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the morning after meme

the morning after

┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ a meme
( keep in mind that sexual scenarios are the basis of this meme! please enter with caution )
┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈┈ the scenarios

your partner is up and about -- maybe dressed, maybe not -- and in the kitchen. what are they making you? could it be... grilled cheese?
they're such a peaceful sleeper. a peaceful, sexy sleeper. actually there's too much of that sleeping happening. why don't you wake the up, world's kindest alarm?

you wake up to find they're rummaging about for their clothes, about to leave. why the rush, can't you convince them to stay?

and the evening, maybe even the morning after after... hours have passed but you just can't leave each other! or maybe one of you just won't...

there's a tiger in the closet, a baby in the bathroom, and a total stranger curled up beside you. who is this person beside you, smelling of tequila and regret? do they know any more about what, or who, went down than you do?

don't feel too lonely waking up by yourself -- the shower's on and the sound of water falling is mighty inviting. why don't you get cleaned up -- or down and dirty all over again?

sleep? what is this sleep thing you speak of? dawn's breaking and neither of you have gotten a wink, or want one. who's ready for round xxx?

turns out the reason you scored wasn't your sparkling wit and magnetic confidence. your partner had an ulterior motive -- they already knew it and you're about to. recon? revenge? rebound? tag and find out, if you can handle the truth!

that sleepy person in your living room had a great night -- with your roommate. well, might as well get to know each other while you're both there, right? ... right?

roll more than once and combine scenarios, choose your favorite, or make up your own!
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River Song | Doctor Who | OTA

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(( Any prompt preferences? ))
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((Oh man, so many good choices for these two! 4, 6, and 7 are looking particularly inviting))
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6 it is then.

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[ Jack hadn't been exactly sure when it was he fell asleep, but the liquidity of his muscles and drowsiness of his head told him it must have been quite some time. He rolled onto his back, searching through the fog to recall the events of the night before.

[ That's right... He'd met the most amazing woman... He couldn't quite place his finger on what precisely had drawn him to her; there was something very familiar about her, however. He certainly hadn't regretted his decision for an instant, and hoped she hadn't regretted hers, either. It took him a moment to realise that she wasn't in bed with him, and for only a moment, he felt panicked. At least until he heard the water in the shower running. He relaxed and smiled to himself, slipping out of bed and dragging his feet toward the bathroom to catch another look at the gorgeous woman he'd fallen into bed with the night before. ]

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This is perfectly fine!

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[River's muscles ached in all the right places to remind her she'd had an excellent night. The tousled bed and clothes strewn about the room were a confirmation as well, but the icing on the cake was the delicious hunk of man that was asleep beside her. She'd been so tempted to touch him, give him a very happy wake-up call, but her desire for a shower was stronger. She'd give him some attention later.

Hot water felt good on her aching muscles, and she was rubbing behind her neck when she heard footsteps. She'd only been in here a few minutes. A quick flash of instinct had her prepared for an intruder and she tensed, but she relaxed when she saw the familiar figure.]

Good morning.
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[ He greeted River with a warm, pleasant smile, taking his time in admiring the figure under the water before meeting her eyes again. ]

Good morning. How are you feeling? [ He nodded to the shower and ran a hand through his hair, still slightly damp with sweat at the scalp, though the humidity in the bathroom certainly wasn't helping. ] Room for one more?
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Mm, I'm feeling wonderful, actually. [She smiled back coyly. She loves the attention of his eyes; it's almost as thrilling as the memory of his touch last night, and she has no qualms about reciprocating, taking in how he stands as the bathroom fills with steam.]

Certainly. It's quite roomy in here. [She slides the panel of the shower door over more to let him in.] And even if it wasn't, I can be quite flexible.

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[ Jack gave a lazy chuckle and a knowing nod. ] Oh. I remember.

[ He stepped in past the panel and slides it shut after him, delighting the splash of warm water against his tired skin and awakening muscles. He enjoys it only for a few brief seconds before he slips behind her and out of her way of the spray, wrapping his arms around River's waist and kissing her shoulder. ]

I was hoping you'd still be here. I don't think I'd ever forgive myself if I let a gorgeous, and not to mention talented, woman like you slip away that easily.
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Nor would I, sweetie. [She smileD and leanes her head back against him, placing her arms just above his around her front.] Forgive you, that is. I'm quite a catch.

