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The Abrupt Kiss Meme!

The Abrupt Kissing Meme

Plain and simple: your character is being kissed. Abruptly. How did this happen? Were they talking too much to the point where it was the only way to shut them up? Was someone bidding adieu or just not able to hold in their feelings? Or was this some CPR class gone bad? More importantly—how do they react?

How this works:
→ Leave a comment with the usual information in the subject line: character name, fandom. Any preferences, including what you don't want, should be included as well. Congratulations, your character is being kissed by whoever tags them!
→ Tag around.
→ Feel free to roll RNG (1-9) if you cannot come up with scenarios of your own.
→ Have fun, and be excellent to each other!
  • 1 — Simply put: I like you. (You may or may not know this already.)
  • 2 — I did it to shut you up. (It worked, didn't it?)
  • 3 — I've always been curious... (About what it'd be like to kiss you.)
  • 4 — It was an accident! (I totally tripped!)
  • 5 — Farewell. (I may never see you again and...!)
  • 6 — Taunting. (Bet you didn't see that attack coming didja?)
  • 7 — CPR (You were asleep and you suddenly woke up..?)
  • 8 — No more waiting! (Ain't nobody got time for that.)
  • 9 — Fuck da police. (In other words, the random/whatever option.)
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Ryou Bakura (genderbent) || Yu-Gi-Oh! || OTA

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RNG says 8, Kef seems to agree

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[Waiting, always waiting, he couldn't stand it anymore. Akefia would watch for her through the haze, waiting to see the white angel so that she might bring forth an ounce of light into this living hell. Trapped in the ring, unable to voice his own opinions or choose his own actions. He was nothing but a SHADOW of the man he used to be. But every time he felt Ryou, every time he got a glance of her through the darkness, he could feel something stir within him. His humanity would come alive, separating him from the dark spirits that plagued them both. He swore that one day he would thank her for that.]

[And that day came as he managed to survive where the dark one could not. He was free, able to move on his own, think on his own. And amazingly he had been granted with his own body. The first thing he did was track Ryou down, managing to find her along one of the roads she traveled most. He smirked at her, eyes hidden with a pair of shades he stole along with the rest of his clothing off a poor biker that had tried to pick a fight with the king of thieves. And the best way a thief knows how to thank a pretty girl was with a long awaited kiss.]
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[She was free. She had finally been free of the Ring spirit. She could finally live her life as a normal girl again. No more blackouts, no more waking up in strange places, no more having to worry about her friends' safety-hell, she could actually have friends now. She never knew how good it felt to actually have legitimate friends again. Of course, she had grown closer to Yuugi's circle, but she was also actually able to make other friends too! She had never been so happy in her entire life.]

[Walking home alone was usually normal for her. Today was shopping day, though. So she was leaving Domino High School with her book bag in hand. She was cautious, of course, since Domino had it's fair share of bullies and skirt chasers, but she was in a good mood, especially when saying good bye to her friends, her spirits rising high at being called 'Bakura-chan.']

[Heading towards the train station, she wasn't paying much attention to her surroundings, so she didn't see him until it was too late. She had just taken a moment to look over her shoulder when there was suddenly a dark-skinned man behind her, bending down slightly and moving in very close. She didn't even have time to react before those soft, warm lips were upon hers, taking her by surprise.]

[Of course, she would also do what any other sensible person would do in this situation. She backed away out of fright, keeping her bag close, and prepared to scream as loud as she could.]

W-what!? [Why would you do something like that...]
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[Akefia realized the mistake he made a little too late, backing off in case Ryou had started carrying around a stun gun or pepper spray since the last time he was in her brain. He's already had to deal with that once in his new body; he didn't care for a recap.]

[He brings up his hands, showing that he was weaponless and trying to express to her that he meant no harm. However, his eyes were still lowered in her direction and he couldn't help the smile on his face.]

[Ryou, you are just way too cute. And now all he wanted to do was kiss her again, but she was defensive and he wasn't willing to risk all the attention. Besides, he didn't want to scare her off, he figures Bakura has scared her enough to last her 3 lifetimes.]

Sorry.[He said, his Japanese thick with an Egyptian accent. ]

I’ve been dying to do that for ages. [This time he spoke with fluency, however the language he used has been dead for thousands of years. Not that it seemed to matter to him.]
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[She was still confused as to why this man, a very familiar man but she just couldn't put where she had seen him before. A friend or the son of a friend of her father's, perhaps? Since he was speaking Egyptian, that much she at least recognized, that's what she assumed that he was. Or maybe he was a friend of Malik's? Either way, it didn't make up for the fact that she had been kissed so unexpectedly. It was her first kiss too that he took. How rude.]

Who.... who are you? And, why did you kiss me? [His Japanese might be very accented, but she could at least understand him. And he could understand her as he was speaking Japanese.]
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[Well he didn't know it was her first kiss, nor did he see it as being something of importance. People back in Egypt where often married for money, not love. He ran with love, but that's why he wasn't married and instead slept with other people’s wives … and husbands sometimes. Okay, he ran with lust, but he also sex with people he liked.]

[He's a thief, what do you expect?]

I am...[he pauses for a moment, his first thought being 'the king of thieves' but he doubted that would go over well.] ...Akefia, Akefia Bakura.

[Akefia then shrugs, his hands going up and behind his head.] You would not understand.
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[Bakura? But... that was her name. She knew that she could feel something familiar about him, but to share the same last name? She would think that her dad would tell her if she had a half-brother or something. From the looks of it, he looked slightly older, but not by much. Did her dad have an illegitimate son with an Egyptian lady or something? Was that why he wasn't home as much when she was growing up with her mom and Amane? That he had a secret family in Egypt somewhere?]

[Judging from his clothes, he did seem a bit of a troublemaker. And the fact that he had randomly just kissed her just further set her first impressions.]

Bakura? But... that's my name. Do you know my father? [She says his name, since mun has no idea what Mr. Bakura's first name is, and it would be weird for Ryou to be calling her dad Mr. Bakura.] And, how did you find me?