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Sometimes we all want to play some angst and see just how far our characters and and will fall.

- Post your characters, name and series in the subject along with any preferences.
- Go to and roll.
- Play!
- original

1. just depressed.
Things are tough, you're feeling worn out - whatever the case, you're depressed. You need help. Or someone else thinks you do, anyway.

2. abandoned.
You were left behind by everyone you hold dear, and now you're forced to see how well they've adjusted, how happy they all are while you're screaming inside.

3. sick.
Cold, flu, or something even worse, all you can do is lie back and let someone take care of you.

4. fight.
You've been fighting nonstop with someone, and it just keep escalating.

5. break up.
You're being broken up with, and they won't reconsider... Damn.

6. separated.
Whatever the reason, you've been separated from the other person for a long time.

7. kidnapped.
You've been held captive for how long now? Maybe they've been torturing you, even using your blood to write ransom notes, threatening to cut off fingers to send next, etc. Rescue is on the way though, right?

8. beaten up.
Just because someone didn't like you or wanted something you had, you're coming home sporting some nasty wounds and bruises.

9. jealousy.
You just have this undeniable jealousy suddenly, and you need to let it out.

10. cheated on.
This goes beyond just suspicion, and you have full-on proof of what your lover has done. How do you handle it?

11. apathetic.
You're not sad, you're not happy, you just... don't feel much anymore. The sparkle of life has gone right out of you, and you're just going through the motions now.

12. addicted.
Drugs, alcohol, whatever your drug of choice is, you can't fight the draw and you can't draw yourself out of the hole, but the other person is going to try.

13. bad romance.
You know this isn't good for either of you, but you can't stop now.

14. fear.
Nightmares, the feeling someone is following you, etc. You can't shake the feeling.

15. insanity.
You're seeing things and hearing them, waking up only to realize you've done things you don't remember or you're in a place you weren't before. You're losing it and you don't know what to do.

16. guilt.
It's eating you up inside and you have to tell someone about it now. You want to be punished and you won't take no for an answer.

17. loss
You've lost something dear to you.

18. wild card.
Combine some options or make your own!
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Dr. River Song | Doctor Who | OTA

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[Angsty backstory is a-calling! Open to all prompts except addicted.]
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[would you be willing to use the same situation as the thread we already have going to make things interesting?]
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[Oh my god, yessss]
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2 and a bit of 7. sorry for the tl;dr

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[it's been years. sometimes---sometimes he catches himself wondering if he ever had other lives outside of all this. of raising a child with river, their little brian, who isn't so little anymore.

he's five standard years old. bit of a menace too. she blames him of course.

river used to write in a journal of hers, but she stopped that---it must be a couple of years back. she tucked it away somewhere. he used to work on finding ways to escape, but after more mind-wipes than he can actually count anymore, what's the point? he's not even sure what's there to escape to.

the boy though, their son, he lives for the stories they tell. stories of this man called the doctor who neither of them are sometimes certain ever existed or if they just made him up. a fairy tale to deal with the life they live now. he lives for stories of him defeated daleks and axons. lives for tales of a planet with red grass and a burnt orange sky.

he takes him out at night on the clearest nights, and teaches him the constellations. tells him their stories. usually, on those nights, brian falls asleep tucked against his side, and he's left to carry him back home and put him to bed.

tonight is no exception to that, and after spinning magnificent tales of that famous doctor and his blue box and telling him the stories of the stars, brian is out like a light and easy to fold under the covers and tuck in. the master watches a moment as he resettles himself under the blankets once they're around him. he reaches out to brush back a bit of stray hair (it's getting long), and smiles.

he tucks away his own thoughts of the doctor, his box, and a planet he's certain doesn't exist anymore, and heads back downstairs to where river is reading.]

I've put him down for the night. What are we reading tonight, hm?
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shhh it's glorious

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[Years and years ago, in one of a few lives she doesn't remember, River Song was a restless, free-spirited individual. She had no intention to settle down, nor did she ever anticipate making a family. Her unusual genetics made that damn near impossible, and the only man she'd ever loved was the most asexual being in the universe.