[River chuckled.] Of course I rarely stay in the same place very long. Unless I have a very good reason.
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[ Jack busied himself with kisses against her shoulder, retreating one arm for only a moment to brush back her wild hair to get at her neck as well. ]

You'd be surprised at what you can get comfortable with. Though it's not nearly as much fun... [ His lips trail up to behind her ear, which he playfully catches with his teeth. When he speaks into it, it's with a soft, gentle voice what hides a hint of mischief. ] And if you did happen to get away, I suppose I'd have no other option except to chase you.
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I do love a good chase...

[She murmured softly, closing her eyes. She wanted to take in this moment; the hot spray of water falling upon them, his softer but just as warm kisses against her neck, and that catch of her earlobe with his teeth that sent a pleasurable little shiver down her back. And goodlord was he a smooth talker.

She hummed thoughtfully purposely pressing back into him for a bit of teasing friction.]

And you think you could keep up with me?
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[ He gives a gentle, pleased sigh at her movements and pulls her closer to him, letting his palms flatten against her belly and move upward, passing over her hands and helping himself to handfuls of her breasts. ]

I'm very good at finding what I'm looking for, Ms. Song. I might let you run for a little while, but I'd never be far behind.

[ He laps at a rogue stream of water that had twisted and turned down the length of her neck. ]

You wouldn't even get a chance to miss me before I'd caught up with you.
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[A little groan soon slipped past her lips as his strong hands slid up to cup her breasts.]

It's Doctor Song, actually. [She couldn't help the correction, it was practically an ingrained behavior for her by now. There was another little shudder in her body as he lapped at her neck, and she wouldn't be surprised if he felt it too. She lifted an arm to reach up and gently brush against his cheek as he continued to lavish her neck with attention.] Is that so? And what do you think you'd do when you supposedly caught me?
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hnngh I need to watch it again. and then end of time. so, so good.

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Doctor, hm? I've always had a fondness for doctors.

[ He turned his head to kiss at her palm and her wrist, taking his time in sucking the water from her skin. His hands roll the flesh in his hands with a loving, tender touch, enjoying the softness and feeling of fullness in his hands, imagining that she might fill out a jumper quite nicely. His fingers deftly and expertly avoid touching her nipples too much, preferring the slow buildup instead. ]

Well, the first thing that I would do is kiss you.. and take you for a drink to commend you for a fine game. But after that? I'd tear your clothes off and kiss you all over.. see what the stardust on your skin tastes like.
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Seriously, it was beautiful

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Oh? I always wanted to kill mine. 'Til I grew up a bit. [Ha. Hahaha. Ha. Funny, River.

But there were more important things going on than inside jokes with herself. His hands, those marvelous hands, they had all the skill and tenderness that she so rarely gets to experience. She'd had enough of past hookups with wild groping and rushed performances where she gives more than she gets.

No, Jack was a proper lover. He knew how to really tease and excite the nerves beneath her skin, get them to hum low with desire. She gently guided his chin toward her with her fingertips, her lips seeking his for a soft kiss.]

Stardust, huh...If you're not careful, Captain, you'll end up with a supernova on your hands.

Or lips.
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I think I could survive it. I'm quite resilient, you know.

[ And his lips touched hers, not the least bit shy about it. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a lover quite this playful and enthusiastic. Must have been... was it all the way back in Cardiff? The memory seemed so distant from the lovely place he was standing with a fantastic lover arched and stretched against him.

His fingers passed over her skin, pausing only to tease her nipples before making their way back down her belly and stopping at her abdomen to pull her backside more firmly against him. ]

I could be your problem as for long as you'd let me.
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[He seemed so good, too good to be true. Surely there had to be some flaw about him....but River wasn't about to take inventory on him right now. She was too content to let anything ruin the moment she had going for her.]

My own personal batch of trouble, eh? [She let out a slow, calculated breath as all too brief ripples of pleasure danced across her breasts at his roaming fingertips.

