]

'Anything else', huh... Is that a promise for another go 'round sometime, because I've still got quite a few ideas for you, sweetie.