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The Shippy and/or Smutty Bodyguard Meme

the bodyguard meme
never let her out of your sight. never let your guard down.
You're a pop star, or a royal, or maybe even the last of your kind who will bring about the Earth's redemption. Whatever the case may be, you're in a position that may be a bit dicey if you attract the wrong kind of attention.

And you're a bodyguard, a soldier, a knight - a protector. Somehow, you've been roped into protecting this person. You'll be rewarded, of course. The work may be cut out for you, but just do your job, keep your head down, and it'll go smooth.

Except for when the two of you break the bounds of professionalism and feelings begin to flourish. Being in such close quarters may get you to see the other in a different light, and saving someone's life just may be the ultimate form of intimacy.

Could this be the real danger? To feel so strongly for the one you've sworn to protect...are you compromised?

How to Play
1. Comment with your character and preferences, being sure to put if you want to play the guard, the guarded, or either. Also, you may want to put if you prefer fluffy, angsty, or smutty interaction - or have no preference.
2. Comment to others.
3. There are no prompts, because there are so many potential options there could be a hundred. Feel free to play anything: the beginnings of the relationship, just meeting, getting used to each other/not getting along at first, the obligatory first time, a threat on the protected's life and how their protector responds, how the feelings between the two has changed the protection, etc. Your only limit is you.
never fall in love.
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River Song (Doctor Who) - most likely Guard

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[She'll be a very stubborn client if guarded. Open to smut but not a requirement.]
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In a turn of events not entirely uncommon, the Doctor was mistaken for the King of the Aziocs, of the tribe of the Aziocs. All things said and done, that would be fine and dandy, except they were in a war with a warring tribe. The Doctor had been placed as a king and holding this position for three weeks now, and to say he was enjoying his time was far from the truth.

If things couldn't become any more complicated, Professor Song was there and was placed as his guard, given her strategic knowledge of the area, it's history, and runes that were seen to be holy. Often into the late nights, the Doctor would stay up late with her, attempting to plan their possible escape, but it didn't seem like it would be happening any soon.

Lounged out in a large fur-bound chair, the Doctor had a leg draped over an arm and he looked rather bored. "Maybe I should fake my death..." He muttered as he rubbed his tired eyes. "I don't want to be involved in some bloody war."
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River knew the Azioc culture very well: it had been one of her more interesting term papers back in her uni days. Now that she was a professor, she did a lot more grading papers than writing them, which made her a bit restless for adventure. So when the current term ended, she made a beeline for the Azioc Valley, presenting herself as an ambassador to the Elder Council. They were the ones who ruled and judged in the interim periods between kings. They were also the ones who "confirmed" that a certain spikey-haired pretty boy was the next ruler, having come to valiantly save their people in time of war.

When the Doctor was lauded and adorned with ceremonial raiments, River had to excuse herself in order to get muffled laughter out of her system. When she returned, the Doctor was trying his best to talk his way out of the situation, only to be interrupted by a blitz attack from rogue warriors of the opposing tribe. It was hardly even a scuffle compared to River's other adventures, but apparently her quick jump to action to defend the Doctor impressed the Elder Council. After reviewing her abilities, they placed her as his guard. A gig she rather enjoyed for the first five or six days, until it became apparent that neither of them could leave.

Nobody keeps River Song in one place. Nobody.

They've now been here three weeks and River was more determined than ever to break out. She sat on the floor of the lavish hut/tent structure, looking over sketches she'd made of the area. She pulled her fur-lined coat tighter, enjoying the surprising amount of warmth it brought. Aziocs certainly knew how to fashion.

"I don't think that would help, sweetie. They might make you into a martyr and go to death for their cause."
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"True." He pursed his lips, lacking in amusement as he bobbed his leg up and down, trying to think of a better idea. "This wasn't my plan, just so you know."

There's a sigh before he looks over to watch her flip through the maps, "What do you see?" He finally slides his lanky body off the 'throne' and joins her on the floor, looking with great curiosity at the maps at hand.

