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cuckoo nest

Cuckoo Nest: The premise of the Cuckoo Nest plot is that a character is convinced that they are in an insane asylum (a Bedlam House is a popular choice), where they are told that the events of the series are actually hallucinations. -tvtropes

Post in with your character name, canon, etc., along with a brief description of how your character would end up committed and any diagnoses.

The Hospital

1. Your first time "waking up". How do you react to it? Firm denial? Or does it maybe make a little too much sense?

2. Time to meet your friends. Or are they? Are these really the people you know and love, or are they just the templates you used to imagine your friends?

3. Time to go exploring. That huge corporation that's been haunting your every move? Yeah, that's the cafeteria. Fortress of Solitude? Blanket fort. At least it's still pretty kickass.

4. Time to talk to your doctor! Maybe, between the two of you, you can work out a solution for your, er, problems.

5. Time to see your loved ones. Is someone dead in your reality but alive here? Maybe that person you've always had your eye on but never reciprocated is actually your spouse? Every Cuckoo Nest needs a Lotus-Eater Machine thrown in.


6. Well, you're back. Everything's fine, right? But it's a little hard to shake that feeling that maybe this isn't quite.... real.

7. Your friends are starting to notice you're acting detached, weird. How are you going to explain this?

8. Maybe you should go do a little soul-searching, try to figure things out. No one will mind if you disappear from your responsibilities without explanation, right?


9. You're starting to flash between realities now. Talking to friends, talking to your therapist... everything's starting to get muddled. How well are you keeping everything straight? Or are you at all?

10. It's now or never. You have to do something drastic to let go of this reality and make the leap to the really real one. How do you do it? And which one do you choose?
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River Song | Doctor Who | OTA

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[Angst angst angst.

River will refuse to believe that The Doctor is simply a myth she made up to cope with being kidnapped as a child and held hostage for many years. Her charts will say she was first institutionalized at 17 and has been in and out of the facility for years. They have to keep a hard watch on her, as she's clearly nowhere near "rehabilitation" and will likely try to break out.]
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Opposed to an AU!Master? How about a very dubious 2?

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[oh, this one's not buying it, either, and he's been staying as sharp as he possibly can, looking for anyone who might be just as resistant.

River might notice he's been smoothly sleight-of-hand palming his meds for the past week or so. they flush nicely in the WC after breakfast, after all, and it's so very easy to pull one over on some of these attendants.

it doesn't mean he won't still pick at whatever they consider breakfast in this place, though. even if he's still not happy about it.]
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Not at all! this is excellent

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[River certainly has noticed, though she hasn't spoken a word to him yet. She's learned the hard way not to trust anyone too easily. The last time she was in here she supposedly had bribed the attendant with sexual favors to get out of taking her pills. She remembers no such thing, but it's earned her a reputation she can't shake.

The attendant she had today had eyes like a hawk, so she had to force down her pills after managing a few days off, and now she's left rather nauseous. She stares at her tray of breakfast food.]

....Ugh. Anyone want a deal on extra....whateverthisis?
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lovely! :)

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[he looks up from his own breakfast with a smirk]

I suppose that depends on if anyone needs any cement, wouldn't you say?
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[She manages a wry chuckle, pushing her tray away from her.]
You're very right. Don't fancy we've got any architects in need of some building materials?
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sorry this was so slow!

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Building materials, hah. [he likes your wit]. Maybe one or two.... Personally, I'm more interested in the prospect of demolition....
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That's all right, so was mine this time!

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Oh? [She leans an elbow on the table, putting her chin in her hand.] Demolishing what, if I may ask? I don't mean to pry but I've always been a fan of...explosions.
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[he sees no need to be abstract, they all think he's mad, anyway. .... well, he is, but they've sorely misdiagnosed, is all, and he finds it insulting]

Oh, this place, of course. I was thinking it could use some.... air conditioning. Ahah.
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How very interesting. But you mustn't forget a bit of heat in the important rooms - say, the main office? Everyone in there's as cold as ice. Simply must do something for them.
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[he lets out a rich, indulgent chuckle that's just on the tolerable side of sanity, rolling his eyes a little with glee. it's refreshing to have someone who speaks his language, here]

Such a considerate woman. I admire your sense of ... philanthropy.
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Well, I'm a giver. [A falsely modest shrug. She's clearly enjoying the praise from her kindred spirit.]

Which, coincidentally, rhymes with my name. River. And you are?
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River. Hmm. A pleasure. As for my name, would you like the one they've saddled me with because they don't believe me.... Or what I'm actually called?
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[Another shrug, though this one is more of curiosity and a teensy bit of skepticism. What sort of delusions did he have? Well, best to play it civil. She knew what it was like not to be believed.]

If you like. River's not exactly on my psych evals, either.
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Well, then. Rivah. [he says it with a sort of relish, arching an eyebrow] You can call me the Master.

[how do you like those apples?]