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Roaring 20's Meme


-Pick out your character and fandom, as well as preferences.
-Go here and generate a random number between 1-5 for the setting and role.
-Post all that.


1. Speakeasy: Here, the liquor flows freely and keeps everyone happy...so long as you don't tell anyone what the wholesome barber shop down the street is really hiding in its basement.

2. Party: Making a scene of yourself in public is good and fun, but some of the especially wealthy like flaunting their fortunes by hosting their own get-togethers. Be sure to arrive fashionably late.

3. On the streets: Your face is in the papers, and the headlines all spell your name. What did you do? More importantly, who do you turn to, now that your reputation's tarnished? Better hide your face, with reporters following you everywhere...

4. Jail: You're done for. You're put in handcuffs and led to a cell. With the world convinced of your guilt, do you plead innocent, or bribe your way out on bail?

5. Other. None of the above, or maybe all of them.


1. The Flapper: Girls, wear your most eye-catching stockings and cut your hair short, for who knows whose eye you'll catch as one of the trendy hundreds that are catching onto the newest fashions, with an attitude to match. Flaunt what you got.

2. The Gangster: It's great when everyone gets along, but there's always that one guy who doesn't know when to keep his nose out of everyone's business, and it's your job to rough him up. Loose lips sink ships, after all, and you can't afford to have rumors circulating...before they reach the ears of someone mixed up in the law.

3. The Crook: Not as bad as the gangster, but you've committed (or are still committing) some sort of crime. Are you smuggling alcohol, or making money off of rigged gambling bets? Or maybe something else altogether.

4. The Cop: You're the one person who still has his head on straight, in a city where the booze has gone to people's heads, and blood money goes right to their pockets.

5. Other. You don't fall into any of the categories.
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Seto Kaiba // Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

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[He's the young new head of the organization, taking over the bootlegging and political business after his adoptive father died 'suddenly'.]
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She might not have the personality for it, but... flapper girl... :'D

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[She had finally done it. She had cut off all of her long hair, finding the short, little curly locks kind of cute on her. Her new dress was also more flattering on her since she didn't have much of a figure to begin with, so having it straighter, and with no corset in sight, she could actually breathe, among other things. She could actually be herself for once and not be trapped by societal constraints. She smoked, she drank, she did it all.]

[Tonight was her most daring adventure yet. Going to where the gangsters and bootleggers were having a party. The cops didn't know about it, just word on the street. It was dangerous, she knew, but where's the fun in that?]

[Getting lost in the last, it was by chance that she came by him. It's only polite to greet the new head nicely, after all, right?]

Light for your cigarette, sir?
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[She barely gets a look, at first. He's barely been paying attention to anyone all night. Those harsh blue eyes had only been focused on a few select party guests...none of them exactly friends of the family.]

I don't recall asking for one.
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Well, it'd probably be easier to smoke it if it's lit. [She didn't really care. Here she was trying to be nice and friendly. How rude. Just for that, she just lights her own cigarette. See, this is how you do it.]
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[Now she gets a look; cold and dismissive.]

Fascinating. I suggest you take your explanations to someone interested in your services.
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I don't do any services. [Sorry, she's not that kind of girl.]

Just seems kind of silly to be walking around with an unlit cigarette. You're just going to walk around chewing on it all night or what? [What a waste.]
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The cigarette is irrelevant. There's more important things to be looking at.

[Like the Big 5 having such a jolly time on the floor over there. I wonder what they're talking about?]
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[She frowns, turning back to looking around the room to try and see what was so important that he had to be in his little corner grumbling to himself. It was supposed to be a party after all. She flicked the ash from her cigarette.]

You mean like those bosses over there? They certainly seem happy about something. Probably that the boss Gozaburo's dead. Or they've drank too much cheap liquor. Could be either at this point.