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high school au meme

high school au meme

1. Post with your character with their name and series in the subject line.
2. Roll 1-20.
3. ???
4. Play out high school AU times.

1. first day
Catch up with old friends, brave new teachers, fight your way through the sea of students, and hope you're in the right classroom. Oh, you're the new kid. Well, that's okay as long as you've got more than enough summer vacation anecdotes to fill ten pages of Times New Roman size 12, single-spaced.

2. first period
You're gonna be late! Or are you already there? Class hasn't started just yet, so chat it up or copy your classmate's homework before the teacher gets here.

3. lesson proper
You're probably diligently taking notes, looking out the window daydreaming or reciting in class, much to your teacher's delight - or dismay. Try not to be too obvious when counting down the minutes and pass that note as discreetly as possible.

4. faculty
Have a bone to pick with your terror math teacher. A crush on the cute chemistry teacher? There might be something you want to ask your homeroom teacher about. In any case, you plan on seeing a faculty member today. Or maybe they plan on seeing you!

5. lunch break
Man, you are starving. Hopefully, today's menu has something good. If the crowded cafeteria's not your thing, try the rooftop.

6. hooky
One of you is skipping class. You should try talking them out of it if that's your thing.

7. detention
What on earth did you do to get this? Oh well. Detention can't be that bad when you've got all these very nice, approachable model students around to talk to.

8. p.e.
Baseball, basketball, dodgeball - no matter the sport, just remember: you are the star. It's you. At least, you hope it is.

9. home ec.
Sewing! Cooking! ... Try not to burn the school down!

10. lab work
Frog dissections! Explosions!

11. school fair/festival
Every school has one of these. What's your class doing this year?

12. theater
Oh boy, oh boy, being the star of this play is your dream. It isn't? Oh. You're still helping with the props and costumes, right?

13. library
If you need to look something up or just want some peace and quiet, this is the place. Whatever you do, shh, people are trying to read.

14. bully
Whether they take the form of Nelson Muntz or Regina George, if you choose to meet them at the gym at four o' clock or else, be ready to face the consequences... or maybe you don't have to. Not when someone's here to help you out. (This can go either way - one of the participants can be the bully or someone helping the victim.)

15. tutor
You're having trouble with a class or you're trying to make up for the days you were absent. It's a good thing someone was nice enough to offer their assistance.

16. clubs
Assuming that you actually have one. Are you writing for the school paper? Part of the student council? The marching band? Maybe you're a member of one of those weird occult clubs or something...

17. sports
Every school has their main sport - the one the school is know for! So go out to their last game a support your school with some pride.

18. prom
Do you have a dress? A date? Who are you voting for prom king? Is being on prom committee is driving you crazy? Do you even care?

19. graduation
Well, it was fun while it lasted. It's time to say those last words, settle those scores and get ready to grow up.

20. roll again/make your own scenario!
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I think I laughed when I got 14 :'D

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[It was something she wanted to keep secret from him, that she was being bullied in her classes at school. She didn't even know why, all of sudden, the popular girls at school had decided to pick on her. Was it because the popular (and cute) new boy was hanging around her a lot lately? She had tried to stand up for herself, telling them to leave her alone, but that just made it worse.]

[Matter of fact, she was cornered earlier today. There was a slap to the face and a knee to the stomach as well. That much she remembered. Her shoes were gone, too. Both her regular shoes and her indoor shoes from her locker. So, now she's walking home in her socks, limping a bit at touching the rough and hot concrete. Were there this many rocks on her route?]

[She hoped she didn't run into the cute boy from school. She didn't want to be seen like this, battered, bruised, and walking home with dirty socks.]
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Those little bitches...

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[Unlucky for her the cute boy just got into a fight with some guy, most likely jealous of their friendship. By the way, he wasn't cute; he was handsome and hot, definitely not cute. Anyway, the fight caused him to leave later than usual. An incredible annoyance, mostly when you factor in what a wuss he was, not to mention it was boring and a waste of time.]

[But he was always told about silver linings, and he thought he saw one in the form of the light shining off of Ryou's beautiful white locks. He speeds up his pace in order to catch up to her, and calls out to her when he's in hearing distance.]

[However, the closer he comes, the more he realizes something is wrong, and for a moment his pace slackens before he's sprinting. It only takes him a minute to reach Ryou, but it takes him seconds to notice the limping and discoloration on her face.]

[A series of emotions play across his eyes, the more obvious being anger and concern.]

Who did this?

[he says in a rough voice, not really the type to be overly comforting, and right now all he wanted to do was fuck up whoever dared to hurt her.]
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Those little bitches, indeed.

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[Of course, hearing her name being called made her turn and look, showing that red mark in full view, even if she didn't mean to. Of all the times to meet up with him, especially now when everything was painful. She almost didn't answer him with being in a lot of pain. Her feet hurt, her stomach hurts, her face hurts. She's just one big ball of ouch. Might even be holding her stomach as she's trying to limp to catch that train home. Who knows if she'll make it at this rate.]

N-no one. [Don't let him get involved in her problems. If she keeps her head down, maybe the girls will leave her alone.] I just... tripped and fell. Hit my face pretty hard, too. [The ground didn't leave scratches like cats in coming bruises though. Also with a bit of glitter in the scratches. The ground certainly can't do that.]
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[And here he was, thinking that he couldn't get anymore more angry. He wasn't angry at Ryou, although he was frustrated at the fact she was trying to cover their asses. Why did people do that? He supposed they were afraid of the outcome, but to allow them to control you through fear was stupid. And the look he was giving Ryou conveyed this very idea. ]

Then you'd have wounds on your arms and legs, not your stomach.

[He would know, he's fallen off of buildings before and seen his fair share of accidents, the scare on the side of his face being evidence to that. ]

[He tilted up her chin, being careful of any more wounds and came in close examining the scratches.]

And I haven't seen any floors painted in glitter nail polish.
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Could've tripped over a bike rack earlier. [That could've explain a knee to the stomach, couldn't it? No? Okay then.]

[Him touching her face, of course, meant he would be really near the bruising wound, causing her to hiss in pain and little tears to form. Yeah, that definitely needs to be iced soon.]

L-lots of girls wear it though... [Whoops, was that said out loud? Her face says as much.]