A soft gasp escaped her as he pulled her body more firmly against his, each deliciously sculpted contour of his front pressing into her backside. Her raised arm curved around his head, fingers gently curling in his wet hair.

In a low, throaty voice, she whispered to him, just barely audible over the patter of shower water around them.]

Even if I kept you around forever? You've that kind of stamina?
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[ He smiled at her gasps and delighted in the sound of her voice against his ear. Her words, however, turned his smile into something more mischievous and playful as he spun her round and pinned her to the wall by virtue of her wrists. The grip isn't tight, and certainly not threatening, but by placing his leg between hers, he's relatively assured her he has no plans of letting her go anywhere. ]

I've got enough stamina for loads of things. Eternity doesn't scare me.
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Ooh! [The cool tile of the wall pressed against her back, sending a little chill throughout her heated body. Her eyes meet his gaze with an equally mischievous twinkle. If she really wanted to, she was sure she could wrangle up the strength to subdue him. But that was the very last thing River wanted. The tip of her tongue brushes across her lips to wet them, and she lifts her chin up in defiance.]

Prove it to me.
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Your wish is my command.

[ Jack leans in, pressing a firm and full kiss to her lips while pressing his body flush against hers. His hands pull River's above her head, pinning them both together under one hand while his now freed hand traveled slowly down her arm and her side, pausing at her waist and slipping between her backside and the wall. That hand playfully grabbed a handful of her backside, pulling her just a little closer while the leg between hers rode up against her. ]
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apologies for the slow, lovely!

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[There's a heated exhale on River's part before his lips capture hers, but the heat of their bodies together is something far grander. His toned chest brushing her nipples, while that one hand of his is free to roam down her skin, teasing each little nerve - little touches that arouse her sense of feeling, contrasting against the cooler tiles at her back.

Her mouth curves upward in a smile against his lips at the playful grip of her backside. River's content to leave her wrists in his control, but she can't help a desire to even the playing field a bit. She's used to being dominant, and habits are hard to fight. She groans at the feel of his leg between her thighs, and she rocks her hips forward - not as much as she'd like, she hasn't got the proper leverage - while her mouth opens, inviting him for a deeper kiss.]
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No worries! I have also been busy!

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[ Jack easily takes the bait, deepening the kiss with no hesitation in the least. He can't help himself but to admire and enjoy each and every little movement that her body makes, and each inch of her skin that brushes his sends a jolt of excitement through him. He leans into her, letting his hand explore what he could reach of her thigh and circling back round her hip to touch the tightness of her belly and as smoothly as he can manage, replaces the position of his leg with it.

His lips release hers, tugging at her lower lip with his teeth and giving her a blazing wide-eyed stare. ]

God you are incredible.
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[River feels the same little jolts travel up and down and across her skin, most following the path of his hand exploring her body. He palms her stomach and eventually dips between her thighs, replacing his leg. It's a good substitution, she thinks. She invites his touch with a sigh, tongue running against her lower lip when she meets his piercing gaze.]

'God', huh? [She smirks.] Well if this is what worship is like, I could get used to it.
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I can't think of a better reason to chase you around, personally.

[ He pecks her lips and lets them find her neck once again, sucking the trails of water from her throat and gently scraping her skin with his teeth. The hand between her legs does not remain idle, naturally, letting his nimble, experienced fingers caress and explore her outer folds while the heel of his hand rocks carefully and quite deliberately into her clit. ]

It isn't every day a man gets to lay with a goddess.
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((I hit some serious writer's block with this thread for a while. I have no real explanation beyond that and I feel terrible I let it lapse so long. I totally get it if you've lost interest))

[Goddess. She likes the sound of that. She always wanted to be a goddess. She exhales unevenly, the scraping of his teeth jolts the nerves of her neck awake and he passes dangerously close to one of her sensitive spots, just below her ear.]

Very true, but....[She has to pause for the little groans that fall from her lips as his wonderful hand rocks into her clit, fingers beginning a slow, probing explorations of her folds.] Ohh, you keep that up and you'll be in the running for a record, Captain.

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