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The Bodyguard Meme

the bodyguard meme
never let her out of your sight. never let your guard down.
You're a pop star, or a royal, or maybe even the last of your kind who will bring about the Earth's redemption. Whatever the case may be, you're in a position that may be a bit dicey if you attract the wrong kind of attention.

And you're a bodyguard, a soldier, a knight - a protector. Somehow, you've been roped into protecting this person. You'll be rewarded, of course. The work may be cut out for you, but just do your job, keep your head down, and it'll go smooth.

Except for when the two of you break the bounds of professionalism and feelings begin to flourish. Being in such close quarters may get you to see the other in a different light, and saving someone's life just may be the ultimate form of intimacy.

Could this be the real danger? To feel so strongly for the one you've sworn to protect...are you compromised?

How to Play
1. Comment with your character and preferences, being sure to put if you want to play the guard, the guarded, or either. Also, you may want to put if you prefer fluffy, angsty, or smutty interaction - or have no preference.
2. Comment to others.
3. There are no prompts, because there are so many potential options there could be a hundred. Feel free to play anything: the beginnings of the relationship, just meeting, getting used to each other/not getting along at first, the obligatory first time, a threat on the protected's life and how their protector responds, how the feelings between the two has changed the protection, etc. Your only limit is you.
never fall in love.
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Ryou Bakura (genderbent) || Yu-Gi-Oh! DM || OTA

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[The girl she'd been assigned to had a sweet face and a quiet disposition. It was like they were polar opposites. Really, she wasn't quite sure why on earth her father thought she would be good for the job, especially when she'd named such a high price. But meeting drifters in the desert (though he'd been very adamant that he was an archeologist, whatever) was always supposed to be paid a good sign of fate.

So he'd shipped her out (first class of course), weapons and all and she'd arrived with a signed letter and no idea why this girl needed protecting. But that didn't stop her from doing her job.

As the months went on Nabooru was beginning to think that her father had asked so that the girl would have a friend, second to life protector. There had been the occasional few beat backs, nothing she really needed to brandish her dual scimitars often for. She'd taken Ryou out for ice cream because she couldn't stand being stuck in that house, much less the thought of her being stuck there either with nothing to do.

She sat back in her seat, treat already melting as she hadn't touched much of it, scanning the street through her lowered sunglasses. Her arms perched casually over the back of her seat.]

Don't let your ice cream melt I paid for that out of my salary. [A small tease with a grin.]
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[There was a reason that she needed protection, one that her father (or herself, for that matter) didn't completely understand. Since she was a child, she'd held onto one present from her father, a peculiar golden pendant in the shape of a large, circular ring. Since she had received the Ring, strange things had begun to happen around her, including her classmates, enemies and friends alike, all ending up in comas or worse. It hadn't happened since Nabooru arrived, but Ryou wasn't about to hold her breath. Something was always bound to go wrong, she figured.]

[She had been caught thinking and the ice cream was starting to melt. She jumped a little, turning her attention back to the cold treat.]

I-... Sorry, I was... distracted for a moment.
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You're that way a lot. Head in the clouds. [Nabooru worried about making a paycheck and shiny things .... and Ryou, now. She pushed her sunglasses over and up to rest on the top of her head.] You have to learn to have fun.
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A lot of people have told me that, that my head's always in the clouds. [If only it was that simple. And there wasn't any worry about her making a paycheck, Ryou made sure of that. She was too nice to let a person that was caring for her get cheated like that.]

Fun? [It was sort of a teasing tone, but the girl wasn't used to expressing her sense of humor to another person, so it might have come off a little odd sounding.]
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You're always elsewhere. You've got me watching your back so you can spend all your time going out and partying with boys. Fun. But you've always got this expression on your face like you're waiting for something terrible. [Her expression breaks and she puts a hand to her heart.] I think I'm going to start getting offended.
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[It is sad, how much she doesn't get out, or pretty much avoids the opposite sex in a situation that she can't control. Partying is a situation she's not particularly fond of.]

S-sorry, I-I just... People seem to always be hurt around me and I don't know why it happens, s-so... you understand why I'm a little hesitant to be... a 'normal' girl [Like a party going teenage girl that broke the rules and all that stuff: drinking, sleeping with boys, etc. It just didn't appeal to her at all.]
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You don't seem like the type to throw a punch. [Ohohoh. She can't help the little laugh that comes out of her at that. Because come on. Ryou is a big ol' softie. She doesn't look anything other than the picture perfect definition of gentle.]

But if something comes up don't worry so much about me. I think I can handle you.
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N-not physical violence. [She doesn't even know how to form a proper fist for a punch. Is the thumb supposed to be on the inside or the outside?]

It's more... people ending up in the hospital in comas and no one can figure out how or why it happens. I... I black out whenever it happens... [And the ice cream goes back to being ignored again because she made herself sad with thinking of those poor kids and teachers. The bullies weren't so nice, but they didn't deserve to be in comas.]
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Eh? [She raises an eyebrow to all this.] Well I haven't seen anything like that since I started shadowing you. Maybe I'm just good at subduing the craziness. [Otherwise she's really got no idea what to say to this.]
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[Didn't you read up on her before taking her on as a client or something? Did her father even say anything about her school troubles, or any of her troubles? Or anything?]

I hope so...

[Of course, it was that moment that she began to feel dizzy, a little light-headed for a second before her vision started going dark. She didn't even have time to call out for help before she was completely unconscious within her own mind, a new person coming forward, not saying a word, but there is a slight change in the girl's demeanor.]
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[Well she wasn't hired to lollygag (and the pay was significant enough, why else would anyone take a job?). Noticing things was her business. But she's not sure it's anything out of the ordinary. Ryou could just not want to talk.]

I'm not going to tell you again that your ice cream is melting. [Sighed out. She sounds almost bored. This kid never stopped being weird.]
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[At the sound of her voice, sharp eyes turned to the other woman, a big contrast to the innocent and naive eyes of Ryou. The tone of voice was sharper too, maybe even slightly deeper than the light, polite tone of the girl.]

If you're that worried about it, you're more than welcome to finish it for me.
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[It's nothing she's ever witnessed before. And she doesn't like it. Immediate disapproval is on her face.]

What's with the attitude?
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It isn't an 'attitude.' I just haven't seen anyone that concerned over ice cream.

[No seriously, ice cream isn't that important.]
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Well if you're not going to eat it we should head home.
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Hmph. Fine by me.

[She stands up, still holding onto the ice cream. She's about to throw it away when she stops again, like she was about to trip on something. There's also an audible gasp, as if she was coming up for air after being under water. She looks around, confused. Still in the same place, thankfully. Nothing seemed to be out of place from before and there wasn't anyone unconscious around her.]

What... just happened? [More to herself, but she did say it aloud, to be sure she's not dreaming or anything.]
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[Nabooru isn't sure quite what's going on but she doesn't appreciate games. Much less mind games. Standing, hands on her hips, she's narrowing her eyes at Ryou.]

I don't know what your deal is but you're heading fast for bedtime at 6. [Reprimanding as if she could really punish her or something. She could. If she wanted. But she's not here to mother Ryou. Just protect her.]
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Deal? [She gives a confused look, back to the innocent and naive eyes of the gentle Ryou.]

[Six did seem like a really early bedtime, but she wasn't going to complain. That was her nature.]

O-okay... bedtime at six then. [Goes back to licking the melting ice cream again.]