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the tucking in meme

the tucking in meme

So tired and sleepy, you just wanna catch a few z's. Don't worry your pretty little sleep head, someone else is here to keep you company into dreamland. Though whether it's comforting, romantic, melancholic, or perhaps even something a bit more sinister, depends entirely upon who is tucking who in.

Maybe your dreams won't be so sweet tonight.

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Denzel | FF Vii: Advent Children

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[Sure he's old enough to put himself to bed. Tifa certainly lets him, knowing how important both independence and being treated like a semi-grown up can be. With Marlene off with Barret for a bit, the room is all his.

It doesn't mean she doesn't come into the room once he's settled in, soft smile on her face, to lean over him and gently brush the hair away from his forehead.]

Brushed your teeth?
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[ he frowns a little and turns his head, but he doesn't push her hand away. ]

Of course I did. I'm not five.
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[She doesn't let the rest of the smile come out but it's there inside. He may grumble but he didn't try to get away from her.

He's been without a mother before... she won't let it happen again. Even if she probably 'mothers' differently than his own mother did.]

Don't get huffy. [Settling down to sit on the bed next to him, giving a lock of his hair a gentle tug, she adds:] I ask Cloud the same thing, you know.
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That's because he really might forget if you don't nag him.

[ he can't help but crack a smile though, even though he's trying to seem pouty. Imagining her nagging Cloud of all people to brush his teeth or clean his room is really amusing. ]
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[The little sound that escapes is a stifled laugh and her smile comes back again. They both love Cloud. They're allowed to poke at his absent-mindedness. Still smiling she touches his nose.]

He would too. [Usually from exhaustion after a long day of deliveries] And he gets huffy just like you. And then goes and brushes his teeth. So it has nothing to do with age. I must ask for a different reason, hm?
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[ Okay fine he forgives you, Tifa. He rolls over on his side so he's facing her now. Besides he didn't mind her mothering him at all despite how he acted about it. It made him feel extra like he was home. ]

Maybe I should start nagging you instead.
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[She knows, he's all right with her bothering most of the time. It does something to her heart when he fits just right into the family. They are a family now. She knows it. Her eyebrows go up at his words thought and she can't hide the delight. He knows why she worries so much over all of them.]

Really? All right. So what's your first nag?
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You should let Denzel have a laughter bed time.
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[This time it's a thoughtful hum but there's still laughter in it. She shakes her head. His nose gets another light tap.]

Nice try. That's not a nag.
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[ He scrunches up his face and gives her a huffy stare. ]

What's one more hour?
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One more hour is one less hour of sleep before you have to get up. You need to be fully rested before each day. [Her fingers comb through his hair to take any hardness out of her words.] When you're older you'll be allowed to stay up later. Until then, trust me. I've had to go without enough sleep for a long time before. It's no fun.
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[ He sighs a little and just leans into the hair touching. It was worth a try, right? ]

I guess that makes sense.
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[It was worth a try. And she appreciates that he doesn't argue about it. The lean makes her smile and she keeps combing through his hair. As children go - she knows she's got the best.]

Mm. Tonight you have the room all to yourself so you can sleep without worrying about taking care of anyone. [She knows what it's like to grow so used to the sound of someone else sleeping that you can't when there's only silence. Still stroking his hair, she asks softly:] Would you like me to stay until you fall asleep?
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Tch. I told you I'm not a kid, Tifa. I don't need you babying me.

[ Despite saying that he clutches onto the bottom of her shirt. He doesn't actually want her to leave at all. Sleeping alone makes him nervous. ]
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[She's pretty good about reading what someone doesn't say. She's had plenty of practice. So she doesn't leave, instead settling in a bit more. Her hand strokes over his hair reassuringly.]

Hm. You're right. I won't baby you. I don't like sleeping alone though and since Cloud's not home yet, maybe I can stay with you a bit longer for me. Would that be all right?

[She says it for him but it's not a lie. She doesn't like being alone. And staying with Denzel is much nicer than cleaning the bar. Again.]
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[ He goes silent for a moment and then nods his head with a small smile. ]

I'll keep you safe until Cloud gets home...
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[Her own smile back is soft and she shifts around until she can rest her back against the headboard and put her feet up. It takes up a bit of his bed but - that's okay too. Reaching down again she goes back to combing her fingers through his hair. She remembers a bahamut and even though she never wants him in that position again - her voice is soft but sure.]

I know.
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[ He shifts around so he could move his head to her lap instead and loosely wraps his arm around her. ]
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[The soft smile stays as she combs his hair. They really are a family. They are. All of them now. Shutting her eyes herself, her voice is a whisper for her son.]

Good night, Denzel.
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g'night... Ti-ma...

[ His cheeks tint a little with color when he says it, but he's going to bed so he doesn't have to deal with the teasing! hah! ]
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[Not a single tease from her, just the slow growing smile. Not a word in fact. Just the soft brush of her fingers over his cheek before she goes back to his hair. She'll take it any time.]
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[ he shifts a little closer to her and closes his eyes. Maybe after about ten minutes of her stroking his hair he finally drifted off to sleep. ]