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eau d'pon farr, buy it now

Exposed to a Pon Farr inducing agent (either chemically created or a natural toxin) you are now forced to undergo a biological shift. You feel aggressive, sexually unsatisfied and more than eager to take a mate. In fact, you know without a doubt who your mate is. If you do not relieve the neurochemical imbalance with sex, meditation or engaging in an intense physical fight, you will go insane and die within eight days.

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[Oh man, decisions decisions....Are we playing it as their first sexual encounter? Because I'm tempted to do regular for that if it's going to be aggressive/desperate/possibly violent.]
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[we could, dear. i don't mind. if you want to go with that lovely second option would you care to set it up for us?]
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[River isn't sure what tipped her off first that something about today was...not quite right. Traveling with the Doctor in any respect is sure to skew anyone's spectrum of normality, and River's has been skewed for a long time. Even with the Master around, the unusual TARDIS team had more or less found a balance, albeit one with lots of bickering and trying to one-up each other.

She's on her way towards the console room, feeling less than her usual energetic self when a sharp, forceful turn of the ship makes her stumble and fall against the wall.

"What the hell does he think he's doing?"

She sputters and straightens herself, picking up the pace of her feet. Had the Doctor completely lost his mind? He'd never made a landing quite so rocky. But when she stomped into the console room, prepared to give him a piece of her mind, she found it utterly devoid of the bowtie-favoring Time Lord. Instead, a hurriedly written note on the monitor was all she found: a ham-handed excuse that gave no details as to where he'd dashed off.

She scoffs, muttering "Bastard" under her breath with a bit more harshness than usual. A less-than-stellar mood now turned foul. To better redirect her energies, River changed into workout clothes and made a beeline for the exercise room.

But of course, even that can't go simply. She rounds a corner, nearly colliding with the other resident Time Lord.

"Oi!" she barks at him. "Out of my way, I've no use for Time Lords today!"
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i do so enjoy it when you do that

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[the master was hardly in any mood to be trifled with himself. he was just on his way to the console room himself, perfectly good cup of tea having been lost to that poor excuse of a landing, when he ran right into river.

unlike river, though, he knew exactly what it was that was putting him off, not that he planned on informing her or anyone else just what it was if he could bloody well help it.]

Oh, isn't that a surprise? Cause I've absolutely no use for freakish little human companions today either.

[too wrapped up in his own downward spiral of the morning, his heightened olfactory senses don't catch anything off until he's brushed past her with a bit more force that was strictly necessary, and then stops; whirling around to face her, his eye narrow.

what that can't be.]

That idiot husband of yours had better be in the console room so I can kill him.

[their days were usually punctuated by the master threatening at least one of them with some form of bodily harm, but this wasn't like his usual jabs. he was downright furious. he fully intended on following through with his threat, or at the very least beating him within an inch of regeneration.

yes, good, that would work.]
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Re: i do so enjoy it when you do that

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[River stands her ground as he forcefully pushes past her - she's not about to let herself hit another wall today yesyouareSPOILERS - hands flexing and clenching as she tries to retain what little composure she has left.

She's half-turned toward the Master, glaring. Most days his insults are like being prodded with a dull toothpick - at worst, it hurts for a second then subsides, at best, a mildly inconvenient sensation. But today, he's sharp and hostile, irate even. River waves her hand dismissively, rolling her eyes. Diverting eye contact helps relieve the temptation of putting his eyes in contact with her fist.]

Take a bloody number and get in line. I've got my own bone to pick with him, and trust me, the minute he gets his arse back here he's gonna regret every single second he spends outside this TARDIS!

[She hadn't formulated a specific plan of how she'd make the Doctor pay, but she'd been a groomed psychopath. Torture was just like riding a bicycle. Well, she's guessing. In the mean time, she could warm up with a nice punching bag in the exercise room.] He left a note, go see for yourself.
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[he is fully prepared to ignore her and continue on his way to the console room to find this stupid little note of the doctor's when she tells him to---

---did she really just tell him to get in line? usually a companion will retort that he'd better not lay a finger on his poor little head or some other such thing and the threat turns on its head towards him.

not that any of them have ever been able to make true to their word, somehow---maybe it's just today---he thinks he might have something of a challenge. he can't remember the last time that happened.

color him intrigued. he turns, eyeing her much like a lion would its prey, and circles just enough to look her up and down before grinning widely.]

Oh? And what would you do?

[he's never had anyone on the same level, more or less, to chat about making the doctor suffer. it's new and a bit exciting. daleks just want him dead, and he'd never work with them again. well, most of the doctor's enemies just want him dead. the master wants him to squirm.]
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ack small tag I'm sorry, she's stubborn

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[River frowns as he circles her. Not only is he continuing to talk to her, but he's further preventing her from channeling the rage (among other things) that is building within her. She's on edge as it is, but the way the Master smiles at her is disconcerting.]

To the Doctor? [She made a noise of derision.] Wrong question. What I wouldn't do to him is a shorter answer. But why do you give a damn? Has the mighty Master finally run out of neurotically-detailed plans?

[Mocking him is not a good idea, but hey, she's already walking away from him.]