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Mod post: Rules Update

We decided on a few changes to Bakerstreet rules.

1) From now on, you can repost a meme once a week. The previous rule of "memes need to fall off the first two pages" is not valid any more.

This doesn't mean every meme should be made a weekly thing! Not all of them warrant that requent a posting. Everyone still needs to consider what is already there and not abuse the rule by putting up memes that are almost the same but with a minor twist.

2) Texts From Last Night will have rotating timeslots but no dedicated posters. That means AM hours and PM hours on alternating weeks.

Next week, on September 1st, it can be posted early on Friday morning EST time.

Hopefully this decision satisfies most of the players.

Also we want to make clear what the posting times for the Midnight Texting meme are. I've listed the third Sundays of the month on the Rules post in order to avoid confusion. For the rest of the 2017 these days are: Sept 17, Oct 15, Nov 19 and Dec 17.
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Previous TFLN Deletion

The TFLN meme posted Aug 25, around 1 AM earlier was taken, as the TFLN is set to come up later during the day. Currently, we have a poster, shocksock who volunteered to rotate the TFLN posting times, and that takes priority.

I saved all the treads I saw at the time, and the transcripts will be available.
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Mod post: Deleted 'Bring Your Own Kink' meme

I just deleted a 'Bring Your Own Kink' meme since the same one was posted only four days ago, over here: https://bakerstreet.dreamwidth.org/4398183.html

Memeposters need to pay attention to our simple rule of Do not repost a meme that can be found on the first two pages of Bakerstreet, or that is less than a week old.

There were five top levels in the deleted meme and because I realize more effort went into them than just putting up a blank comment, I saved the texts from each one. So if your comment now is gone but you'd like to copy it to the previous meme (or for the future), send me a PM.
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Mod post: Reminder for Friday's TFLN

This is a reminder that only [personal profile] shocksock should post Texts From Last Night meme on Friday.

Previous mod post regarding this matter can be found here.

Thank you!
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Mod post: Texts From Last Night on Friday, July 14

There has been some complaints about TFLN being posted at a time that is still Thursday (or very early Friday) for US rpers. Because of that, I've decided that next week there will be a designated person who will post aforementioned meme at a later time (I assume, midday or afternoon at EST time).

On Friday, July 14, the only one with a right to post TFLN is [personal profile] shocksock. Anyone else's TFLN meme will be deleted even if it contains active threads. So please, before you put up a top level, or tag out, make sure to check who has posted the meme.

I will remind of this again later in the week.

Thank you for your understanding!
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Mod post

This is just a quick reminder for memeposters to put prompts under cut if there are a lot of them. It makes for easier scrolling of the page.

Thank you!
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TFLN meme

Apologies to those whose threads were deleted but there were two TFLN memes posted right next to each other. The second was removed.
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Mod post: rules reminder

Hi guys,

Just a quick reminder that not having a method of contact for the mods will get you banned from posting to the comm. ETA: This can be PMs, or a place to leave comments.

And that posts leading off-comm should have some indication of where they lead.

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Mod post: Prompts in smut memes under a cut

For those posting smut/kink memes: Please put your prompts under a cut from now on.

It wouldn't hurt if even gen memes with a massive amount of prompts were under a cut, too, just to make browsing the page easier.

Thank you!
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Mod post: Posting frequency

Based on some anon concerns, we have a new rule:

Please do not post more than one meme a day using the same journal/sock account.

Thank you!
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(no subject)

Just a quick note to not use the round up as a reliable time source - I can't always post around midnight EST time.

If you're not sure - try sites like these, or the world clock.
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Mod Post: Off-site meme links

Just a reminder that the comm does have specific days for certain memes.

If you're posting memes which overlap with scheduled memes at bakerstreet, please make sure the cross-posting links to this comm follows the schedule here.

Going forwards, memes that are consistently linked early will be deleted without warning.

Thank you.
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[personal profile] thelongcon2016-12-18 11:38 am
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Mod post: gen text posts


Since this is the 3rd week of the month, the sunday text slot does give precedence to the midnight texting meme, which is why I took down the gen meme so that gets a chance to go up.

All threads were top levels. eta: but if there was any text, posters should have received a copy of their comment.
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You've been very busy tagging Friday's TFLN; well over 5000 comments already.

Go ahead and post an overflow meme if there's captcha now.
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Texting memes

Just to fine-tune the rules:

Midnight Texting meme has a slot for the Sunday on the 3rd week of each month now. Not 2nd or 3rd, as before, because that was causing confusion. Other texting memes aren't allowed to take their place.
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[personal profile] korofel2020-05-07 02:28 pm
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Regularly Scheduled Memes

* TFLN - Friday
* Smutty picture prompt meme - Sunday
* Gen texting meme - Sunday (Midnight Texting third week of month, with other texting memes allowed for the other Sundays.)
* Sexting meme - Tuesday
* Picture prompt (integrated or not) - Thursday
* Classic Word Association meme - on 14-18th of each month
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Reverse smut picture prompt

As this was never stated explicitly in the weekly meme schedule, the Reverse Smut Picture prompt meme will from now on, be included under the Sunday timeslot.

What this means:
There will be two different picture prompt memes in a week, the sunday smut memes, and the thursday memes (which includes gen, shipping and AU versions).

If either the smutty picture prompt meme or the reverse meme goes up on Sunday - the first one up is the one that will stay.

A solution is to offer an integrated meme allowing for people to leave prompts in their top comments, as well as for taggers to add their own prompts.

Thank you.
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TFLN Overflow

With the TFLN hitting 5000 comments already, feel free to put up an overflow post.
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Mod post: Revised Texting meme Schedule

Upon review, we noticed that the set schedule for the comm had both sexting and general texting memes listed for Tuesday, leading to the events of last week. After input from several anons we've clarified the texting schedule.

Revised schedule:

Tuesday: Sexting meme
Friday: TFLN Meme
Sunday: Midnight texting meme (Once/month, on the 3rd week), with other texting memes allowed for the other Sundays.

For the TFLN overflow, if the original meme reaches 5000 comments within the first 24 hours after posting, feel free to create another post for it.

Thank you all for your attention.

Another anon suggested the use of tags to help people find different memes. If anyone has input on that, feel free to comment here, or here (if anon). I'll be unscreening those comments as I get them.

Midnight texting meme posting date cleared up September 22, 2016. This post has been edited to reflect that.
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Bakerstreet Problems Post

There's a new home for the Problems/Concerns post:


The one in [personal profile] kostinaya's journal will not be used by the mods anymore so please use the new one from now on.

See also the sidebar. Active mods are listed there as well as quick links to previous modposts.