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The Moment After Meme

You've seen The Morning After, and the Build-Up, and even the Mid-Fuck memes. But what about the moment after characters have done the deed? Do they cuddle or light up a cigarette? Go for seconds or reflect on what just happened? Hop into the shower to wash away their sins? Regret everything?

Well, we'll find out, won't we?

How it works:

- Post with your character, name and fandom in the subject. Include any prefs or no-no's.
- A set-up isn't necessary but hey, if you want, go for it!
- Others respond to your character.
- Congrats! They just had sex.
- Have fun and be excellent to each other!
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Bruce Wayne | Nolan/DC | OTA

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Re: Hope this is ok...

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[Harvey couldn't remember much about what happened the night before. All he knew now was that he was awake and in someone else's bed. He turned to see who the warm body was next to him and he gasped.]

Bruce Wayne? [He couldn't help the words that tumbled from his lips. He also noticed that they were both naked. What had happened? He could remember the fund raiser party and then there was nothing else. Had he drank that much?]
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[ Bruce was lying flat on his stomach, face-down, hair spread in all angles. He ached all over and felt absolutely exhausted, like a night after patrol but different, in a way. And when he heard the voice beside him, it not only awoke him, but made him realize what exactly transpired the night before that led him here. ]

... Harvey.

[ He was looking at him now, bleary-eyed and, for once, speechless. ]
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Re: I know XD What will Rachel think? >_<

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What the hell happened last night? All I remember is being at your fund raiser party and nothing else. Were we drugged? [His head ached and he did remember having a few drinks and talking with Bruce. Rachel was there but she was talking with some of the other guests.]

Did we?-
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so scandalous~ this is what happens when people fight over you rach :P

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... I think so.

[ This had to be the most awkward moment of his life: he'd slept with Rachel's--the woman who he loved like no other--boyfriend. Not only that, but there was always some sort of tension between them whenever they spoke. ]

We may've been drugged. Who knows?

[ When he moved, he groaned slightly. He hadn't topped, apparently. ]
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Re: I know! Naughty boys XD

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Damn. I wonder who thought it be funny to spike our drinks and have us fall into bed with one another. [What sort of drug could cause Harvey to want to bed Bruce Wayne of all people? Looking at him now, he could see how handsome he was but his attitude? Harvey could barely strike up decent conversation with the man.

Harvey heard Bruce groan and wondered who was on top. The sound made that all clear. God. He had fucked Bruce Wayne. He felt a small blush come to his cheeks, as he turned to Bruce.]

No one should know about this. I mean, Rachel can't know.
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No. Of course not. I've no plans to tell her.

[ Bruce moved to find his pants among the mess on the floor, stretching out a bit. ]

You want coffee?
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Good. Nor have I. [He swallowed dryly and then nodded at Bruce's question. God, he could do with a drink.]

Sure. I could do with one. [Harvey's eyes ghosted over Bruce's muscled form and he couldn't help wonder if Bruce worked out regularly.]
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[ Bruce nodded, buckling up his pants. He'd give Harvey some privacy. ]

It's noon. There's sandwiches if you'd like.

[ He treated all his date's we'll the morning after. Even Harvey Dent. ]
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Sandwiches? I've got to admit, you do treat your guests well, Bruce. [Harvey was a little taken aback at how friendly Bruce was being towards him. Especially just after they found out they'd spent the night with one another. Harvey slipped on his pants and buckled himself up.]

Oh God....what will your butler think?
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Alfred? He's seen a lot, trust me. This won't phase him.

[ Bruce nodded, and after a moment's deliberation, exited the room, grabbing a shirt on the way out. He told Alfred that there was an unexpected guest and to just get started on the sandwiches and coffee.

To be honest, he had no idea what was going to happen after this--between he and Harvey. He was fine with making one-night-stands last for once night, but this was different. ]
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He won't care that you just spent the night with Gotham's D.A? [Harvey just raised an eyebrow and stared. Not that it was his business what Bruce Wayne did with his life. Harvey's idea of Bruce Wayne's night in was with many rich modelling girls. Not him.]

I'm pretty hungry after last night. You uh- you bottomed, you know. [The blonde's eyes were alight with amusement.]
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... I know.

[ Bruce pulled on the shirt. He could see why Rachel found Harvey so attractive, of course: blond, handsome, charming. But they weren't even supposed to be friends, let alone sleep with one another. He wanted Rachel.]

I can feel it.
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You can? [That wasn't the answer Harvey was expecting. Was he that hard last night? Damn, he couldn't even remember half of it, if any.]

Sorry if I-cause any discomfort. You did make a lot of pleased noises, if I remember correctly. [Harvey couldn't stop himself from blurting that one out. This was so perfect. Bruce Wayne being bottomed by him, Harvey Dent.]
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[ He faintly remembered hearing himself begging, face pressed down into a pillow by a hand behind his head. Oh.]

If I remember correctly, I was pleased.

[ Two could play at that game. ]
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Pleased that you were with me or something else? [He was curious and slightly mortified at the same time. What in God's name did they do with one another?]
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I think it was both. With all due respect, you were rather skilled, Harvey.

[ Bruce wanted to laugh at himself now, more and more of last night coming to him. ]
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Well, I'm just glad I didn't disappoint. [He laughed softly and brought a hand up to run through his unruly blond locks.]

You felt rather good too, Bruce.
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[ He flushed slightly under his bronzed skin, chuckling. ]

I'll leave you to get dressed, then?
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You could do that or we could share something to eat together. I might get lost in this vast mansion of yours. [He smirked.]
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I'll bring the food here, then?
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That will be good, then we can both share it, huh? [Harvey sat on the end of the bed and almost gave Bruce a playful look.]
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[ Bruce stepped toward him. Food could wait. ]

Do you want to share just coffee?
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Coffee sounds good to me. [Harvey nodded and wondered why Bruce had decided to place the food on hold.]
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[ Bruce placed his hands on either of Harvey's thighs and kissed him on the lips. This was scandalous, but simply irresistible. No one had to know. ]

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