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the Uncommon Muse meme

The {Uncommon Muse} Meme
  • Your character is from a small fandom
  • You haven't seen many other muses from your fandom on dreamwidth/bakerstreet
  • Your character has a small part in a large fandom or isn't seen being roleplayed much. (for example: Buffy Summers is considered a major character in a major fandom, but Harmony, Jenny Calendar or Glory would be okay)
  • You see a muse you'd be interested in playing with! Anyone is able to reply unless the thread starter specifically mentions that they want to play with other uncommon muses. (for example: Tony Stark may not start a thread, but may reply to one started by Jenny Calendar)

01. Hurt/Comfort
02. Reunited
03. Action/Fighting
04. Confessing Secrets
05. New Job/School/Etc
06. Jealousy
07. Final Moments
08. Slow Dance
09. Letters/Texting
10. Holidays
11. Facing Fears
12. Road Trip
13. Harsh Weather
14. Wildcard


01. Flirting/Seduction
02. Waking Up Together
03. Getting Married
04. Public Sex
05. Bondage
06. Dirty Talk
07. Rough/Aggressive
08. Toys
09. Making Up/Saying Sorry
10. Dubcon
11. Non-penetrative
12. Roleplay
13. First Time
14. Wildcard
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Action sound like fun? :)

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Being stuck on this world with the worldgates down and his team scattered across this galaxy and probably some others licked butt. Arhu was not pleased by all this. But given the was the Powers worked, when you found a problem, you had to deal with it... and in the meantime, while he tried to find out how to deal with it, hooking up with this guy fighting crime all on his lonesome seemed like a good idea.

Or at least a fun idea. The feline wizard rode along on his shoulder, ears and nose alert and the Sight wide open, and he gave a yowl when there was trouble.

Like now. He Saw them before he smelled them, coming up behind their little camp, and he leaped up with his fur bristling just in time to warn the Stranger of the incoming volley of bullets.

((unless this canon has arrows >.> in which case: arrows! ^^ ))