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1. I Dreamed a Dream: Maybe things aren't working out just the way you thought they would. Sometimes, there are just dreams that cannot be.
2. Lovely Ladies: You’re getting to know each other a little more closely. But who are we to judge... even stokers need a little stoke.
3. The Confrontation: Looks like you two just can’t see eye to eye. Will you kiss and make up, or will you abandon ship?
4. Castle on a Cloud: Your relationship is absolutely perfect, cute, and fluffy.
5. Master of the House: You loooooove each other. And that’s not just the alcohol talking. Really.
6. Red and Black: Suddenly, you feel your soul on fire. Your world just isn’t complete if that other person isn’t there.
7. A Heart Full of Love: Congrats, you’ve found your soulmate! Of course, you’ve only just met, so perhaps you should take a little time to get to know them as you’re confessing your love.
8. On My Own: You lost out in the battle of love. What do you do when you find out you aren’t the target of your dear friend’s affections? Do you let him know, or do you anguish silently in his presence?
9. A Little Fall of Rain: One of you is dying. Take your last moments to confess how you really feel.
10. Wedding Chorale: What it says on the tin. You’re getting married! Enjoy your happy day. Don’t let any party crashers ruin the moment.
11. Do You Hear the People Sing?: Roller’s choice. Pick a Les Mis song that I didn’t use! Make up your own scenario!

❧ Comment with your fandom, character name, preferences, etc.
❧ Go to RNG. (Or, if you have the Les Mis soundtrack, shuffle it and go with that song!)
❧ Tag around and enjoy your musically inspired meme.
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River Song | Doctor Who | OTA

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[OOC: Mun loves musicals, so she's got some ideas....

A scenario based off Master of the House and the Thenardiers' relationship: love/hate marriage (depending on what version of Les Mis you're looking at) between people of questionable morals, scamming others out of money.

One Day More: Circumstances, either your choice or another's, are pulling you and your love apart. Does your family disapprove? Is war brewing and you're needed on the front lines? Whatever the case, you're sharing what may be your last moments with the love of your life, and you wish it didn't have to end.]