"These are really well done, River. I'm impressed!" He was, and was completely unaware that she had some cartography skills, as quick as these were made, they could almost pass for a real thing.
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"I know that," River said, distracted. "I've been privy to your plans before, and save for the time we nearly ended up as ritual sacrifices, they hardly ever go this awry."

There might've been a compliment in there somewhere. She put aside a few of the maps she'd put together, spreading them out in front of her.

She looked up when his lanky form joins her on the floor. He still surprised her with how gracefully he moved sometimes. Unlike a certain later regeneration...

"Thank you sweetie," she smiled. "It's actually been a while since I've had to draw anything substantial like this. I rather enjoyed the challenge." She sketched smaller things in her diary, certainly - faces of alien beings, the Doctor, snippets of memory from childhood. But this was a larger project. All things considered, she was rather proud of it.

"So, the way I see it - the entrance to the valley is the most heavily guarded area - rotating sentries and the like. Unless you feel like picking up a knife, we're not getting out that way." River leaned over and pointed to another sketched area. "With the feud going on, the Aziocs have moved from their traditional residential area to where we are now. Think of it like a fortified camp ground. From what you've told me about your landing, the TARDIS is likely still in the woods back here-" Again, she pointed it out on the paper. "The residential camp borders the woods over here, where they likely only have one or two guards hidden up in - well, they have a different word for it, but basically a glorified tree house. If we can get the drop of them and make a break for the woods, we just might stand a chance out of here."

Of course there was the whole problem of getting the new 'King' out that far without anyone noticing he was missing. But outside of that, it was a good plan!
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The Doctor shakes his head, "That won't work." And he sighs before rubbing at his eyelid, "There's an attack coming from the east that'll reach here in 2 days. They sneak through the woods and surprise the tribe." Was the Doctor suppose to pull from time lines yet to come? Oops.

"Perhaps if we send scouts..." And they could fake investigating their defenses, it might work. "They'll be sitting ducks." And yet he knew where this time line was taking them and what is to happen to the tribe. River most likely knew it too, though.

And then the guilt washed through him, and he forced himself to stand back up to his feet and finding a cup to pour himself a glass of water. They didn't have a choice and more bloodshed would be at the Doctor's hands. Selfishly, he thought maybe he could've prevented this from happening.
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"Spoilers," River muttered as if her favorite word had suddenly become a curse word. That meant they were stuck. And worse, that they would be witnesses to a slaughter. "And we can't warn them because we have...unfair knowledge," she said quietly, looking down at the maps with a mournful look.

River lost herself in a train of thought, reflecting on the days spent around the village people. Though she had to be on guard at all times for the Doctor's sake, she did strike up a friendship with one of the seamstresses at the market. A perpetually smiling woman despite the fact she was a widow with seven children. River imagined that smile, frozen forever and framed in blood in a few days' time. And the children-

The chill that ran through her made River jump to her feet and begin to pace slightly to expend her excess nervous energy. She had to be strong. She had to think. There had to be some way out of this that wouldn't leave her quite so guilty...

She paced about the hut for a few minutes, finally slowing down near him. She stood behind him, arms crossed. "I suppose it's too late to introduce the idea of democracy, then." It was an attempt to lighten the now tense mood in the air.
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"What? Propose an election?" He crooked an eyebrow upwards as he spun around to look at her, "It would never work. They're stuck in tradition, that won't come around for another few hundreds of years."

He sets the glass down and without much warning, rests his hands upon her arms as he looked down at her. Funny enough, this was the first time he notices the height difference between them. "We'll have to lead them into battle, I'm afraid. From there, we'll have to fake our deaths to not disturb the timeline. Well, slip out of sight and spread the rumors."