That woman doesn't exist anymore. Not completely, anyway. Mind-wipes and raising Brian have made her forget and adapt. She's still feisty and smart, but her adventures are much more domestic, from tracking down fresh fruit at the market to chasing Brian around the house she and the Master have settled in and made their own.

She watches the two of them - her boys, she calls them affectionately - head outside for their evening ritual. It warms her heart to see them close. It also gives her a much-needed bit of free time to unwind after the day's activities. She spent much of today cleaning out cabinets and cupboards, so she's eager to recline in the living room, reading.

The book she picks up is unfamiliar, but the moment she cracks open the dusty blue cover, she's absorbed in worn, yellow pages. She doesn't hear her boys return from their outing. It isn't until the Master descends the stairs alone that she's pulled back to reality.

She jumps at his query, an old instinct kicking in as she shuts the book quickly.]

I...I-I'm not sure. [She looks up at him, feeling....guilty? Even she can't describe the unease she feels.]

I was cleaning earlier and I found this. Do you...recognize it at all?
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[the master smiles at the shift and close of the book, he's not sure why it's amusing but it is. he sits down next to her, procuring his own reading material for the evening, and casts a glance over to the worn blue book.

it looks familiar, that book. the design is---it doesn't matter.]

Isn't that your old journal, dear? You lost that years back.
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Is it?

[She stares at it in her hands, frowning.] ..I'd completely forgotten about it.
It was shoved in the bottom drawer of my bureau.

The thing doesn't read like a proper journal. It's all sort of....mixed up. Like a story out of order. And there's a silly man in it like in Brian's stories. Maybe I was trying my hand at creative writing, I don't know.

[She shakes her head and leans over to leave it on the coffee table, away from her.] Clearly I wasn't any good.
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Mmmhm. I've not seen it in ages. [he peers at it as she sets it away, feeling an unfamiliar itch in his fingers to pick it up and thumb through it. he dismisses it and returns his attention back to her as she tells him about it.

he chuckles.]

What? His doctor was in it? Funny old man. Maybe---I mean did we make it up together? [cause they both told him those stories, only she stopped, and he kept it up most days.

he waits on opening up his own book because she still looks disturbed. he beckons her over with one arm, so she could lean against his side if she cares to, and he can wrap one arm around her.]

I'm sure you were brilliant. The doctor doesn't have dull companions after all. [it's said with a teasing lilt to his voice and a smile.]
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I can't remember, it feels like ages ago. [She'd run out of stories to tell; she started confusing when things had happened, or started repeating stories that Brian already knew. Eventually she was content to let his father take over storytelling. He seemed to have endless imagination for the Doctor character.

She gladly takes that offer to lean against him, her head upon his shoulder with a sigh. Thankfully neither has to worry about her wild hair much, as it's currently in a ponytail. She chuckles wryly, nudging him. ]
I'm not sure that's a compliment to my writing or a dig that the earth girls he picks up are based on me.
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[he wraps his arms around her shoulders, rubbing one lightly, and leans over just enough to kiss her temple. he liked these moments, stolen ones when brian was tucked away in bed for the evening. times when they didn't have to worry about being interrupted by anyone at all.]

Can't it be both? [he grins, and settles back a bit more comfortably with her at his side.] Was it you that came up with that terrible wheezing groaning noise that his box makes?

[as he continues to tease, he brings that sound into his temporary arsenal, but can only do it for so long before dissolving into a fit of laughter all on his own.]

I think---didn't you come up with it being because he always left the brakes on because he thought it was a brilliant noise?
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You're incorrigible. [She rolls her eyes at his grin. Still, he is managing to cheer her up a bit with it all; the tenderness and the teasing. She tries to think just when the wheezy box first crossed her mind, but his imitation makes her burst out laughing as well.] Good lord, is that what you think it sounds like?!

[She gasps and lifts her head up, eyes wide and nodding.]

Yes, you're right! I said - er, wrote, that it wasn't supposed to make that noise because of the brakes, and he got all grumpy and defensive about it to the companion! God, I can't believe you even remembered that...