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Tea Party Meme!

Tea party meme!

⇒ Where did all this tea come from? You're not sure, but you really want to try it.
⇒ Comment with your character(s)!
⇒ Other people will comment with their character. After this...
⇒ Go to the great and lovely RANDOMIZER and roll for a number between 1 and 15.
⇒ Match the number with the scenario below. Do not be ashamed to re-roll if you wish for something else!
⇒ Have fun!!

1. Chocolate tea:
Did the room suddenly get very warm? You want nothing more than to cool down.

2. Vanilla tea:

Did the room suddenly get very cold? You want nothing more than to be warm again.

3. Cherry tea:

Not only will the drinker be more arrogant, snobbish and better than you, but they will also voice it. Loudly.

4. Berry tea:

For the love of all that is good and shoujo, will the drinkers of this tea stop sparkling so melodramatically?

5. Mint tea:
Drinkers of this tea can't tell anything but lies. Ask them anything, but don't expect much.

6. Strawberry tea:

Drinkers of this tea can't tell anything but the truth. Ask them anything, but you might regret it.

7. Daffodil tea:

Suddenly your clothes don't seem to fit so well... adult drinkers of this tea will be deaged to childhood. Child drinkers will be aged to adulthood.

8. Earl Grey tea:

Ever wondered what it was like to be the opposite gender? You didn't? Too bad! Turns boys to girls and vice versa, complete with all the appropriate parts.

9. Rose tea:

Love love love! See the person beside you? You are suddenly filled with oh so much love for them.

10. Black tea:

Hate hate hate! You hate the person beside you. Irrationally, maddeningly hate them.

11. White tea:

You suddenly can see through everything! X-ray vision. What will you do with your new found talent?

12. Oolong tea:

The uncontrollable need dance, wherever you go!

13. Milk tea:

Causes the drinker to suffer severe delusions. They might just start to think they're the Queen of England, or a tree, or any number of things.

14. Green tea:
Have a little respect for your four-legged friends. Turns the drinker into an animal of the mun's choosing.

15. Chai tea:
Causes moe! Childish innocence, kindness, love of everything alive. Is that a butterfly you see? Don't you want to be its best friend?
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