It was a terrible way of thinking and the Doctor didn't like it. Sadly there wasn't anything he could do. "I'm sorry, River. I'm so sorry." He knew she had made friends and that wasn't to say he hadn't either.
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"And They'll be dead by then," she thought mournfully. Whatever stray children or women that could get away would likely die in the woods or assimilate with another tribe. Even if fragments of bloodlines lived on, the Aziocs themselves would be gone.

This was why she'd taken a shine to archaeology. Not just because of the Doctor and the likelihood they would cross paths, but that studying other cultures served as a basis for the future. Mistakes to avoid. This was one mistake she didn't want to experience.

"It's what has to be done," she finally said, glancing down where his hands rested upon her crossed arms. "No much it hurts us." Like the growing lump in her throat or the little tumult of nausea in her stomach.

"I think...I could use a drink."
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He releases his hold on her and pours a glass of the local mead that had been specially made for them. He hadn't touched it but decided now was a good time as any to do so. Pouring himself a small glass as well, he holds it up for a toast with River.

"We'll be fine. We always are." And he downs the amber liquid in two gulps before setting the glass back down. He's finding himself watching River with a bit of a frown before moving to look at the maps one last time.

"You should try and get some rest, River. There's not much we can do now."
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River took the glass wordlessly, offering a somber smile as they toasted. He was right, and she knew it. They didn't have many options left. The best they could do was make it through the last few days they had left.

She consumed the drink in several long sips. She had an unusual fondness for mead, and this one was particularly sweet. She finished it after the Doctor moved towards reviewing her maps, and she quietly placed her glass beside his where he'd left it.

"The same goes for you," she pointed out. "When did you last sleep?"
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"Oh, I'm fine." He reassured her, although the correct answer would be 5 days ago. It was pushing even his limit of what he could tolerate, but he had been constantly wondering and searching through every possible situation and scenario rehearsing through his mind on an endless loop.

But when he sees that look from her, he knew he was defeated. Gently, he moved face to face with her and placed a kiss to her forehead, "I'm fine, River."
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The corners of her mouth twitch upwards at the kiss, the warmth from his lips lingering like a protective seal on her forehead. She slid her arms around his middle - often she'd tease him about how skinny he was; how did the valley winds not blow him away? She was the guard, but now it felt like he was protecting her.

"You say that even when you aren't," she observed, hugging him. "At least sit with me until I fall asleep?"
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He let River take over his bed. It wasn't like he was using it and it was far finer than anyone else's bed in the tribe, layered with feathers and furs. It clearly had yet to be used.

Bringing a lantern nearby, the Doctor sets it aside on the bedside table as he found a book to page through. It was half full of little notes and things he had scribbled down, and decided he'd review things as River slept.

Sitting down next to her, he looks over, "Comfortable?"
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River considered protesting - her cot wasn't terrible, she'd slept on far worse before in the Stormcage - but she relented out of fairness.

She unlaced her boots and shed her fur-lined coat before she slipped beneath the covers, leaving her folded items on the floor. It was toasty beneath the covers, even warmer than her coat had been. She rolled over onto her stomach to reply to him.

"Are you kidding? How have you not been using this every day, it's glorious!"
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That earned a wide smile, "I'm not very good at being idle." Which she knew all too well, he imagined.

Deciding to not be rude and guessing she would be protesting otherwise, he slipped off his trainers and joined her, only sitting up next to the lantern with his notes and such in his lap.

"If anything happens, I'll wake you up." It was a lie. If he could handle it himself, he would. She needed rest; it was written all over her face.
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She chuckled, her voice low as she let her cheek press into the feather pillow. "Sure you will, sweetie. Because it's so unlike you to go dashing headfirst at the first sign of danger." Her eyes still held a glimmer of mirth before her heavy eyelids overtook them. The enveloping warmth of the bed was more powerful than she expected, pulling her into drowsiness.

She laid there, not fully asleep, but warm and content with her eyes closed. She was still minutely aware of the Doctor's presence, between the sound of his breathing and the flipping of pages he reviewed.
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Without realizing it, the Doctor managed to doze off for an hour himself. It wasn't intentional, just he looked over to River sleeping rather peacefully and things had quieted around them in their surroundings.

But when morning came around he was back to being away, sitting at a small table with papers spread around him and his 'brainy-specs' on. He had poured over the pages time and time again. Without even waiting for River to say 'good morning', he spoke before her, "I think I have a way to save the people."
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River awoke reluctantly on her own. Drowsy eyes slowly fluttered open as she sat up, aware that the Doctor was no longer by her side. Surely she'd only dozed off for an hour or two...? But then why did she feel so tired, as if spoiled with rest?

"W...What?" She blinked and rubbed at one eye as the other found the Doctor seated across the room at a table. "How? Where!"
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"Through the southern gates, the land is dangerous, yes, but if we can convince the Aziocs to abandon their horses or get some of the older boys to lead the horses in a different direction and meet them later... We could do this, River. We have a chance to save alot of lives."

He's looking to her almost far too eagerly, waiting to hear her opinion.
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"A diversion..." She murmured thoughtfully, placing her bare feet on the floor as she stood up from the bed. She stared at him a moment, and then she's dashing towards him, throwing her arms around him, perhaps too forcefully for either of them to maintain balance.

"Oh, Doctor I could bloody kiss you!"
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He looks away, being a tad shy, "Well...." He wasn't sure exactly how to respond.

"It's a small window of opportunity that I think we should try... What are we waiting for? Get dressed!"

He scrambled to throw on his trainers, pack away some papers and documents and threw on the fur-lined jacket the tribe had made for him. It was almost too thick to wear, but to not wear it would be offensive in this cold weather. Besides, he had upset far too many tribesmen so far just by being daft.

Stuffing some added papers in the interior pocket, he stood ready at the door waiting for River to join him.
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Embarrassingly, River had let herself get lost in the joy of the moment. They'd grown closer in the past few weeks. Her adventures with him rarely ever went this long, and perhaps she had, she wouldn't dwell on it. The Doctor's remarkably unresponsive response said enough in her eyes.

And he was right, they had important things to do and a very small window of opportunity. She couldn't let her feelings take over now. "Yes, quite right..."

She hurried to lace on her boots and pull on her own fur-filled coat. Her seamstress friend had added a pocket special for River's journal to keep it hidden. She rolled up her maps and tucked them into her travel bag, then made sure she had the really important things. Her pistol tucked in at the small of her back, plus one holstered knife on her hip and another concealed in her boot.

"Right then - lead the way, o mighty king," she smirked.
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SO many feels for the special!

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Outside the camp, the tribe was busy with life. People were going on their daily lives as best as they could in the temporary makeshift home. "River, find my advisers." It still felt weird to hear that roll off his tongue. He was the one used to trying to do the convincing, not the other way around. However, today will change that.

He made some rounds visiting others before stopping at one woman's tent tasting a stew she had made when River returned with what would be best called an entourage.

"Oh! Brilliant!" He quickly ushered them back into his tent where he began going over his plan. "The oldest boys and some of the young men, we need them to lead the horses out this way..." He showed on a map, and explained the rest quickly in hopes no questions would be asked.
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River nodded. "On it," she said, and quickly pivoted to head off in a different direction. "And be careful," she thought. Even if he was safely within the confines of the village, she couldn't help worrying about him.

It took her some time to round up all of those in advising positions to the king. Outside of the current politics, most of them had their own families to worry about, so it took some serious prodding (and glaring) on River's part to tear them away from domestic concerns. "The King requests your presence for an important plan, you'd do him a great dishonor if you delay any further."

Finally she gathered them all, and made a beeline for the Doctor, letting him lead the discussion that occurred in his tent.

One advisor spoke up, about to pose a query. River quickly interjected. "I've read some holy runes for the King which say this is the path we should take. If you care to challenge the sacred language, feel free to go through me." The don't-you-dare fire in her eyes seemed to keep the others at bay.

"So we're all good, then?"
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